Bosch GL50 Review → All Rounder for All Surfaces

To maintain a fabulous-looking carpet or an enticing home environment, you need a good vacuum cleaner with a strong suction power. At the same time, you need to consider different aspects like the weight, maneuverability, price and hygiene issues. It would be great if a single vacuum cleaner can perform all-round cleaning tasks. The All Floor Bagged Vacuum Cleaner from Bosch is the answer. Bosch GL50 Vacuum Cleaner is a perfect tool, which efficiently clean every type of floor, carpet, upholstery and furniture.

Quick Specs

  • Large 4.5L dust capacity
  • 2200W motor for strong suction
  • HEPA filtration for hygiene and environmental protection
  • 15 meter action radius to clean large areas
  • Flexibility to adjust tools for all types of floors
  • Weight – 5.3Kgs
  • 1.6m hose length
  • dB75 noise level

Bosch GL50

Bosch GL50 Description and Features

Bosch Power All Floor Bagged Vacuum Cleaner can be termed as an all-rounder. It efficiently cleans every type of floor, upholstery, carpets and walls. It comes with a powerful 2200W motor, lengthy cord, 15m action radius and HEPA filtration system, making it idle for cleaning homes of all sizes. Here are important features of this machine.

Dust Capacity

This product comes with a large dust capacity of 4.5L. You don’t have to empty the bin frequently. The dust bag self-seals itself to provide hygienic environment while cleaning the area. You can easily access the dust bag. Emptying it is easy as well. An indicator alerts you when the bag is full.

More Hygienic with HEPA Filtration

HEPA filters are good for people suffering with asthma or allergy. They trap dust and airborne particles inside the dust bag. Else, these particles circulate into the air and cause health issues. Bosch vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filtration. This HEPA filter is washable too. While cleaning the area, it filters 99.99% allergens. Be it dust mites, cat allergens or dog allergens, the HEPA hygiene filter effectively cleans everything. You don’t need to clean the filter often. Normally, bagged cleaners are more hygienic. They do not expose you to dust when you access the dust bag to empty it. The only issue with bagged cleaners is the loss of suction. When the dust bag is full, it results in the loss of suction. You don’t know when the bag is full. However, this cleaner comes with an indicator that alerts you when the bag is full. The self-seal hygiene dust bags offer good protection from dust and pollution. It is environmental friendly as well. Actually, exhaust air is cleaner than outside air.

Powerful Motor

This machine comes with a powerful 2200W motor and an excellent dust-pickup. It enables you to adjust the suction power according to your requirements. To clean a rugged carpet, the suction needs to be powerful. At the same time, delicate fabrics damage when strong suction is used. Bosch vacuum cleaner comes with adjustable suction power. Whether you clean upholstery, delicate fabrics, carpets or hard floors, you can adjust the power settings according to the surface. The Air Bumper technology provides maximum protection to your furniture and walls.

Great Flexibility

Bosch GL50 machines have a 15m action radius. You can clean your homes without frequently switching power sockets. In addition, it has four wheels to help you with a better maneuverability. Using the crevice nozzle, you can easily reach areas that are tougher to clean. It comes with an adjustable floor tool to clean carpets or hard floors. There is a foot operated on/off switch for your convenience. The metal telescopic tube works with an automatic rewind system. You don’t manually wind it. The power cable is quite lengthy and comes with automatic retract. This machine sits on the stairs, allowing an easy clean of the staircase. The handle grip is ergonomically perfect and easy to operate.

Low noise

While Bosch vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful motor and amazing suction power, it works smoothly without disturbing anyone. It creates minimal noise when run on low to medium power. At the same time, the noise is reasonably low when on high power.

Pleasant Appearance

The Bosch Vacuum cleaner comes in a nice color and design. With a striking combination of peacock blue and black, this machine looks attractive. The machine is lightweight. At the same time, it is sturdy and compact. The additional nozzles hide inside the body compartment of the machine so are not misplaced.

Onboard Tools

As with other good vacuum cleaners, this product comes with two onboard tools. The crevice nozzle and the upholstery brush help you to clean hard-to-reach areas. The only improvement area is the length of the hose. A lengthier hose would be more comfortable.

Summary of Review

Bosch is a reputable brand that offers reliable home appliance products. Bosch vacuum cleaner stands up to the company’s reputation. It delivers what it promises. The 2200W motor provides amazing suction power and easily cleans hard floors, carpets and other tougher areas. Designed ergonomically, this tool provides the flexibility to work on hard floors and for long hours. The 4 wheels for easy maneuverability, 15m action radius and lengthy cables all add up to the ease and comfort in cleaning your homes. The adjustable suction and power settings help you to vary your cleaning procedures according to the type of surface you are working on. Customer service is excellent. Though sturdy and powerful, this machine is lightweight, easily moved all over your home or office. The side air bumpers handle your furniture and walls with care and offer great protection. Overall, All Floor Bagged Vacuum Cleaner is surely an all-rounder for all types or floors. I would highly recommend this product for homes of all sizes.
by Richard Floyd