Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Review → Easily Clean Up Messy Spills

Dyson Digital Slim DC35 is a vacuum to consider. That is if you need a lightweight vacuum cleaner. It also has amazing flexibility and that can work well on cleaning hardwoods floors as well carpets and area rugs. It is a bagless and cordless vacuum cleaner.

Which is equipped with many features to enable it to clean dirt, dust particles and crumbs on hard floors. It can also clean well on a number of surfaces such as table desk, kitchen counter, coffee table, keyboards, sofa cushion, vehicle seats, high chairs, dining tables and others.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 22.2 volt powers it. This battery produces enough power for spinning the motor continuously throughout its runtime. Read on to know more about this vacuum cleaner.

Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Description and Features

Dyson Digital slim DC35 handheld vacuum cleaner designed for quick cleaning of various floor types. It features a motorized floor tool, which makes use of two kinds of brushes. If you want to remove fine dust from your hard floor, you will find the ultra-fine conductive carbon fibre brushes useful. If you want to remove ground-in dirt from your carpets, you have to utilize the rotating nylon bristles. It comes with a lightweight long-reach aluminum wand. It is capable of getting to difficult to reach areas. You can also use it for above the floor cleaning. The beauty of the DC35 vacuum cleaner as well is that it also works as a handheld vacuum cleaner by detaching the wand from the unit.
Dyson Digital Slim DC35

It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 22.2 volt, which has a 15-minute runtime, when the vacuum is on low power mode. When it is on high power mode, it has a 6-minute runtime. The dual power modes enable you to choose the right suction for the surface you want to clean. The max suction is suitable for harder tasks. You can recharge the battery either separately from the entire unit or directly in the machine. It comes with a docking station where you find the battery for recharging. The battery does not take time to recharge. You need about 5.5 hours to recharge the battery.

This vacuum cleaner is capable of producing high suction and still maintains the same level of suction throughout the cleaning time. This is because of the root cyclone technology used in creating it. This technology ensures that the airflow of the unit remain free. Dust particles cannot clog it up because of the root cyclone technology. The unit is capable of generating high centrifugal forces that push the dust particles to the bin container thus keeping the airflow free of any particles. The motor of the vacuum cleaner has impressive lightweight design but it spins at a very fast rate compared to the conventional vacuum cleaner.

DC35 Cordless is equipped with smart accessories for an enhanced cleaning experience. A crevice tool is included in the box to enable users to clean up tight spaces. If you want to clean your upholstery and furniture, there is a combination brush/wide debris nozzle tool for that. As you are vacuuming your home, you do not have to worry about knowing when the bin is fill. It comes with a transparent bin container. Therefore, it is no big deal to tell when to empty it and continue cleaning. Just push the empty-the-bin button and the dust and debris lifted from the floor will pour into the trash.

To give users peace of mind, Dyson provides them with a 2-year parts and labor guarantee. If you are using the vacuum cleaner and it encounter some problems. You need not worry because the guarantee will take care of the cost.

Summary of the Features

The vacuum cleaner is created has high durable materials. These are recyclable and can withstand the rigors of everyday cleaning. The aluminium wand will last for years. While the ABS plastic material used in creating it has strong resistance against scrapes and cracks. It comes with all the features required to clean up both soft and hard dirt from various types of floors and other surfaces.

Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Performance

What I like about the Dyson Digital Slim DC35

  • Just like the other Dyson vacuum cleaner, you will find this vacuum cleaner convenient and easy to use. It produces great suction, which can remove the toughest stain. With its dual suction control, you will be able to use the right suction on the right floor. You can remove the dust container easily and empty just at the push of the button.
  • It is a lightweight vacuum cleaner and thus moving it up and down as you are cleaning will not constitute any problem to you. Children and senior can clean with it. Because it is lightweight, it is good to take with you if you are travelling. Since the wand is detachable, you can include the unit in your luggage without the wand. The will reduce the weight of your luggage.
  • It comes with a durable design thanks to the ABS plastic material used in creating it.
  • It is quick to recharge the battery. You require 5.5 hours charging for the first use and then 3 hours charging for subsequent charging.
  • Another point that customers like about this vacuum cleaner is its overall design. It comes with fantastic design, which exudes great visual appeal.
  • It comes with a trigger, which some consumers have liked because it helps in conserving power. The unit can only function when your pull the trigger. Therefore, if you want to answer the phone, you will not waste any energy. Just remove your hand from the trigger and answer your phone.

What I dislike about the Dyson Digital Slim DC35

  • The major disadvantage of this vacuum cleaner is that it is very expensive. More so than most other models of Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners and products from other brands.
  • Some customers are not happy with the trigger even though some appreciate it. You have to press it on continuously when you are cleaning. A customer has noted that it can be very painful to hold onto the trigger for a long time.

Summary of Review

Dyson DC35 used on various hard floor types and low pile carpets and rugs. It comes with the Dyson digital motor V2. This spins at a very high speed to provide high suction for short cleaning. With its dual power, you can clean various surfaces. It is worth buying for families that have children. This is because it is great for cleaning after kid’s meals or cleaning their occasional mess. However, if you have a pet or pets, you cannot use it to pick their hairs and trap their odor. For extended or normal weekend cleaning, you still have to bring out your canister or upright medium or full size vacuum cleaner. You can check out the Dyson DC35 at Amazon.


  • Vacuum cleaner type: residential
  • Vacuum cleaner style: digital slim/handheld (when used without the wand)
  • Product weight 4.96 lb.
  • Dimension: 44.1H x 9.1D x 11.8W inches
  • Color: Silver
  • Power type: battery powered
  • Collection type: bagless
  • Voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Motor type: Dyson digital motor V2
  • Floor type: All hard floors including low pile carpets and rugs
  • Attachments: Combination tool, wand, dusting brush and crevice tools
  • Tool for pet hair pick-up- No
  • HEPA filter: No
  • Odor filter: No
  • ULPA filter: No
  • Adjustable suction control: yes