Neato Robotics Review →Not just a Sweeper but a Vacuum

If you like, a clean environment but you do not have strength to vacuum. Alternatively if are too busy to vacuum your floor. The Neato Robotics XV is an option for you to consider. The manufacturers have created this vacuum with laser-guided technology.

Therefore, this vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning the entire room by itself. You can use it for spot cleaning or multi-room cleaning. You can also schedule your daily cleanings and the robot will get to work when it is time to do the cleaning.

The vacuum features a bigger brush, large dirt bin and impressive filter system. With this filter system, this vacuum cleaner is able to pick more dirt and dust particles and then traps them securely. The particles will not escape from the chambers and infiltrate your home causing you allergies. Read on to know more about this vacuum cleaner.

Neato Robotics Description and Features

Neato XV Signature automatic vacuum cleaner designed to vacuum by itself thanks to its laser-guided technology. With this technology, the vacuum cleaner is capable of scanning, mapping out and cleaning your home. It starts from one end and goes up to another end and then returns to the end where it starts and continues in that manner until it has cleaned your entire home. As a robot, it knows where it started from and where it has not cleaned. It is capable of moving from one room to another, cleaning everywhere while you sit back and have a clean floor. It has a thin design and this makes it possible for it to go under furniture such as bed and dining table to clean them. There is no need to worry about the robot falling from the stairs. It comes with Smart sensor technology that makes it possible for the vacuum cleaner to sense stairs and avoid them. With this feature also, the vacuum cleaner will not bump into furniture or any other fixture in your home.

The beauty of this vacuum is that it can update the map of the room by itself. Therefore, if you have acquired a new item, you do not have to worry because the machine will be able to sense it and add it in its map. As technology is changing, the software is continuously been updated. This should not worry you because the software of this vacuum cleaner is easy to upgrade anytime new software comes out. It features a control centre from you can either push the button for instant multi-room cleaning or spot cleaning. You can also schedule daily from this spot.

Neato Robotics

If are suffering from allergies or asthma, you do not have any problem as the robot moves from one room to another cleaning everywhere. It comes with high performance filters, which are capable of trapping and holding even the finest allergen. Whether you have rug, carpets or hard floors, you should not bother yourself because the Neato XV Signature has strong blade brush, which cleans all types of floors.

Neato XV is equipped with a centrifugal compression impeller that utilizes the principles of jet engine airflow that generate high suction power. With the suction it generates, it can lift any particle from your floor and push it into the dust bin of the system. Whether you have pets or children, with the robot you are sure of having a clean floor. The battery has an impressive runtime. However, whenever it is running out of charge, the robot will move back to its base, recharges itself and then returns to where it starts to complete the cleaning.

The robot vacuum cleaner does not scratch your floor as it moves from one room to another. It features two wheels at both sides, which make it possible for it to move about freely. The wheels are not hard on the floors.

Summary of the Features

Neato XV is really an option for those that have no time to vacuum their home by themselves. However, it is a robot; it has all the features it requires to clean any floor. It can clean even better than the traditional vacuum cleaner. With its centrifugal compression-impeller, it produces enough power to lift any particle in the floor such as pet hair, textile and others. Whether you are in the house or not, leave the cleaning for the robot and it will do it.

Neato Robotics Performance

What I like about the Neato Robotics

  • It offers a very quiet operation. A customer on Amazon has noted that it operates more quietly than his hair dryer and Dyson vacuum cleaner. If you have a pet, the robot will not scare it as it operates because it does not make any noise.
  • It produces enough suction power, which can get rid of any mess on your floor leaving it sparkling. Besides, it is more convenient and comfortable to use than traditional vacuum cleaner. A customer has reported that the canister picks more dust after they might have vacuumed with their traditional vacuum cleaner.
  • You do not have to do anything. All you have to do is to sit back and watch the vacuum cleaner do the cleaning by itself. Choose the schedule cleaning option and go about your business. When it is time, the robot will do the cleaning and recharges itself if the battery runs out.
  • It is the ideal vacuum cleaner to use to clean hard-to-reach areas. Like under your dining table and bed. It senses objects and avoid bumping into them.
  • It has an excellent scanning and mapping sensor, which according to a customer is better than that of Roomba and Samsung.
  • It has a large dust capacity. The robot needs to clean about four rooms before it will be fill.

What I dislike about the Neato Robotics

  • It does not come with side brush. Therefore, as observed by a customer, the robot does not clean corners and edges due to the absence of side brush.

Summary of the Review

Neato Robot XV Signature does the job for people who are too busy to vacuum their homes by themselves. It cleans every type of floor. It does not bumps into anything and can avoid the stairs. Whether you are an allergy sufferer or a pet owner, you will be able to use this vacuum cleaner in your home. However, it is only a robot vacuum cleaner and so you should not have a high expectation from it or expect it to behave like a human being. In general, it is worth buying especially if you do not like vacuuming or you are too busy to vacuum your home by yourself. You can check out the Neato Robot XV Signature at Amazon.


  • Vacuum clean type: residential
  • Vacuum cleaner style: robot
  • Collection type: bagless
  • Dimension: L31.8 x W33.0 x H10 cm (12.5×13.0x4 inches)
  • Weight: 3.9 kg (8.6lbs)
  • Color: black
  • Power type: battery
  • Battery type: NiMH (nickel metal hydride)
  • Battery charger voltage: 110V, 220V
  • Warranty: one-year guarantee
  • Floor type: all types of floors