Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet Review → Cleaning on All Floors

Bosch is a well known maker of home appliances like vacuum cleaners. Its vacuum cleaners always achieve high performances.

The model of Bosch vacuum cleaner to consider is the Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet. This model is worth considering if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can work on all floors. It is a cordless and upright vacuum cleaner with slim and lightweight design for ease of use.

Its electric motor generates high suction power and it offers three power level settings.  These different suction setting will able it to handle various surfaces and floor types. Read on to know more about this black colored upright cordless vacuum cleaner.

Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet Description and Features

Bosch BCH61840GB is a compact size vacuum cleaner strongly created to withstand the rigors of everyday cleaning. The vacuum cleaner performs on all types of floors and it delivers perfect cleaning results. This thanks to its HighPower, AllFloor Brush and bagless-technology used in creating it. It is very comfortable and easy to clean with this vacuum cleaner because of its lightweight and flexibility. You can use it to vacuum your floors, carpets or rugs. You can also clean your furniture and hard to reach areas like under the furniture thanks to its flexible nozzle. Besides this, it is equipped with soft touch handle and thus the vacuum cleaner will not be hard on your palm as you are cleaning.

Although, it is a cordless vacuum cleaner, it offers the same functionality as ordinary vacuum cleaners. The unit is equipped with a powerful and high performing electric motor that generates high suction power. It comes with three suction power levels so that it will be able to handle various floor types. The first level is for soft cleaning task with a longer runtime of 40 minutes. If you are doing the normal daily cleaning task, the second suction level should be the right option for you. This level is for medium runtime. The last level, which is the turbo level, is for difficult cleaning tasks with the lowest runtime. With these various suction level, the unit can handle all your cleaning tasks.

Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet

It is equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You need to charge the battery for 6 hours before fully charging it. However, after a three-hour charge when the battery is 80 percent full, you can still clean with the vacuum cleaner in case you need it. Knowing when the battery is on charge is very easy. Just check the battery-charging indicator. If it is on, then the battery is recharging. If it is not on, you will have to check the charger plugged properly into the electric outlet.

Bosch BCH61840GB is a bagless vacuum cleaner. It comes with 0.9 litter dust container. The filtration system provides optimal performance. You need to clean the filter when it is dirty, Knowing when the filter requires cleaning is simple. The LED signal feature will alert you when to do the cleaning.

Summary of the Features

Bosch BCH61840GB is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that offers excellent cleaning result thanks to its features. Its lightweight makes it easy to work with and store after using. The battery has a maximum runtime of 40 minutes, which is the same runtime of most vacuum cleaners in the market. Although there are some models of vacuum cleaners that offer 50-60 optimal runtime. It is equipped with easy to maintain filtration system and easy to empty dust container. You can use it on all floors thanks to its HighPower AllFloor Brush.

Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet Performance

 What I like about the Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet

  • Strongly built and thus it can last for a long time. Besides, it comes with a two year guarantee.
  • Used for cleaning on any type of floor including hard floors, carpets and rugs. With the 3 suction level options, you will be able to clean any floor type you like. Besides, the motor generates enough suction, which makes it possible for the unit to be able to lift any particle on the floor including pets’ hair.
  • It is easy to work with thanks to its lightweight, flexible nozzle and soft handle. A weight of 3.2kg will not be heavy for any adult to lift up and down the stair or carry about from one room to another. Most reviewers have appreciated its lightweight. With the soft handle, you will not have any problem on your palm when cleaning with the unit.
  • It is easy to empty the dust container when filled and clean up the filter.

What I dislike about the Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet

  • Some reviewers has complained that the turbo suction level meant for hard cleaning task has a very low runtime of about 10-12 minutes. Therefore, if you are the type that does hard cleaning task on daily basis, this vacuum cleaner will not serve you very well.
  • The dust container is very small. This means that you have to empty it several times before completing your cleaning task. For some people, this may be inconvenient.
  • Though designed for all floors, it does not have the versatility of Bosch BCH625KTGB owing to the lack of cleaning accessories. It does not come with any cleaning accessories.
  • It is somewhat more expensive than average vacuum cleaners in the market.

Summary of the Review

Bosch  BCH61840GB is a very good vacuum cleaner that delivers excellent cleaning result. It is flexible, lightweight and easily used. High suction, flexibility and low weight remain its strong points. You should consider buying it if you are looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner for weekly or twice weekly cleaning. It is also a good option for you if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner suitable for children to work with. The battery charging system is good but its runtime is a disadvantage for a long time cleaning. You can pay additional money for Bosch BCH625KTGB if you are looking for a more versatile vacuum cleaner. Bosch BCH61840GB at Amazon.


  • Vacuum cleaner type: residential
  • Vacuum cleaner style: bagels, cordless and upright vacuum cleaner
  • Product dimension 116cm x 28.5cm x 18.5cm
  • Product weight 3.2kg
  • Colour: black
  • Collection type: bagless
  • Bin container size: 0.9 litres
  • Power type: 18 volt battery
  • Battery runtime: maximum of 40 minutes
  • Charge time: 6 hours for full time charge and 3 hours for 80% charge
  • Suction levels: 3 levels
  • Floor types: all floor types
  • Dry cleaning only: yes