Black & Decker PV1820L Review → The Quick Charging Vacuum

Tired of waiting for your handy dust buster to charge? Does it take ten times longer to charge than it actually works? Black and Decker PV1820L to combat both life’s messes & waiting on the vacuum to charge!

This lightweight vacuum can handle everything from cleaning above the shelves to under the couch in a second. Quickly clean up life’s messes like crumbs, leaves, dirt, dust bunnies and more. In addition, it has a charge time of under 4 hours!

With the lithium battery, it is able to charge quickly and not lose the charge when not in use like regular batteries! As an added bonus, the battery is significantly lighter making the entire unit lighter and easier to handle while cleaning.

The PV182L 18 volt in Dark Titanium is the top of this line. This lightweight hand vacuum will not disappoint. Black & Decker went back to the drawing board with some of the main complaints about the older handheld vacuums. They needed to be lighter, more powerful, quicker to charge and able to handle everything life throws at it. Earlier this year they came out with this series and this black & decker pv1820l is the best of it.

By using a lithium battery, they were able to make the unit lighter and it had a quicker charge.

This one also has a large capacity for the dustbowl, a whopping 440 ml!

It also has the most power for this line, 35 air watts, so it is able to pick up hefty items.

Added with the wide nozzle that is able to adjust 200° it can handle any of life’s messes. The nozzle also has a built in extension you can pull out to make it easier to reach under or over things.

Being only 2.3 Kg it is light enough my arm does not tire while cleaning and well balanced so I do not have to fight it to keep it angled right. Designed to be more ergonomic, meaning comfortable to hold and use. Black and Decker PV1820L

Black & Decker kept some of the ideas that set them apart in the past. Like previous models, these have cyclonic power, allowing the unit to keep the dust & dirt spinning around the outer shell of the dustbowl. This keeps the dust and dirt from clogging key components.

Emptying the dustbowl is easy and takes only moments. Pop it out the lid empties it and snaps it back! While you have it, open you can pop out the filter and wash it in the sink. Let it air dry when you have the unit on the charger and place it back in before the next use. By regularly cleaning the filter, you will extend the life of your handy vacuum.

I love the fact that it comes with a washable filter, one of the reasons why I choose this model. By reusing the same filter, it reduces the amount of waste for the lifetime of the vacuum, meaning I do not have to buy new filters – saving money- and I feel better about not throwing away filters.

One of the biggest selling points to me was the charging time of under 4 hours, all thanks to that lithium battery. Not only does it charge faster, it also does not lose charge when sitting not in use. Normal reaction batteries lose a small amount of charge each day even if not being used while this battery will not. The run time is the same for all the units in this series, 10 minutes. However, when this vacuum can handle cleaning up in under 5 minutes 10 is plenty! Plop it back on the easy to use charging base and it will be up and running in less than 4 hours. That is 4 times faster than other similar units are!

The charger automatically shuts off once the battery is full and lets you know when it is fully charged. The flexibility of the nozzle is a great bonus to this unit. It goes from folded up to 200° in a snap. Making it easy to clean under things like the couch. My pet is constantly dragging leaves into the car after our long walks but this vacuum cleans them up quickly and quietly! Black & Decker made the black & decker pv1820l quiet! Designed to reduce the noise when it is on, perfect if you are trying not to wake the baby upstairs.

As with previous models, the handheld vacuums are perfect for handling those messes you just don’t want to pull out the full size vacuum. Who wants to drag a corded full size vacuum up the steps cleaning up messes? This can quickly handle cleaning the steps without the backache.

This handheld vacuum has handled everything I have thrown at it with flying colors. In addition, in my mind it is the more ecofriendly option since I am not constantly buying new filters and throwing old ones into the trash. Being able to charge in under 4 hours has been a huge time saver.

With the flexibility of the nozzle, I can clean all the awkward places it is hard to reach with a standard vacuum. Another thing that sold me on this one was how easily it comes apart to empty and clean the filter. With the large dustbowl, I can finish cleaning whatever mess I need gone before emptying the dustbowl. I highly recommend the Black and Decker PV1820L

by Richard Floyd