Electrolux Stair and Car Vac Review → Cut Down On Cleaning Time!

Cleaning one’s house or car interior takes up a lot of time, better spent, with one’s family or friends. Reality bites, vacuum cleaners you need to push back and forth, or carried up and down the stairway to clean up things. These vacuums do not reach nooks, crannies and those stair’s edges and ranks.

The Electrolux Stair and Car Vac address the need to clean these hard-to-reach areas. Now, an ardent homemaker or a car owner, or someone who is both can get to these parts of the house and inside the car and clean them in a few minutes and have more time to devote to more critical or recreational activity.

Electrolux Stair and Car Vac Description and Features

The Electrolux Stair and Car Vic is a powerful mains-operated cleaning machine that is hand-held and is easily manoeuvrable. It uses a Cyclonic technology with a 700-watt motor with enough muscle to allow for deep-down cleaning of even the smallest nooks and edges of one’s home stairs or car interior. One will never have to worry about suction or power loss due to a fast-dying battery. Because it’s mains-operated, it is up and ready to go whenever needed. The 6-meter cable allows one to get to all sections of the house quickly and easily.

It comes With a Stretch Hose That’s Built-In Electrolux designed this hand-held vacuum cleaner for the specific job of cleaning the various contours and curves of any vehicle interior and its upholstery, including the dashboard and side panels. It has a built-in stretch hose and cranny tool, making it easy for any car owner to reach these awkward spots.

Electrolux Stair and Car Vac

Forget Carrying That Heavy Vacuum Cleaner Up and Down the Stairs With this slim and handy hand-held cleaner from Electrolux, one can keep high-traffic areas like the home stairs and car from dust, bits and pieces of dirt without any effort. Combine this with the amazing Riser Visor turbo nozzle, which goes up and down to take on all the stairs angles.

The Electrolux Stair and Car Vac cleans the stairs and car interiors in no time at all. It is great for Dog and Cat Lovers The powerfully motorized Riser Visor turbo nozzle is designed to pick-up all those obstinate pet hairs and fibres of one’s pets from sofas and settees or any part of the house when cleaning these up horizontally or vertically.

The way it works is …one simply has to flip the nozzle upwards when one wants to clean an area horizontally and downwards when vertical cleaning has to be done , as on the edges of the stairs or the backside of sofas. It also comes with a standard Brush-roll that’s motor-driven. What it does is to force fibres, pet hairs and other dirt into a surface for easy suctioning. Instead of the traditional dirt bag, this Electrolux Stair and Car Vac Cleaner has a 0.6 litre cylinder that stores the dirt and with its quick-release dust cap makes cleaning a whole lot simpler, not messy.

Details of the Electrolux Stair and Carvac Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

  • It’s mains-operated, ready to go any time it’s needed
  • It’s got a 700-watt motor, powerful enough to do the job
  • It uses Cyclonic Technology which helps in ease of cleaning
  • A motor-driven Brush-roll
  • Unique Riser Visor for horizontal or vertical cleaning
  • Easy-release Dust Cup
  • Fingertip control
  • Has storage for the cord
  • Crevice tool storage
  • Comes with a 6-meter long cord for easy movement

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • It is easy to use and handle because it is light
  • It allows one to clean hard-to-reach spots in the car interiors or in the house particularly the stairs and its edges
  • This Electrolux Stair and Car Vac cleaner is mains-operated. It does away with the hassle of battery charging.
  • Because it cleans more thoroughly and faster too, it cuts one’s cleaning time.
  • The brand Electrolux is international and has worldwide acceptance. It has proven itself through the years to be reliable with house ware products and appliances.

The Con

  • The 6-meter cord may just be a little too short and may tend to limit one’s movements while cleaning.


The Electrolux Stair and Car Vac is an efficient hand-held aid for thorough cleaning of car interiors and the house. Where cleaning these areas used to be a hassle, this machine with its built-in devices, has made it a lot easier.

It gives one an emotional benefit in knowing one’s house and car are very clean. If one does not live in an extremely large house and the 6-meter cord would not limit one’s movements while cleaning, it makes a lot of practical sense to make the purchase. It certainly will be worth one’s money.


This Electrolux Stair and Carvac is a powerful, multi-function machine that cleans thoroughly. It sucks-out dust, bits and pieces of dirt and other particles in hard-to-reach spots in one’s car interior, home stairs and other nooks and crannies of the house.

Because it is small, light and easy to carry, one can maneuver this into any tough and tight corner of the car or the house, including the stairs, sofas and huge picture frames. Where it used to challenge not only one’s time but also one’s patience as well in getting into these awkward spots, it now takes less time to get to them and have them cleaned thoroughly. These corners and contours cease to be problem areas with the Electrolux Stair and Carvac Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner.
by Richard Floyd