Black and Decker Car Vacuum Review → Experience Powerful Cleaning

Are you having a hard time cleaning your car? While it is easy to clean every corner of your house, it is not when it comes to cars. It is difficult to make every curved corner and in-between car seats spotless and dust-free using regular vacuums.

Good thing the Black and Decker Car Vacuum is not just your standard vacuum. It is bundled with a bunch of unique features that reaches all surfaces of the car with less effort. Because of this, this car vacuum cleaner may just become your favourite car-cleaning device.

Black and Decker Car Vacuum Description and Features

The Black & Decker Car Vacuum is a compact vehicle-cleaning device, packed with unique features to make cleaning effortless and enjoyable. It is perfect for reaching underneath and between car seats. You can use it as a hand vacuum, or you can remove the handle to clean difficult to reach surfaces. This product is easy to use and empty as well.

The Black and Decker PAD1200 Car Vacuum is a 12-voltage car vacuum cleaner with a dustbowl capacity of 350 ml. It can run for 30 minutes and offer you an easy and enjoyable car cleaning experience with these remarkable features.

Black and Decker Car Vacuum

Powerful Cleaning

The Black and Decker PAD1200 Car Vacuum boasts a powerful performance despite its lightweight and compact form. It includes a high performance motor in its patented filter technology, which promotes powerful and efficient cleaning performance. It also makes the product comfortable to hold and light to control during use.

Flexible Hose

The Black and Decker Car Vacuum has an unique integrated hose offers a wide range of options. It allows you to operate the Black and Decker Car Vacuum like a traditional hand-held vacuum by leaving the hose and nozzle in a fixed position. You can also manoeuvre it freely to reach the awkward surfaces of the car by unclipping the nosepiece. Moreover, you can use the soft upholstery brush to remove dust from curtains, lampshades and other delicate surfaces; or, the crevice tool to reach kitchen units, car foot wells, and other confined spaces.

Cyclonic Action and Triple Filtration

These features allow the Black and Decker Car Vacuum to be more efficient and durable. They allow the dirt to spin away from the filter in order to maintain its optimum suction power.

  • Filter cleaning wheel. You can now clean the filters easily without getting your hands dirty. You do not need to remove the filter to clean it. With just a couple of twists, dust around the filter disappears, avoiding unnecessary mess when emptying the vacuum.
  • Dust bowl has a Window. This tells you when the hand vacuum is full or when it requires cleaning.
  • Cable. This 5-meter line reaches all corners of your vehicle, even the boot. You can wrap it around the vacuum to save storage space.
  • Side door. This door allows dirt to go directly to your bin so you do not have to touch dirt.
  • Storage bag and 12V adapter. The storage bag keeps the device and its accessories, including the 12V adapter in one place.


Weighing only 2.2 kg, this product is light enough for you to control. You can carry it around without effort.

Easy Storage

This is what I like most about this product. It includes a storage bag, which keeps the unit and all its accessories. The 5-meter cable included is also flexible enough to wrap around the product in order to save storage space.

Price of the Product

With the Black and Decker Car Vacuum, you get what you paid for. The product includes a storage bag, 12V adapter, and a 5-meter cable line, which allows you to reach all awkward places in your car. Amazon UK offers it for a lower price and even includes free delivery in the UK.

Pros and Cons

The Black and Decker Car Vacuum is a remarkable product. It is compact and very well designed. It is comfortable to use and very easy to empty. It is very flexible; you can easily get into awkward areas of your car to clean.  It can only run for 30 minutes, but it can clean your car within that period. The only problem is it only works in the cigarette lighter. Nevertheless, this product is still a must-have.

My Verdict

Overall, I am very pleased with the Black and Decker Car Vacuum. It is the best 12V vacuum cleaner I have used. It has enough power to keep your cars sparkling and a proper filter that does not back up dirt. I love that it has an extension hose that can be stored away easily when not in use. Although it is not rechargeable, it can still get the job done in less than its running time. It can reach high places as well as tight spaces. In addition, it is portable so you can carry it when travelling. Check out the Black and Decker Car Vacuum at Amazon.

by Richard Floyd