Bissell 2562E Review → To Buy or Not to Buy

Are you tired of using second grade vacuum cleaners that just do not get the job done right? The Bissell 2562E Featherweight Light Weight Vacuum Cleaner promises to be the savior of your everyday messes or hiccups for both carpets, upholstery, hard floors and even above floor areas. It will clean up unexpected messes in the living room, kitchen or just about any other section of your home. To maintain their promise the manufacturers have ensured that the Bissell 2562E Featherweight offers a unique package of features.

Bissell 2562E Description and Features


At first glance, the Bissell 2562E looks like a typical floor vacuum (on a stick). However, if you should take a closer look you would realise that the manufacturers at Bissell have included features to allow you to convert the long floor vacuum into a neat handheld dust-busting device. In addition, this Bissell 2562E Featherweight vacuum has a bag-less design, which means there are no additional spending required purchasing dust bags. Instead, it carries a cleverly positioned dirt – cup that is easily detachable for cleaning as well as extremely easy to replace. Bissell 2562E


In terms of weight the Bissell 2562E, it is lightweight. As even with the floor, attachment attached the vacuum remains less than 1.6kgs in weight. This makes it easy to maneuver and takes less time to clean up.


Your Bissell 2562E Featherweight comes equipped with five replaceable attachments. These include:

  • Crevices Tool – Attached for cleaning tight or awkward spaces.
  • Floor Nozzle –inserted at the bottom of the dirt container for usage as a floor vacuum.
  • Filter – This comes carefully positioned within the unit easy to clean after each use.
  • Dirt Container- The vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a bag-less design and replaces a bag with a dirt container.
  • The arm/handle – the beauty about the Bissell 2562E is that it has a detectable handle, which allows for an easy transformation from a floor vacuum to a handheld vacuum.

Dimensions and Weight

The Bissell Vacuum Cleaner is, as the name suggests, extremely light. It is 24 by 11 by 118 cm in dimension and only 1.6 kg in weight.

Power and voltage

Though the vacuum converts to a handheld vacuum, it is not a cordless device. As such, it comes with a 4.7-metre long cord. The Bissell 2562E gets its power directly from the mains and uses 140 watts of power.

Product Safety

Though often ignored, the safe using of the vacuum cleaner is important. On this specific model, the manufacturers of the Bissell recommend that we avoid using it around children under 36 months. For domestic purposes only.

Performance of the Bissell 2562E

What I like about the Bissell 2562E

The vacuum doubles as both a floor vacuum and a handheld vacuum via a simple touch of a button. The new bag-less design of makes it easier to manoeuvre. Due to its size, it is extremely easy to store after use. It is detachable and handheld mode makes it easy to clean curtains, car interiors, hard to reach areas, upholstery and even stairs.

What I dislike about the Bissell 2562E

The Bissell 2562E is unfortunately quite loud while using it as a floor vacuum. Though the vacuum converts into a handheld, it still has an extremely long cord that sometimes hinders adequate usage of the device.

Summary of Review

Overall, still offers great value for your money. If you were seeking a powerful vacuum cleaner for your home or even the interior of your car, then the Bissell 2562E Featherweight Light Weight Vacuum Cleaner would be a great buy for you. There is no need to worry about recharging. It is an ideal vacuum for lightweight messes such as fluff, dust, crumbs and even hair. This simple lightweight vacuum has proven to be extremely efficient, easy to use and powerful for its size. I will definitely recommend it to anyone in need of a good vacuum cleaner. Check out the Bissell 2562E at Amazon