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Are you tired of having to unplug the power cord of your vacuum cleaner? Then you have to move the plug from one electric outlet to another to clean all your floors. The GTECH Cordless Sweeper SW20 is a cordless vacuum cleaner, which may be an option for you.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high performance motor of 7.2V. You can use this vacuum to clean various types of floors including carpets and upholstery. With its lightweight design and removable handle, cleaning around your home becomes easy. You can carry it up and down your stairs and from one room to another as you clean around your home.

Its lithium battery is capable of providing you with power continuously for 60 minutes. This is enough for you to complete a day cleaning task.

Description and Features

GTECH SW20 comes with an ergonomic steering system, which makes the vacuum cleaner to effortless moves and turn at ease on your floor. Its lightweight as well as adjustable flat handle gives a maneuverability advantage over conventional vacuum Cleaner. You may be surprise to hear that it has a product weight of 1.6kg. However, your doubt will clear immediately you receive your order. If you have used a conventional vacuum cleaner, you will immediately wonder whether what is in the box is a vacuum cleaner or not.

The adjustable flat handle makes it easier for you to clean many areas including hard reaching area. These coupled with its ergonomic steering and swivel technology makes it to be unbeatable in terms of maneuverability. Its lightweight construction also gives it a storage advantage over other models. Besides, the height of the handle reduces for storage purposes. When you are done with your cleaning, all you have to do is to push down the handle and comfortably keep it in your floor.

GTech Cordless Sweeper SW02
The GTECH SW20 used on all types of floors. You can use it to remove dirt and dust particles from any hard floors including linoleum, tiles and others. You can also use it to vacuum your carpet. If you have any pet or pets, this vacuum cleaner will also be helpful to you. It is capable of removing pet hairs from your floors.

It comes with a 0.5 litter dust container. The major strength of this dust cup is that it is very easy to empty when filled up during cleaning. However, the capacity is not impressive as the capacities of the dust container of other vacuum cleaner like that of Vax Air cordless upright vacuum cleaner. If you vacuum your entire house, you may empty the dust cup for multiple times.

This vacuum cleaner has impressive design. It can serve as a handheld vacuum cleaner or like an upright vacuum cleaner. All you have to do is to detach the telescopic handle and the guard. When the handle and guard are no longer available, you can use it as a stair carpet brush to clean your stair or even interior of your car as well as your upholstery. Therefore, it is a versatile vacuum cleaner.

GTECH SW20 comes with a high suction producing 7.2v electric motor. The motor spins at a very good speed in order to deliver high suction you require to complete your everyday cleaning task. It features a patented edge-sweeping brush and nylon brush bar which are capable of picking up any dust particles, debris, dirt and pet’s hair from your floor when the motor puts them into action. It does not lose any atom of its suction from when your start vacuuming to the time you are done.

Summary of the Features

GTECH SW20 designed as a vacuum cleaner that can work as an upright vacuum cleaner or a hand-held vacuum. It has a slim design but offers impressive performance thanks to its high suction producing motor. It comes with enough features that make cleaning of any floor type including stairs, carpets and cars easy. It is a vacuum cleaner, which any person with arthritis will be happy to clean.

GTECH SW02 Performance

What I like about the GTECH SW20

The GTECH SW20 designed to offer users amazing versatility. Any person can use it. If you prefer cleaning with an upright vacuum cleaner, it is an option for you. If you like cleaning with a hand-held sweeper, you are also able to use this vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Besides this, use it on all types of floors.

It comes with a small and compact design and a product weight of just 1.6kg. This gives you a weight advantage over other vacuum cleaners in the market making it very easy to work with. People with arthritis, backache, children, seniors and people that find they are not strong enough to lift heavy vacuum cleaner will be able to vacuum their homes using this vacuum cleaner.

The battery has a good runtime of 60 minutes. Most cordless vacuum cleaners in the market come with batteries that have 50 minutes or less runtime. You may be able to clean all your floors before the battery runs down.

Despite the compact design, the motor is capable of producing high suction, which remains the same throughout your cleaning time.

What I dislike about the GTECH SW20

The bin cup is very small. This may contribute to its lightweight but it can also constitute a distraction during your cleaning, as you may have to empty it for a number of times before you are done with your cleaning.

The battery takes a very long time to be completely charged. The 16-hour charge time means that you may only vacuum once every day. If the battery runs down, you have to wait for 16 hours in order to recharge it completely.

It does not work great on thick carpets. It needs to vacuum several times before it will be able to pick all dirt.

Summary of the Review

GTECH SW20 is very portable and easy to use. It is therefore an option for you if you have limited space in your home as it will only take up a little of your storage space. Given its size, use it to vacuum by children, seniors and people with arthritis and back pain. It is a suitable option for students living in hostels. The battery run time is good. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, which can clean everywhere, including your walls. This vacuum cleaner may not be an option for you. It does not come with any wall mount or attachment for cleaning of ceilings and walls. You can check out the GTECH SW20 at Amazon.


Vacuum cleaner type: Residential
Vacuum cleaner style: upright/hand-held
Dust container style: bagless
Dust container capacity: 0.5 litres
Power type: battery powered
Battery type: NIMH
Battery runtime: one hour
Charging time: 16 hours
Weight: 1.6kg
Dimension: 7H x 29W x 22 D cm
Sweeping width: 29 cm
Floor type: all floors including carpets
Motor type: electric motor
Voltage: 7.2 volts

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