Numatic HET200 Hetty Review → Cute but Powerful Vacuum

If I told you that one of the best vacuums you’ll ever run across is pink and has a cute little face on the front, you’d probably laugh at me. I understand, because it seems like a ridiculous statement. Numatic’s vacuums have unique “personalities,” but they generally back this up with power that’s hard to beat for the price.  The Numatic HET200 Hetty, also known as “Hetty,” is no exception to this; even if it seems a little silly, Hetty has major power where it counts and can tackle just about any job that you might throw at her. If you’re looking for a great vacuum at a good price, then let me tell you that you’ve just found one.

A Powerful Personality

I’ve seen a few of Numatic’s vacuums and they all seem to have this weird personality to them. One of the most popular is “Henry,” a red canister vacuum with a big friendly smile.  Hetty is essentially a pink version of Henry, adding a female personality to Numatic’s vacuum line. What can I say… it’s cute!

More importantly, though, Hetty has some major power. The vacuum has a two-setting motor that can run at either 1200W (on high) or 600W (on low), so you can adjust your suction power based on your needs. If you don’t need all of that power all of the time, the vacuum’s “autosave” feature can save you money by always starting in low-power mode so that you use less electricity while cleaning. If you need the extra suction, high-power mode is just a switch away.
Numatic HET200 Hetty


Like Henry, Hetty has a built-in handle that makes the vacuum canister easy to carry if you’re cleaning the stairs or taking it into another room. The handle clips into place so you know it’s not going to slip, and then you can hide it away when you’re not using it. The canister itself also has four wheels on it, with two being smaller caster-style wheels near the “face” and the other two being larger wheels at the back.

The canister is compact but houses a decent sized motor, so this adds a little weight to it.  It’s sturdy and well built, but this can be a little bit of an inconvenience when trying to carry it around. I don’t think that it’s too heavy to carry, even when going up or down stairs, but I could see some people having problems with this. It works great on stairs, but if you have problems, lugging the canister around then you might want to pick a different vacuum to keep your stairs.

Improving Air Quality

One of the things that I like most about Hetty is just how well its filtration system works.  The vacuum canister holds up to 9 litres of dirt and dust, and thanks to the filter bags and the built-in filtration system of the vacuum itself, that dirt isn’t going spurt back out into the air again. If you have pets, the vacuum can take care of their hair with no problem as well. It even has some attachments that are perfect for just that.

Changing the bags isn’t that difficult, though it might seem a little tricky at first. Once you get used to the clips, though, you shouldn’t have any problem taking full bags out and putting new bags in without spilling. Given the canister’s volume, you might not have to change bags that often unless you vacuum frequently or clean areas with large amounts of dust and other dirt.

The Little Things

I really like a few other things about Hetty, too. Probably the nicest of these is the cable rewind system, pulling the power cable back into the unit and storing it inside the canister body itself. While it’s not necessarily the top selling point for the vacuum, given the length of the cord it’s a nice feature to have. It also keeps you from having to worry about the cable coming loose or and tangling while the vacuum is in storage.

Another great feature is Hetty’s extra-long flex hose. It’s amazing just how much of an area you can clean while leaving the vacuum canister in one spot. The main vacuum head is adjustable to different heights, so you can even vacuum over different carpet lengths without having to make adjustments on the canister’s settings.


Probably the biggest drawback with the vacuum is that it isn’t always that easy to move it around. Like most canister vacuums, you’re essentially dragging Hetty around as you clean.  The vacuum’s wheels are stable, so you don’t really have to worry about it tipping over. It can be a little bit of a workout, though, because the canister isn’t exactly the lightest that I’ve ever seen on a vacuum. This is more noticeable on deeper carpets, as you’re going to have more resistance trying to pull the canister through deep pile than you would on a short rug.

Another drawback that I almost hate to mention is that sometimes the vacuum works a little too well. If you turn it over to high-power mode especially, the suction sometimes makes it a bit hard to use. This all depends on your carpet, of course, and isn’t necessarily a bad thing because you’re obviously getting a deep cleaning. It’s definitely something to be aware of, though.

To Sum Hetty Up

Having said all of that, the real question is whether Hetty is worth the money? I would say yes, absolutely. The vacuum can be a bit hard to use at times, especially in deep carpet, but it more than makes up for this difficulty with great suction, an amazing reach, and a wonderful filtration system that keeps dust and dirt from spurting out into the air as you clean. You might be able to find a better vacuum out there, but you’ll have a hard time finding a better one for anywhere close to the money you’d pay for Hetty.

by Richard Floyd