Miele S8310 Review → Makes Cleaning Simple Again

  Each day around the United Kingdom, people are turning to robotic vacuums more and more to clean their hardwood, carpet, linoleum, and tile floors in their homes and offices. While these units work well, they do not give you the assurance that they will complete the job the right way like it would if you used an upright vacuum or a cylinder vacuum. The more time you spend working on your home, the more likely it becomes that you will not need to stress out about whether your robotic vacuum worked. That is why a product like the Miele S8310 Power Plus stands out as one of the best available. This vacuum has a sleek look and is a product that is worth being in your closet and will make cleaning easier again.

Quality Product Made to Last

When a person thinks about buying a vacuum, one of the first brands that come to mind is Dyson. While Dyson products work great, they are a bit costly. Something like the Miele S8310 is relatively inexpensive that rivals the production you would get from the other brand. Among the top features that are contained within this vacuum are a power motor, electronic suction control and operating radius of 11.0 metres. Whenever you make a household item purchase, one of the first things you find in your research of potential purchases is that all products have quality control and performance tests. With some items, it is blatantly obvious that no test were performed.
Miele S8310 Power Plus
However, as soon as turn the Miele S8310 on after purchase, you will know the company did their job to get a quality vacuum in your hands. Even 20 years after purchase, the Miele S8310 should still be giving you the same quality production that you got on day one. There is no work required after purchase to get this product operational. Just take it out of the box, turn it on, and watch all the dirt, dust, and other debris sucked up from every surface in your home. Even when the need to extend the telescopic pole, you will not need to fight with the vacuum as you would need to with other models. With a simple click, you will get the pole extended to the desired length and you will be cleaning again within seconds. In terms of the Miele S8310 and its ability to clean all types of surfaces, six different settings come equipped on this vacuum. These settings are:

  • Curtains and Lightweight Fabric Surfaces
  • Upholstery and Cushions
  • Thick Carpets, Runners, and Rugs
  • Energy Saving Vacuuming
  • Loop-Pile Carpets
  • Heavily Soiled Hardwood Flooring and Extensive Carpet Cleaning

These settings all make the Miele S8310 a reliable cleaning option for just about any room in your home. To change between these settings and power levels, simply press either the – or + found on either side of the power indicator. When locked into a setting, a light will show that you are on that option. One thing you will want to keep an eye on is the power of the suction. I found that even in its lowest power setting that the suction could be too strong for some fabrics. Essentially, if I were to clean upholstery, I would use the first setting instead of the second. The final point I will make about the Miele S8310 and its suction power goes to all the car lovers out there. How many times have you spent hours cleaning your car inside and out only to be angered at the inability of your vacuum to clean the crumbs and debris between your seat and the center console? It’s happened to me a thousand times before, but now I know, with the highest power setting on the Miele S8310, this will never be a problem for me again. Not only does this vacuum exceed performance expectations, it gives consumers a product that isn’t bulky or ugly. Instead, with an obsidian black color and ultra-sleek design, you will have a product that you will not need to worry about looking out of place in your modern home. The one issue I have come across during my usage of this product is sometimes when trying to pull the vacuum over thick carpeting it fights back a little. It is not something that I worry about too much personally.

Why it is Right for You and Me

In my quest to find a vacuum that could do a little of everything instead of doing one thing very well, I ended up with the Miele S8310 Power Plus in my closet and I have to say I am happy I did. When calculating what you can afford for a vacuum, you will see that it is worth every penny. The old adage of buying cheap leading to buying twice holds true. This product will do everything as advertised, plus more. The powerful motor is one of the best on the market and delivers the cleanest floors and fabrics you will ever have. If I had the choice again to buy a vacuum, I can say whole-heartedly that I would not change my stance at all. There is no other vacuum or vacuum manufacturer for me. After owning a Dyson and several other lesser-quality branded vacuums over the years, I found that none of them cleaned well as advertised. The ease in which you can change between settings and have enough power to clean any surface is another plus and collectively, makes this the best vacuum purchase to make.

by Richard Floyd