Black and Decker Pd1200 Review → For a Quick Clean

A Portable Vac for Quick Clean You may have a big vacuum cleaner in your home but it may not be useful to you when you want to do minor or short clean up. Cleaning up a little mess with your big vac cleaner doesn’t worth the stress. With a handheld vacuum cleaner like Black and Decker Pd1200, you will be able to quickly get the job done and save yourself the strength of dragging a big vacuum back and forth. Indeed, Pd 1200 is a good option for mums with children, students living in hostels and any person that occasionally does quick cleanup. It offers amazing flexibility to the users. Read on to know more about this product.

If what you have used all your life was a big vacuum, definitely you will be surprised at the lightweight of this product when you receive your order. The entire unit weighs 3.2kg. You can use your left hand to lift the vacuum and use the right hand to hold the hose for cleaning. Just remove the unit from the box and then assembly it following the guideline in the user manual. The unit is ready for use once you assembly it.

Black and Decker Pd1200 powered by a 12v lithium battery housed in the filter. The pack comes with a battery charger. For the first time, you have to charge the battery for 16 hours before you can clean with the vac. After this initial charge, it will take 10 hours to charge the battery. When you plug in the battery charger in an electric outlet, there is an indicator light at the bottom of the unit. If the light is shining, it is an indication that the battery is charging. However, if the light is not shining, the battery is not charging and thus you have to check whether probably plugged in. The battery when it is fully charged has a runtime of 12 minutes. Meant for a quick cleanup that is enough time. The battery will supply enough power to the unit to draw dirt and debris. As you are cleaning, the power will gradually dwindle until it completely runs out. Then you have to recharge it before you can continue using it.

This unit comes with a number of features that make cleaning easy, efficient and comfortable. There is a switch under the handle of the unit from where you can on or off it. Once you on the machine, you will receive full suction power, which will continue until you are done with your cleaning. This is because it is not a variable suction. The hose is highly flexible. If you are cleaning areas that are easy to get at or flat surfaces like your carpet, you can clip the hose at the handle. You will only carry the unit with one hand as you are cleaning as the hose clips to the handle. When you get to the narrow corners or areas that are difficult to get at, unclip the hose, carry the unit with one hand, hold the hose with the other hand and then clean the area. A crevice tool included in the pack can clean confined spaces like car foot well. The upholstery brush is for delicate surfaces like lampshades respectively. If you have a pet, you will find the pet tool included in the pack very useful anytime you want to get rid of pet hair from the house. As you are cleaning, you will be able to check dust bowl window when the machine needs emptying. The dust container has a 500 ml capacity, which is good for a handheld vacuum. It is not difficult to empty the dust and dirt. Just pull the latch and the dust container’s door will open. Pour out the dirt in your dustbin. Make sure that you remove all the dirt from the unit. If some are stuck in the filters, you have to bring them out and rid them of dirt. One thing I like about this unit is that it has a great suction. However, the suction is not as powerful as the suction of a bigger vacuum cleaner. However, it is powerful enough for quick cleaning. The unit is a pleasure to use thanks to its overall designs, balance and handle. You can use it on a number of areas such as stairs, car foot well, kitchen units and others. The attachments are very easy to be changed. It is also very easy to unroll the hose or clip it at the handle. Given the size of this unit, you will not have any problem storing this unit. It will just take little space of your closet.

However, the machine is a little bit noisy. When you switch it off, it rattles loudly. Another problem with Pd1200 is that the dust container fills quickly. This may be because of its size. You may also be annoyed to see some dirt at the base of the vacuum when you want to empty the dust container.


Black & Decker Pd 1200Black & Decker Pd 1200 is a very reliable product. Though it is not a replacement for your big vacuum cleaner, it will save you the stress of bringing out your heavy vacuum cleaner when all you want to do is just to remove small mess or just particles of foods and spills left on the floor by your children. I will recommend this product for mums with little children or for people going for camping or for a short holiday. However, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your entire house or for doing a cleaning job that will last longer than 12 minutes, Pd 1200 is not an option for you.