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Dyson DC59 Handheld Review → Get Rid of Dust from all Floors

Dyson DC59 Animal Digital Slim Handheld is a cordless vacuum cleaner. That delivers better cleaning result than most full size vacuum cleaners. This is thanks to its high suction. As you are cleaning, you will not experience any interference from a trailing cord. DC59 features a direct-drive Dyson V6 motor. This motor is capable of producing […]

Dyson DC58 Handheld Review → Clean Better and Faster

The Dyson DC58 Animal is a handheld vacuum cleaner with impressive suction power. That you can use for spot or few minutes cleaning. The Dyson DC58 may be a good option for you. This is the latest handheld vacuum cleaner from Dyson. The vacuum created with the latest technologies developed out of many years of […]

Dyson DC59 Animal Review → Sucks up Dust like Corded Vac

Are you looking for a handheld vacuum cleaner with impressive flexibility and versatility? Do you want a vacuum cleaner that can work on all floor types? The Dyson DC59 may be what you are looking for. It is an upright bagless vacuum cleaner with motorized brushbar head. Besides its numerous features, it is equipped with […]

Black & Decker DV7210N Review → Clean up Floor Spills

Black & Decker DV7210N is a handheld vacuum cleaner. It uses cyclonic action to get rid of dust particles. It can also rid you of spills and debris from your floors, furniture and a number of other surfaces. The vacuum is for short spells of cleaning. Rather than bringing out your big and full size […]

Dyson DC34 Handheld Review → Effortless Remove Tough Stains

Dyson DC34 is an easy-to-use handheld vacuum cleaner. This vacuum will clean various different floor types. The DC34 is Equipped with a 22.2V lithium-ion battery. it is capable of functioning and lifting dirt and dust particles from the floor for a long time. It comes with a Dyson digital motor. This motor produces enough suction power […]

Black and Decker Pd1200 Review → For a Quick Clean

A Portable Vac for Quick Clean You may have a big vacuum cleaner in your home but it may not be useful to you when you want to do minor or short clean up. Cleaning up a little mess with your big vac cleaner doesn’t worth the stress. With a handheld vacuum cleaner like Black […]

Wet And Dry Dustbuster Review → It’s Cleaning Made Easy

Unless one has just very recently purchased your house in which case cleaning it would still spell fun and excitement, for most people, especially those busy pursuing their careers or office work or raising children, house cleaning can spell anything but fun and excitement. Most would consider it a tiresome, time-consuming chore. Black and Decker […]

Black & Decker PV1820L Review → The Quick Charging Vacuum

Tired of waiting for your handy dust buster to charge? Does it take ten times longer to charge than it actually works? Black and Decker PV1820L to combat both life’s messes & waiting on the vacuum to charge! This lightweight vacuum can handle everything from cleaning above the shelves to under the couch in a […]

Black & Decker DV9610N Review → For Day-to-Day Life

Looking for a reliable, compact & cordless vacuum to handle day to day messes? The Black & Decker DV9610N Cyclonic Action Dustbuster is the ideal vacuum for life’s messy moments. No more tripping over cords or dragging out the full size vacuum when your toddler decides Cheerios would look amazing all over the steps. It’s […]

VAX VRS2HV Handheld Review → Handles All Small Jobs

When people think about handheld vacuums, they usually think of something that does not do a great job of cleaning all types of debris. Whether it does not have enough suction power, does not have a large enough hole to suck up larger items, does not have a large enough dirt bin, or simply was […]

Vax H86-GA-B Gator Review → A Vacuum Like No Other

I don’t know about you, but keeping my household clean is my top priority. As such, when it became time to purchase a vacuum cleaner a few things came to mind. I started researching a few of the top vacuum cleaners on the market today and came across the Vax H86-GA-B Gator handheld vacuum. It […]

Electrolux Stair and Car Vac Review → Cut Down On Cleaning Time!

Cleaning one’s house or car interior takes up a lot of time, better spent, with one’s family or friends. Reality bites, vacuum cleaners you need to push back and forth, or carried up and down the stairway to clean up things. These vacuums do not reach nooks, crannies and those stair’s edges and ranks. The […]

Black and Decker Pivot Vac Review → For More Thorough Cleaning

You have gone the whole hog to make a lovely home. Every piece of elegant furniture is set in place. Against your wall hang some classic frames and images. The over-all ambience has been interior-designed, making your place look postcard-perfect. In addition, it looks clean. However, really, how clean is it? When was the last […]

Black and Decker Lithium Vacuum Review → A Great Choice for Easy Clean Up

One of the main problems of cordless vacuum cleaners is reduced running time. It can be annoying to stop cleaning your house because your vacuum needs recharging. Instead of finishing early, you are stuck waiting for a couple of hours recharging the batteries. Well, not anymore! The Black and Decker Lithium Vacuum with Pet Hair […]

Black and Decker Car Vacuum Review → Experience Powerful Cleaning

Are you having a hard time cleaning your car? While it is easy to clean every corner of your house, it is not when it comes to cars. It is difficult to make every curved corner and in-between car seats spotless and dust-free using regular vacuums. Good thing the Black and Decker Car Vacuum is […]

Black and Decker VH780 Dustbuster Review

The Black & Decker VH780 DustBuster can be used on many different surfaces. It’s cyclonic power and. performance gives it stronger and more lasting suction. As then vacuum is bagless it is easy to empty and clean. In addition it can be use a a blower outside to clear leaves or used to inflate air […]

Black and Decker Dustbuster Review

The Black and Decker Dustbuster is a 4.8V cordless handheld vacuum. You can use it for many cleaning tasks in the house. The Dustbuster will quickly clean up dust, crumbs and pet food. The Black & Decker Dustbuster  is lightweight, easy to just pick up and use and features a dust bowl to collect the dust. I […]

Vax Gator Vax H90-GA-B Handheld Review

The Vax H90-GA-B Gator states it is a handheld cleaner, which is powerful and perfect for cleaning up dust and dirt. The vacuum cleaner gains to be superb for all those little cleaning jobs around about the house. This is a useful handheld which with its powerful motor can tackle all these little jobs like […]