Freetime R8803 Robot Review → Perfect Cleaning with No Effort

Freetime R8803 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an option for you. It is a good choice if you do not have the strength to vacuum your home or if you do not like vacuuming.  R8803 Robot will do the cleaning for you.

While you do other things or just sit, back and relax in your home. It is suitable for hard floor cleaning.  It is also capable of cleaning hard to reach places like under the bed thanks to its low-profile design.

The machine is equipped with all necessary features. That will make it possible for users to clean the entire room from one end to the other perfectly well. Read on to know more about this vacuum cleaner.

Freetime R8803 Robot Description and Features

Freetime R8803 best designed for hard floor cleaning. Created with advanced robot technology, this makes it possible for the machine to be able to vacuum by itself. All you have to do is to put it on and touch the right button. The vacuum cleaner cleans all types of hard floor lifting all dust particles, dirt, allergens, pet hair and debris from the floor into its container. It features rotating cleaning brushes, which ensures that the vacuum cleaner delivers a beautiful finish. The rotating brushes are also able to clean corners and edges of walls perfectly well.

It comes with a dusting pad system, which makes it possible for the vacuum cleaner to provide extra shine finish. Another feature of the vacuum cleaner that makes it to deliver better cleaning result is its low profile design. It is spherical in shape. It has a small height, which makes it possible for it to vacuum under the bed. It will also vacuum other hard to reach areas like under and behind the table, chairs and other articles of furniture, which you may not easily clean with ordinary vacuum cleaner. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner but it features a storage container of 280ml capacity. Dirt, hairs, dust and waste materials lifted up from the floor move into the container, which weighs just 1.5 kg. Its lightweight makes for easy storage. It also is easy to empty its content and put back together.
Robot R8803
As it is cleaning the entire space, it will not fall from the stair or step. It features an ultra-sensitive step avoidance sensor that guides against fall. Therefore, you do not need to bother yourself when the vacuum cleaner gets close to your stairs. You can even be doing other things while the vacuum cleaner does the cleaning. If there is any blockage, there are LED indicators that will call your attention to that. However, you do not have to bother so much about blockages thanks to the straight channel suction system of the vacuum cleaner. Contacts with hard walls do not have any effect on the vacuum cleaner because of its special sensor pads that provide it with a cushioning effect.

Freetime R8803 is a cordless vacuum cleaner meaning that it does not require any electricity before it can vacuum. It comes with a 14.4V lithium-ion battery, which can fully charged after four hours. When it is fully charged, it has a run time of 50 minutes.

Summary of the Features

As a robot, the Freetime R8803 comes equipped with all the features that make it possible for it to do the cleaning alone perfectly well. The sensor pads cushion the vacuum cleaner when it meets hard corners of the wall. Besides, it comes with step avoidance sensor and LED indicators to guide again falls and blockage respectively. With the features it comes with, you will only have to press the remote and just relax for the vacuum cleaner to do the task by itself.

Freetime R8803 Robot Performance

 What I like about the Freetime R8803 Robot

  • It is easy to use; and it makes cleaning very comfortable for the user. All you have to do is to switch it on and the robot will clean the entire floor within 50 minutes run time. The vacuum comes with the best robotic technology. Because of this, the unit will be able to clean the entire home without getting tangled or stranded.
  • It is strongly made to protect it against shock resulting from collision or contact with walls thanks to the special sensor pads it comes with. If it bumps with any object, the spring-loaded bumper half-circular ring that encircles half of the upper circumference of its front side will help to reduce or eliminate the effect of the shock.
  • It can be used on all types of hard floors (but not suitable to be used on carpets) such as tiles, marble, traditional hardwoods, linoleum and vinyl.
  • R8803 delivers a perfect cleaning result thanks to its automated cleaning pattern design.
  • It is easy to store because of its low profile design. Besides, this also makes it possible for the vacuum cleaner to deliver excellent cleaning result reaching to various corner including under the bed, chairs, cushions and the other.
  • The vacuum cleaner is also not expensive despite its numerous features.

What I dislike about the Freetime R8803 Robot

  • The 50 minutes run time makes the vacuum cleaner not suitable for use in large homes. It is therefore suitable for people living in small apartments.
  • Besides, the charge time is high considering the run time. If the battery runs down when you have not completed your cleaning, you have to wait for 4 hours in order to recharge the battery before continuing.

Summary of the Review

This vacuum cleaner is an excellent model from Freetime. Whether you enjoy cleaning or not, it will help, you will maintain a cleaner and healthier home. R8803 Robot is your companion as far as home cleaning is concerned. It has all the necessary features that will enable it to clean your home by itself. It produces enough suction that makes it possible for the robot to lift up dust, debris and dirt from the floor. You can buy this vacuum cleaner if you are too busy to do the cleaning by yourself or if you are living in a small apartment. However, people living in large homes with many rooms, which will require more than 50 minutes to clean, should consider other options. Robot R8803 at Amazon.


Vacuum type: Robot

Vacuum style: bagless

Dust collector capacity: 280ml capacity

Color: red

Product weight: 1.5kg

Product dimension: H: 30 x W: 25 xL: 7.5cm

Power: battery

Battery charge time: 4 hours

Battery run time: 50 minutes

Floor types: All hard floor types

Suction: Straight channel suction

Blockage indicator: yes