Dyson DC34 Handheld Review → Effortless Remove Tough Stains

Dyson DC34 is an easy-to-use handheld vacuum cleaner. This vacuum will clean various different floor types. The DC34 is Equipped with a 22.2V lithium-ion battery. it is capable of functioning and lifting dirt and dust particles from the floor for a long time.

It comes with a Dyson digital motor. This motor produces enough suction power to be able to lift dust particles from the floor. In addition, to clean various tough stains that has been there for years.

It is very suitable for short spells of cleaning. If you have little children, you should consider having this product. As it will help you to clean up the spots, your children messed up after their playing.

Dyson DC34 Description and Features

This vacuum cleaner has included root cyclone technology. This uses fast spinning air to lift up debris and dust particles and then push them into the clear bin. The root cyclone technology also helps to eliminate any possibility of fine debris blocking the airflow. This happens with some other models of vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner also does not lose suction thanks to this root cyclone technology. You will experience the same suction level from the beginning until you are finished cleaning.

It comes with a Dyson digital motor. This offers impressive performance resulting from the high speed at which it spins. It spins 5 times faster than the engine of a racing car. The digital electric motor has digital pulse technology, this explains why it spins very fast. It has a compact design and it is more powerful than an ordinary electric motor. It comes with few moving parts unlike the old type of motor that was bulky and has many moving components. As a more technologically advanced motor, it offers electromagnetic induction.

A lithium-ion battery powers the motor. As a handheld and compact size vacuum cleaner, it is suitable for short spells of cleaning. The battery has a runtime of 15 minutes if you are using slower suction power setting. However, if you are cleaning with the maximum suction power level, it will last for 6 minutes. In other words, it comes with a dual power suction mode. This makes it suitable to use for various cleaning purposes. However, it has a very low recharge time, which compensates for the short runtime.
Dyson DC34
Cleaning with Dyson DC34 can be very easy thanks to its impressive lightweight. With a product weight of 1.3kg (2.9lbs), the vacuum cleaner even weighs lesser than the GTECG SW02. The compact and lightweight design makes cleaning very easy and more comfortable. Carrying the vacuum cleaner will not cause any problem for you.

It features a bin container of 0.35 litres capacity. The bin capacity is quite small. However, its size is good for a handheld vacuum cleaner. The good thing about the dust container of this vacuum cleaner is that it is very easy to empty. All you have to do in order to empty the dust container is to push the button and dust container will be released. It is easy to know when the bin is fill up because the bin is very transparent. Therefore, at each moment during your cleaning, you will be able to tell the amount of dirt in the bin. Also when the bin needs emptying.

Summary of the Features

As a handheld vacuum cleaner with compact design, this vacuum cleaner comes with all the features it requires. It has a running time of 15 or 6 minutes depending on the suction level you are using. Its Dyson digital motor that works with digital pulse technology is one of the most advanced technology. It is capable of delivering high suction. With its dual suction power level, you will be able to clean various surfaces.

Dyson Dc34 All-Floors Handheld Performance

What I like about the Dyson Dc34 All-Floors Handheld

  • It works very fine and captures more dirt and debris including pets’ hair than most models of handheld vacuum cleaner. This is made possible by its root cyclone technology and wide debris nozzle/brush tool. Handling is very easy as the vacuum cleaner offers balanced weight distribution. It saves you the strength of bringing out and keeping putting back your heavy vacuum cleaner. You can use it when you only just have to clean spills and particles of foods that fall on the ground after your daily meal with your children.
  • It is a very lightweight vacuum cleaner. Its lightweight makes cleaning very convenient and stress-free. Besides, as a compact vacuum cleaner, it is suitable for travelling. If you are travelling, you can include it in your luggage without unnecessarily adding much more weight to your luggage.
  • Use it to clean various areas, which you may not be able to clean easily with conventional upright or canister vacuum cleaners. Such areas include under the table and drawers, upholstery and cars.

What I dislike about the Dyson Dc34 All-Floors Handheld

  • It does not have the power of medium or a full sized vacuum cleaner and thus cannot serve as a replacement for them.
  • A customer has complained that the vacuum cleaner can only remove grit and dirt leaving the mark as it is. In other words, if you want to remove not just the top dirt but stain, you have to still vacuum with your large vacuum cleaner.
  • As noted by another customer it is an expensive vacuum cleaner considering its size as well as the price of other similar functioning vacuum cleaners.
  • It has a very short usage time of 6 minutes for high suction level and 15 minutes for low suction level.

Summary of the Review

As a handheld vacuum, what I like about the Dyson Dc34 All-Floors Handheld cleaner. Is that the Dyson DC34 delivers an impressive suction with dual setting. This is thanks to its digital electric motor, created with the most advanced technology. Spinning at a very high speed, the motor is capable of producing high suction to lift debris from the floor. All things being equal, this vacuum cleaner is an option for you. It is ideal for a short spell of cleaning e.g. cleaning of food particles that fall down after a meal. It is also an option for people on the go and students. However, it is not an option for a long time cleaning task. You should consider buying it if you have children. Rather than bringing out your big vacuum cleaner just to clean tiny food particles and spills on your floor, you can use it to clean these. You can check out the Dyson Dc34 All-Floors at Amazon.


  • Vacuum type: residential
  • Vacuum cleaner style: handheld
  • Dust collection type: bagless
  • Dust container capacity: 0.35 litres
  • Product weight: 1.33kg
  • Product dimension: 20.5 x 11.5 x32.2 cm
  • Motor power watts: N/A
  • Motor type: digital electric motor
  • Allergy filtration: no
  • Power: battery powered
  • Battery type: lithium rechargeable battery