Duronic Vc16 Compact Review → You Can Afford To Own One!

No doubt about it. Most homes need a vacuum cleaner. With the pressing demands of everyday living in this hustle and bustle, fast-paced world, cleaning the house should be the least of one’s problems. It then becomes just a question of when, one might address this need and purchase an inexpensive vacuum cleaner … a sensitive decision especially for households running on a tight budget. Duronic VC16 Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is a small size-cleaning machine with an impressively strong suction power that picks up all the dust, dirt and crumbs around the house. What seems to be even more amazing is the fact that for all its top-performance in functionality and great- value features, it comes as one of the most inexpensive (if not the most inexpensive) cleaner in the market today.

Product Description/Features and How They Work

1600w Power With 3 Speed Controls

The Duronic VC16 Compact Capacity 250 Air Watts Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is an amazing compact vacuum cleaner with a cyclonic suction power that cleans up all the dust, dirt particles, crumbs and paper shreds, etc. around the house. It runs on a 1600w power with a 3 speed control which makes it sort of eco-friendly because one doesn’t necessarily have to use it at full power in picking up dirt on flat surfaces like tables, counter and cabinet tops. It is neat. It is compact. One will find this easy to handle and maneuver. For a small vacuum cleaner, it picks up dust and dirt quite handily. Duronic VC16

Better Hygiene with HEPA Filters

This Duronic Vacuum Cleaner has been designed and fitted with HEPA filters which totally lock-in dust and bits and pieces of dirt which can sometimes (as in other vacuum cleaners) just circulate back into the house atmosphere raising the risk of family members susceptible to allergies, Asthma or some respiratory dysfunction. This is perfect for homes with young kids or elderly people.

Crevice Tool & Extension Tube For Easier Deep-down Clean

This lean and mean cleaning machine comes with a crevice tool that helps one to poke into those nooks, crannies and tight corners of the house then sucks-in that clinging dirt which may have accumulated in these hard-to-reach areas. It also has a sort of a metal telescopic extension tube and a turbo brush. Both help to loosen up obstinate dirt particles, pets’ hair or bits of dried food, which have fallen on carpets and wooden floors.

A Big 1.8 Litre Dust Canister

Fitted into this bagless Duronic VC16 compact Vacuum Cleaner is an easy-to-remove 1.8-litre dust and dirt canister. This large dirt collector is more than adequate capacity for doing one’s home in one goes. Removing and detaching it from the main unit is simple. One only needs to press a button and off it goes for emptying and cleaning, although, precisely because of the big storage space for dirt, it saves one valuable time for not having to empty and clean it frequently.

The Convenient 5 Meter Power Cable

This mains-operated, portable vacuum cleaner has a 5-meter cable. It’s long enough to reach the different dusty and dirty part of the house and short enough as not to have one’s legs caught in its curls and risk tripping all over the place. With this also comes a 1.5-meter hose to allow it to get around bends or behind corner sofas.

Features and Details

  • This Duronic VC 16 compact vacuum cleaner runs on 1600w power with speed control
  • It’s got HEPA filters that prevent allergies
  • Designed with cyclonic technology for stronger suction
  • 5-meter length cable that can be stored inside the unit.
  • It comes with a crevice tool for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
  • Also has a telescopic-inspired tube for easier cleaning
  • It’s bagless. Instead, it has a large 1.8 litre dust canister so no need to be emptying and cleaning it all the time.
  • Also comes with a turbo brush for extra easy cleaning
  • Modern finish of red and black colors
  • 1.5 meter length vacuum hose


  • Duronic VC16 Vacuum cleaner’s 1600 w power is more than ample to clean a good size home.
  • It’s neat and small; compact and easy to handle; and carry around while cleaning.
  • Its HEPA filters are just great for making the home more hygienic especially if one has an allergy sufferer in the house.
  • The 1.8 litre dirt container is easy to remove and large enough for one not to keep emptying it and cleaning it too often. It saves one some precious time.
  • For all the amazing work it can do, along with its useful features, particularly its price tag, Duronic VC 16 Vacuum cleaner offers terrific value of one’s money.


  • Nada. Zilch. Nothing to gripe about.


It is not very often that one comes across an item that has everything one is looking for with a price tag to match. That is what Duronic VC 16, Compact Capacity 250 Air Watts Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is. It provides for a masterful house cleaning at a price one will be glad to pay.


For newly married couples starting to build a home and raise a family but running on a tight budget, Duronic VC16 Compact Vacuum Cleaner stands clearly as a good-value-for-money cleaner. Built for cleaning an average size home satisfactorily with practical features that make it easy for the user to do so. The fact that it looks small and compact may lead one to believe it could fall short of the power to do a great job. However, its 1600w force is adequate to have had other reviewers give it a rating of 4.5 stars with five stars being excellent. This Duronic VC 16 Cleaner has what it takes to be very competitive with the heavyweights with one distinct edge over them: its price tag, which makes it a runaway winner.