Kärcher WV50 Window Vacuum Review

Glass windows have several advantages. They provide fantastic view and allow natural light in, but they get dirty easily. If you have small kids or pets around the house, the windows get smudges of fingerprints and paw prints all over. Households with children and pets are more active and common living areas such as kitchen, living room, and bathroom floors get frequent spills and stains.
Window cleaning is one of the least enjoyable jobs. Besides no one likes to spend the whole day scrubbing and cleaning floors. Kärcher WV50 Window Vacuum is the ultimate solution for fast and efficient cleaning of glass windows and spills on the floor or worktops. This lightweight handheld device also cleans other smooth and non-porous surfaces such as shower screens, mirrors, glass tabletops and car windows.

Description and Features

Kärcher WV50 Window Vacuum is a cordless, handheld vacuum cleaner with Lithium-ion battery. Its ergonomically designed body and compact design makes it easy to handle and carry from one place to another. This lightweight device designed to clean and dry smooth and nonporous surfaces in a moment. Its powerful suction capacity provides streak free cleaning without any drips of dirty water. Thanks to the powerful rechargeable batteries, the Kärcher Window Vac can clean on a single charge up to 45-60m² of surface area i.e. approximately 45 windows, which is a good capacity for a handheld vacuum cleaner. To empty dirty you can just pull out the rubber lug under the container. Other accessories include 170mm suction blade, spray bottle with micro fiber cleaning cloth and 20ml glass cleaning concentrate.

How to Use the Karcher WV50 Window Vac

Prep the surface for cleaning by spraying the cleaning solution from the spray bottle. Wipe the surface clean with the microfiber cleaning cloth attached to the spray bottle. Use the Kärcher Window Vac to suck the liquid from the surface. Specially designed rubber blades give streak free finish and prevent dripping. You can disconnect the regular blade and fix the smaller 170mm blade to clean smaller windows. Consistent strokes applied with light pressure give better results.
Glass cleaning concentrate supplied together with the device renders perfectly clean windows. Its special formula slows down the dirt accumulation on the windows and other smooth surfaces. You can empty the sachet in the base unit of the Windows Vac WV50 and mix it up with water. Karcher Window Vac WV50’s ingenious design sucks up the water and renders streak free windows. The dirty water accumulates in a separate container, which is easy to drain. The liquid container attached at the base of the Vac unit and removable blades are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

It is a Multi-Purpose Cleaning Device

Karcher WV50 will effectively to clean any smooth surfaces indoors or outdoors. Apart from the glass windows, it works on most types of floor tiles, glass doors, glass tables, kitchen tabletops, mirrors, and roof lights. It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge. It cleans up to 45 to 60 square meters of surface on a single charge. Compact and lightweight Karcher Window Vacuum WV50 makes the otherwise strenuous and time-consuming task of cleaning windows easier and quicker. However, there are a couple of drawbacks.
Here is the list of what I like about the Karcher WV50 Window Vacuum and some downside points.

Features I like about the Karcher Window Vac WV50

  • Karcher Window Vac WV50 is a multi-purpose cleaning device. It effectively cleans any flat and smooth surface, clears spills and even removes condensation. It’s cordless feature makes it portable and trouble-free to use indoors as well as outdoors.
  • The flexible blades offered in two sizes clean up dirt and grime spotlessly. Streak free, drip less suction of dirty water is another plus point. By selecting the right nozzle, you can finish the daunting task of cleaning dirty panes quickly and easily.
  • It is easy to assemble and easier to use. Since it is battery operated, it is extremely flexible to use. You can hold it in any angle and clean hard to reach places. Even glass cabinets and sash windows clean effortlessly. It removes condensation from the narrow surfaces.
  • Dirty water can be poured out effortlessly just by removing the rubber lug and tilting the container. It dismantles without any difficulty. As a result, you can store it in a small space after using it.
  • It comes with useful accessories such as extra suction blade, spray bottle and cleaning concentrate. Extension kit is also available to clean windows that are hard to reach.
  • Points worth considering before purchase
  • Price is one of the factors considered before purchase. You may look for discount offers on some reputed websites. However, I consider this Vacuum as an investment product. The amount of time and efforts it saves makes it a smart purchase. It also saves the money you are likely to spend on professional window cleaning services.
  • It requires special charger. This means you need to accommodate one extra charger. It takes about 2 hours to charge the Karcher Window Vac WV50 fully. Every charge offers about 20 min of nonstop cleaning time. I do not think you can clean 45 windows in that short span of time. If it runs out of battery in the middle of the cleaning, you may have to wait for some time before you can complete the chore.
  • While cleaning smooth surfaces, it is a bit awkward to clean around the knobs and handles. You have to use microfiber cloth to clean these parts. Even a quarter of an inch border adjacent to the window frames requires manual cleaning.
  • If the surface is not perfect square or rectangle, it requires extra efforts to clean it.
  • In spite of all the downside points, convenience and benefits of using the Karcher Window Vac WV50 weigh far more. This featherweight, handheld device gives results as good as professional cleaning. I fully agree with the claim that the Kärcher WV50 Window Vacuum is a quick and easy way to tackle windows, mirrors, shower screens and even condensation. The decision to buy the Karcher Window Vac WV50 is a wise investment. It is money well spent.