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Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Review → Cleans Hard-to-Reach Areas

If you are a lover of canister vacuum cleaners and looking for one that cleans with impressive performance. You should consider the DC39 multi floor canister engineered to work on all floor types. Like all models of Dyson vacuum cleaner. The DC39 canister comes with radial root cyclone and ball technology. This gives enhanced performance […]

Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Review → Easily Store Your Machine

Are you looking for a compact vacuum cleaner with the performance of a full size type? If the answer to the above question is yes, what you are looking for may be the Dyson DC26 multi floor compact vacuum cleaner. Though this vacuum cleaner is small, it cleans perfectly well like a full size vacuum […]

Dyson DC39 Animal Review → With Tangle-free Turbine Tool

Are you are looking for a full size vacuum cleaner for your routine cleaning task? Dyson DC39 Animal is an option for you. You will be able to clean with this product, whether you are an allergy sufferer or not. It cleans any type of floor including carpets. Created with the ball technology and patented […]

Vax Energise Vibe Review → Ideal for Hard Floors and Carpets

The new Vax Energize Vibe with its design will offer a complete cleaning solution. It is a powerful bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner. This model will perform well on both hard floors and carpets. It is also lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to use and store. It is ideal for homeowners who want to […]

Numatic HVR200M-22 Henry Review → with Microtex filtration

Are your suffering from allergen or asthma? If your answer to the above question is yes, Numatic HVR200M-22 is one product that should top your list. A 1200w vacuum cleaner comes with a microtex filtration system. Which ensures that no dust causing allergen escape from the chambers of the vacuum cleaner. Henry Micro is one […]

Vax C89-MA-B Air Review → Clean your Home with Ease

The next-generation multi-cyclonic technology is here to stay. The latest multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaners rely on this technology to improve airflow and force the dust to separate out before it reaches the filter. This helps in maintaining strong suction. The Vax C89-MA-B Air Multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner comes with this path-breaking technology.  What does this signify for […]

Dirt Devil DDCYL1 Review → Built For Super Cleaning

When it comes to purchasing things for your house, you need to consider the size of the equipment, gadget or tool. Ideally, you do not want one that occupies too much space, especially if your house is full or small sized. Then again, you need a clean house or room where you can live or […]

Duronic Vc16 Compact Review → You Can Afford To Own One!

No doubt about it. Most homes need a vacuum cleaner. With the pressing demands of everyday living in this hustle and bustle, fast-paced world, cleaning the house should be the least of one’s problems. It then becomes just a question of when, one might address this need and purchase an inexpensive vacuum cleaner … a […]

Numatic HET200 Hetty Review → Cute but Powerful Vacuum

If I told you that one of the best vacuums you’ll ever run across is pink and has a cute little face on the front, you’d probably laugh at me. I understand, because it seems like a ridiculous statement. Numatic’s vacuums have unique “personalities,” but they generally back this up with power that’s hard to […]

Numatic NRV200 Commercial Review → Power and Performance

The Numatic NRV200 commercial bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner delivers a lot of power in a whimsical package. While it may seem odd at first to have a vacuum that smiles at you while you clean, this vacuum is no toy. Its performance is amazing, and it even blows some of the more well known vacuum […]

Miele S8310 Review → Makes Cleaning Simple Again

  Each day around the United Kingdom, people are turning to robotic vacuums more and more to clean their hardwood, carpet, linoleum, and tile floors in their homes and offices. While these units work well, they do not give you the assurance that they will complete the job the right way like it would if […]

Bosch GL50 Review → All Rounder for All Surfaces

To maintain a fabulous-looking carpet or an enticing home environment, you need a good vacuum cleaner with a strong suction power. At the same time, you need to consider different aspects like the weight, maneuverability, price and hygiene issues. It would be great if a single vacuum cleaner can perform all-round cleaning tasks. The All […]

VonHaus 2400W 4Ltr Review → Saying Goodbye to Allergies

The VonHaus 2400 4Ltr Bagless Cyclonic Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most popular vacuum cleaners on the market today. You are probably wondering; how similar or dissimilar is it to other vacuum cleaners of its kind? Well, in this review, you will find some helpful information that will enable you to identify the features […]

Vax 6131T Review → Versatile Vacuum and Carpet Washer

The Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Multivax Dry Vacuum and Carpet Washer has been a top-selling floor care appliance for over three decades. Created by Alan Brazier in 1979 and it has since become a household name. Brazier, designed it with the aim of making a domestic carpet-cleaning machine that could wash carpets, suck up spills and […]

Bosch Power Silence Review: Silent but Effective Vacuum Cleaning

Have you ever been awakened by the loud noise of vacuum cleaners in the morning? Yes, they can be annoying, especially when you were up late and woke up hung-over. Say goodbye to waking up early with the Bosch Power Silence Vacuum Cleaner. Now, you can stay asleep while other members of the household clean […]

Miele S2111 Review

The Miele S2111 compact vacuum is is one of the best vacuums I have used.  It is the cheapest and the least powerful, only 1600w, of the Miele range of vacuums. When using the Miele S2111  in comparison with a Dyson the carpets come up just as clean looking like new.  It is also equally […]

Numatic Henry HVR200A Review

The Numatic Henry HVR200A hoover is the vacuum you always see cleaners using when cleaning offices, which must be a good enough recommendation in its self. They are light enough to carry up and down stairs. A good handle to carry them with and an excellent rewind mechanism for the power cord. The hoover has […]

Hoover Smart TSM2005 Review

The Hoover Smart TSM2005 is part of the Smart range of vacuum cleaners from Hoover. The Hoover Smart TSM 2005 is a powerful cylinder vacuum cleaner.  It is very easy to use and lightweight in design. This is a powerful vacuum cleaner.  Which because of its low price is good value for money. The Hoover […]

Hoover Smart Pets SM1901 Review

The Hoover Smart Pets SM1901 Hoover Smart Pets SM1901 is for family homes with pets.  The vacuum has turbo brushes, which are able to remove pet’s hair from carpets and upholstery. This Hoover represents excellent value for money mainly because of its suction power.   Yes, it does have limitations such as a short cord and […]