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Kärcher WV50 Window Vacuum Review

Glass windows have several advantages. They provide fantastic view and allow natural light in, but they get dirty easily. If you have small kids or pets around the house, the windows get smudges of fingerprints and paw prints all over. Households with children and pets are more active and common living areas such as kitchen, […]

Karcher WV70 Window Vac Review → Perfect Cleaning Instantly

A brief glance through your window offers numerous benefits. It can do wonders to your body, boost your self-esteem, and give you greater job satisfaction. It can even tell you who is passing by your yard. However, how can you enjoy these benefits if you cannot see through your window? You can skip the worry […]

Karcher WV60 Window Vac – Get Perfect Cleaning Results Instantly

Cleaning windows is a job no one wants and usually desperately tries to avoid. If cleaning the outside of windows it can be hot or perhaps too cold. When you need to reach those upper floors you might spend several hours on the ladder and have to keep moving it. Yet, in the end, you […]

Karcher WV2 Premium Window Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Karcher Wv2 Premium 2nd Generation Window Vac is an update and improved version of the bestselling Karcher WV50.  The new model is 10% shorter and fractionally lighter than the original vac. It now has an increased running time from 20 to 25 minutes.  In addition, the motor is a little quieter.  There is now […]