Karcher WV70 Window Vac Review → Perfect Cleaning Instantly

A brief glance through your window offers numerous benefits. It can do wonders to your body, boost your self-esteem, and give you greater job satisfaction. It can even tell you who is passing by your yard. However, how can you enjoy these benefits if you cannot see through your window? You can skip the worry and have these amazing benefits with the Karcher WV70 Window Vacuum. This cleaning marvel will keep your windows sparkling and streak free in no time!

Product Description

Karcher WV70 Window Vac is a cordless and lightweight product that is easy to use and offers expert cleaning results. It is ideal for cleaning smooth surfaces and removes liquid from mirrors, tiles, and shower screens. The vac will remove condensation from windows. It will also get rid of spills on floors perfectly. Karcher WV70 Window Vacuum yields clear windows at once and cleans up to 45 windows per charge.

Product Features and Benefits

Karcher WV70 Window Vac is a window vacuum that includes a number of features, which you will surely like! It has a suction blade, spray bottle with cleaning cloth, cleaning sachet, and a built-in lithium-ion battery.

  • Suction Blade. This small 17cm blade designed to clean smaller windows, like the Gregorian windows. You can simply detach the existing blade on your window vacuum and connect the small head in place.
  • Spray Bottle + Cleaning Cloth. The spray bottle contains the detergent that you will use onto a smooth surface. With the microfibre cleaning cloth attached to your spray bottle head, you can clean your windows instantly.
  • Cleaning Sachet. Karcher WV70 also includes a 20ml glass-cleaning sachet, a powerful detergent that helps clean your windows perfectly without leaving any streaks. This cleaning concentrate also includes a special formula that delays the build-up of new dirt.
  • Chargeable Battery. The product also includes a lithium-ion battery that can clean up to 45 windows, approximately 40-60m2 of surface, per charge.

Compact and Lightweight

Karcher WV70 Window Vacuum is easy to use. This handheld product is lightweight for all applications. Only weighing 0.700 kilograms, you can clean your windows with less effort.

Streak Free
This window vacuum provides a professional streak free finish with its 17cm rubber blades, which allow the liquid to suck straight from your windows.

The Karcher WV70 designed to clean all smooth surfaces. You can use it to remove liquid from your showers and mirrors, remove condensations from your windows, and eliminate spills on your floors. You can also use it in your conservatories, car windows, and other smooth surfaces.

Easy to Use
This window vacuum is very easy to use. Simply switch on the soft power button to start cleaning your windows and switch it off again if you are done.

Great Cleaning Power
With its chargeable lithium-ion battery, this product is very convenient. You can clean up to 45 windows or 40-60m2 of surface per charge. It has a massive cleaning power that gives you more surfaces to clean in just one charge.

Saves Time
The 20ml glass cleaning sachet included in the Karcher WV70 Window Vac contains a special formula that delays the loudening of dirt, saving you time from cleaning your windows again while giving you more time to spend with your loved ones and perform other important tasks.

Easy to Empty
This is what I like most about the product. It is easy to empty. You can simply draw out the rubber lug from the spray bottle and tip up the unit to pour out its contents.

You can get the Karcher Window Vac in Amazon UK for a very reasonable price. The website also offers free delivery in the UK. You can even get your product the next day if you choose One-Day Delivery at checkout. The package includes a small 17cm suction blade, spray bottle with microfibre cleaning cloth, and a 20ml glass-cleaning sachet. However, getting a split replacement solution can be expensive. Opportunely, Amazon UK offers the complete Karcher WV70 Window Vac – Window Cleaning Vacuum Kit, which includes a 500ml cleaning solution and Karcher Window Vac Extension Pole, for a discounted price.

Pros and Cons

The Karcher WV70 Window Vac is a remarkable product. However, like any other merchandise, it has its own pros and cons. What I like about this window vacuum is how it puts value to your time by delaying dirt build-up, cleaning instantly, and emptying easily. I also like how lightweight it is so I do not have to exert much effort when using it. I also value the fact that I can use it to clean other smooth surfaces. In addition, I can spontaneously clean all my windows without recharging the batteries. The only downsides are the price of the cleaning solution and the way the product is packaged. The cleaning solution can expensive and window vacuum does not include any bag, where you can easily keep and carry it.

My Verdict

I could not be happier with this product! Overall, I am impressed with it. You should buy it! It is definitely worth your money. The Karcher WV70 Vac and the smooth surfaces in your house is a match made in heaven. The product does a good job cleaning windows, mirrors, and even floors. It makes cleaning these things easy and enjoyable. It will surely make your windows clean and shiny with no effort. With the WV70 Window Vac, you can achieve expert finish, helping you save time and avoid constantly paying for a window cleaning service.