Dirt Devil DDCYL1 Review → Built For Super Cleaning

When it comes to purchasing things for your house, you need to consider the size of the equipment, gadget or tool. Ideally, you do not want one that occupies too much space, especially if your house is full or small sized. Then again, you need a clean house or room where you can live or work comfortably. One vacuum, which offers itself as a compact solution, is the Dirt Devil DDCYL1 Compact Bagless Cylinder Vacuum.

 Dirt Devil DDCYL1 Description and Features

 The Dirt Devil Compact is very easy to assemble by simply inserting two main poles/tubes and then attach its head. It only takes just few minutes before it is up and running. It allows you to vacuum a large house without having to empty the dust chamber repeatedly. The Dirt Devil DDCYL1 comes with extension tubes, an adjustable smooth floor head/adjustable carpet, a long electrical flex and a crevice tool that placed inside the extension tubes to work. It is lightweight and comes with a Microban®filtration for extra hygiene.
Dirt Devil DDCYL1

This vacuum cleaner offers a dust capacity of 2.5 litre and the presence of a filler inside this machine helps contain the dust so that it just ejects purely clean and purified air into your room.

 Dirt Devil DDCYL1 Performance

 What I like about the Dirt Devil DDCYL1

  • This machine offers an extraordinary suction power, very impressive and fierce, which helps in picking up all the dirt for a super clean room.
  • It works on almost any surface; ceramic tiles, fitted carpets and rugs placed over carpets with a great cleaning effect.
  •  It has a basic slide switch that lets you regulate the suction power depending on the surface you intend to clean.
  • This vacuum cleaner is amazingly compact in design.  It is very light for carrying upstairs and downstairs thanks to its cylindrical shape.
  • In addition, it has an automatic cable retraction that is responsible for speeding the cleaning operation. This thoughtful design lets you store its crevice tool in its main unit.
  •  This machine does not require bags and therefore makes the whole exercise of emptying into dustbins very easy.
  • The filters offer not just antibacterial protection but also removes odour.
  •  Moreover, this vacuum cleaner offers the possibility of adjusting the noise it produces. This feature is very useful especially for people who cannot cope with loud noise. In other words, it can be used anywhere without causing discomfort. You really need this especially if you live with noise sensitive neighbours.

 What I dislike about the Dirt Devil DDCYL1

  •  One of the major setbacks of this machine is the quality of materials used to make poles/tubes and the suction head. While this machine does the work effectively, it is a little flimsy for vacuum cleaners. During use, the vacuum cleaner tube can comes out easily meaning you have to keep get it back to place now and again.  If not for this, it would have no challenger as far as vacuum cleaners are concerned.
  •  In addition, these tubes/poles do not feel sturdy enough to be part of this machine. To match the standard of performance and design, the poles/tubes should have been made of metal instead of plastic. This makes the machine feel cheap and thus lowers the satisfaction using it.
  • This vacuum cleaner has two biggish back wheels as well as a small swivel front wheel that makes it difficult to tow the machine round as you vacuum.
  • Additionally its power button and cord retracts are hard to tell apart while you vacuum. Rather, a power light indicator or even a different coloured one would be better.
  • The machine’s on/off switch is improperly located and to access it you will have to use your finger to access it when carrying it. It would have been better located in front of the handle for easier and quicker access using your thumb.

 Summary of Review

If you are looking for an effective, suitable and reliable vacuum cleaner then consider the Dirt Devil-DDCYL1-1600W. It is amazingly lightweight with a powerful suction for effective cleaning and is much better in terms of performance as far as vacuum cleaners are concerned. In fact, you can easily carry it from one place to another without hassles. Its little nifty wheel helps you increase or decrease its engine power for adjustment of suction power by letting in air. Additionally, its crevice hose helps you clean stairs and even narrowest spaces. The fact that its engine noise is reasonably quiet makes it a better choice over several other vacuum cleaners. Overall, a great product is ideal for a minimal carpeted area or small property. The 1600 Watts is sufficient: much more watts than this will bald your carpets long before their time is due. This machine comes with separate spares for all the three filters and one crevice hose spare. It picks up virtually everything, from crumbs to fur from your semi-longhair cat. Just one swipe and the room gets super clean. Above all, there are no obvious problems with this machine; it is worth your money. Check the Dirt Devil DDCYL1 Compact Bagless Cylinder Vacuum out at Amazon.