Black and Decker Pivot Vac Review → For More Thorough Cleaning

You have gone the whole hog to make a lovely home. Every piece of elegant furniture is set in place. Against your wall hang some classic frames and images. The over-all ambience has been interior-designed, making your place look postcard-perfect. In addition, it looks clean.

However, really, how clean is it? When was the last time you looked into those tiny crevices, nooks and crannies that just love to collect dust and small dirt particles? In most homes and among most homemakers, reaching for these spots to clean is like pulling teeth. It is never easy.  Some even sprain a muscle or two just reaching for them.

The Black and Decker Pivot Vac makes it easy for you. It allows you to wipe off each bit and piece of dirt and specks of dust in these hard-to-reach parts … with almost no effort.

How does Black & Decker Hand-held, Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Work?

 Picture a scenario where a salt or peppershaker falls on the floor and spills its content … imagine those breadcrumbs dropping from the dining table onto the carpet at the dining room. You are not going to get that huge vacuum cleaner, unknot its power cord, plug it into a socket, use it for some 20-30 seconds to clean up the mess and then unplug it, rewind the cable and put it away. It is just too much hassle.

Would it not be easier if you had a cordless, hand-held cleaner?  This could quickly suck up the mess and put the cleaner right back into its stand. What about those long weekends when you declare them the clean-your-car-and-workshop-days? The idea of not having to plug in a vacuum cleaner and not having to have power cables trailing you where you go or curling around your legs is where the convenience and ease of handling of a Black & Decker’s hand-held, cordless vacuum cleaner comes into play.

Black and Decker Pivot Vac ensures real and thorough cleaning, fast, easy and efficient. It is a got top performance level, well powered to address all household cleaning tasks. These include awkward areas like high bookshelves, picture frames, in-betweens of sofa cushions and sofa beds, top of room dividers, underneath furniture pieces, under the stairs and car interiors and trunks.
Black and Decker Pivot Vac

Black and Decker Pivot Vac Description and Features

 An 18 v. battery like B&D cordless drills power this Cordless Hand-held Black and Decker Dustbuster vacuum cleaning machine.

When you get this new item, you will need to charge it for 24 hours. From there, it becomes simply a matter of course to set it on its charging base when not is use, to keep the battery all charged-up and ready to work… Fully charged, it runs a cleaning time length of 12 minutes. This is long enough to handle quick clean-up jobs.

It weighs 1.6 kilos, light enough to be held and used handily any which way by a frail person. You may experience a bit of a humming noise but it is neither disturbing nor irritating and one might expect this of a cleaner with strong sucking power.

 The Versatile Nozzle

 In front of this machine is a nozzle that pivots 200 degrees with eight different positions for your selection so you can get that ideal angle to clean those hard-to-reach areas. For flexibility and versatility, the front of the nozzle has an extendable crevice tool and when pushed back in, you can flip the brush onto the nozzle to make it easier for you to clean upholstery and hairs of your pet dogs or cats.

The Dust and Dirt Bowl

The dust and dirt goes into a 500 ml clear dirt bowl. It is transparent so you get to see if it needs emptying already. You empty the dust bowl by sliding the catch, to open the lid before tilting the collected pile of dirt into a trash bin. It has a fitted filter that is easily removable and with its proprietary cyclonic technology, spins and keeps the dirt and dust away from the filter enabling the machine to sustain its full sucking power.

 The Charger

The charging unit which needs to be plugged into a mainstream socket has a hallow portion in its base into which the cleaner sits snugly in while charging. After use and returned to this base, a blue bulb will light up indicating that the dustbuster is charging.

 The Great Look

 The Black and Decker Pivot Vac is stylish and has a two-tone sleek finish of silver and blue. Folded down and sitting on the charging unit’s base, you can place it in any area of the house for easy access.

 The Pros and Cons

 Now that we have gone through the key aspects of this product, I would like to share with you my honest feelings about it, as a homemaker.

 The Pros:

  •  Black & Decker is a no fly-by-night brand. It has enjoyed a reputation for being respectable and true to what their products promise. They are a name to be trusted.
  • The product is handy, convenient and helps me do my home cleaning more thoroughly, especially in those hard-to-reach spots. The nozzle’s flexibility providing different angles is a terrific help.
  • I love the fact that I will not have cable wires out to entrap my legs when I do some light house cleaning.
  • It’s sucking power is strong enough for me.

 The Con:

  •  Fully charged, its running time is only 12 minutes. It may not be enough to finish the cleaning.
  • For me though, the way I see it… if it is not enough I can always recharge it and take a break from cleaning. I do not see this as a major issue.

My Verdict

A powerful vacuum which can clean easily in all sorts of different areas.  Check out the Black and Decker Pivot Vac at Amazon.

by Richard Floyd