Black & Decker DV9610N Review → For Day-to-Day Life

Looking for a reliable, compact & cordless vacuum to handle day to day messes? The Black & Decker DV9610N Cyclonic Action Dustbuster is the ideal vacuum for life’s messy moments. No more tripping over cords or dragging out the full size vacuum when your toddler decides Cheerios would look amazing all over the steps. It’s compact and has a larger reach than most dustbusters. In addition, the rotating nozzle is slim enough to get into tough spaces but strong enough to suck up the dust bunnies. The cyclonic action inside the unit helps this compact unit to breeze through messes and keeps the suction up to par. The charging base is simple to use and allows the unit to work without a cord. This tough little vacuum has one of the longer run times per charge for this line of Black & Deckers. For me, it was the best bang for my buck so to speak. With kids and pets there is always a “new mess” appearing somewhere around the house. This Black & Decker is lightweight, weighing only 2.3 Kg, so my arm does not tire while using it. The vacuum designed to be ergonomic so it fits comfortably in your hand even when trying to reach the spill behind the sofa. Black & Decker thought ahead with this unit. The charging base is simple to use and offers a 360° base. Meaning connecting the unit to the base is simple & no fighting to make the right connection is required! While it is charging the vacuum shows a blue light, indicating it is charging. It has one of the longest runtimes from all seven units in this series! It offers 11 minutes of runtime before it needs charging. This is only second to one unit in this series, which offers only 1 minute more. The simple design of the charging base was a key selling point to me. I have bought previous dustbusters that were a pain to get on the charger, and then with no light to indicate if it was charging it was difficult to know when it was charged. Black and Decker DV9610N Dustblaster As far as suction goes, I am quite pleased. This unit has one of the largest suction pressure offered in this series, 350 mm/water. It also allows the vacuum to pick up heavier debris or debris that is more ground into the carpet. It even has a built in brush as a part of the nozzle. No more losing the attachments! This quickly flips out picking up pet hair. Both the nozzle and brush work on a number of surfaces, from tile, wood or carpets. The cyclonic action it keeps dirt and dust spinning around the perimeter of the bowl inside. This keeps it from jamming the filter as quickly and allows the suction to stay stronger longer. The double filter ensures even the smallest particles are captured. Added with the design of the nozzle it makes picking up just about any size debris easy. The nozzle is wide so it can accommodate larger chunks of food or even pebbles, while also picking up small crumbs. While using the unit you can also rotate the nozzle to fit awkward spaces that are difficult to get to. Making it a breeze to clean behind the furniture even if I could not get behind it. With the dustbowl capacity of 610 ml it handles large amounts of dust or debris easily. I can easily clean out the car without having to stop and empty. Telling when the canister needs to be emptying is a breeze. The bowl is see through so you can easily gauge how long until the unit it’s time to empty it. With the quick release nozzle, it takes just seconds to pop the canister out to empty. There are two filters built around the motor, keeping all the dust and debris from clogging the motor. In addition, the filter comes out easily and can be hand washed. Washing it often & allowing it to dry before putting back in the vacuum will increase the life of this vacuum & helps it keep the suction strong. Being able to wash and reuse the filter saves money and natural resources! I really like the fact that this unit is cordless and able to handle the messes that are too big to pick up by hand but do not warrant the full size vacuum. It is also handy when cleaning out the cereal from under the car seats. I wish it had a longer run time, but it is the second longest for this series. I like how quick and easy it is to empty the canister. One of the big selling points for me was the washable filter. Being able to run it under the tap and let it air dry opposed to buying a new one every 3-6 months cuts down on the long-term cost and I feel better about reducing my waste footprint. In addition, the fact this unit sucks up pebbles and larger debris is an important factor. In the past 3 years, we have gone through several full size vacuums because I would run across something that was too large for the unit & it would tear it up. I combed through the reviews on Amazon before I decided on this one. It boasted over 100 reviews with a 4.5/5 average! Overall, I am pleased with my purchase of the Black & Decker DV9610N Cyclonic Action Dustbuster. It was worth every penny and a steal since I got it on sale. Being able to quickly clean up anything from crumbs to pebbles is simpler with this handheld unit opposed to a bulky full size vacuum. It was worth every penny!

by Richard Floyd