Vax Air Cordless Review → Easily Deep Clean Your Home

The Vax Air Cordless is full size vacuum cleaner which can move easily anywhere in the house. This is because it is an upright cordless vacuum cleaner. That is created with cyclonic and WindTunnel 3 technologies. This is for optimal performance and awesome suction. The suction power remains the same from when you start cleaning until you are done.

You can easily carry a lightweight vacuum cleaner up and down stairs. It is a 20V vacuum powered by two Lithium Life battery with a runtime of 50 minutes.

With a six-year guarantee, you will have peace of mind even if the vacuum breaks down. Read on to know more about this vacuum cleaner.

Vax Air Cordless Description and Features

Vax Air provides enough suction to be able to carry out deep clean. Created with WindTunnel 3 technology and equipped with three nozzle channels, Vax Air makes cleaning very easy. You will be able to clean around your house more efficiently without experiencing any suction loss from when you start cleaning until you are done. The vacuum cleaner is capable of delivering constant and powerful suction thanks to the advance cyclone technology used in creating it.

If maneuverability and portability are features that you are looking from a vacuum cleaner, then Vax Air should be an option for you. For enhanced maneuverability and portability during cleaning, Vax created this model of their vacuum cleaner with an air motion technology. This technology makes it possible for the vacuum cleaner to clean around furniture, fixtures and other hard to reach areas around the house. This coupled with its lightweight makes the vacuum cleaner to stand out among others when it comes to maneuverability.
Vax Air Cordless
Vax also equips this model of their vacuum cleaner with a reusable easy-to-rinse filter.  This helps you get maximum performance and maintains the power for cleaning around the house. You can rinse the filter to remove dirt from it so that the vacuum cleaner will not experience any suction loss as you are cleaning. It also has a removable cleaning, which is perfect for easy cleaning up and down the stairs, around the furniture and above the floor. The wand is easy to use for cleaning.

Vax Air is equipped with a large dirt container. With a 1.05 Litre capacity, you will be able to clean for a long time without having the need to empty the dirt cup. The large capacity dirt cup can be very helpful to people that are cleaning homes with large living spaces.

This model of Vax vacuum cleaner comes with two Lithium Life battery. Each of the battery provides a 25-minute runtime. Together, they offer a 50-minute runtime, which is enough for a normal home cleaning task. As you are charging one, you will be vacuuming with the other and when it runs down, you switch over to the second one. The vacuum cleaner features a handy illuminated indicator through which you will be able to know how much power there is in the battery.

Vax Air features cleaning tools suitable for floor and ceiling cleaning. With the removable wand, you will be able to clean your upholstery, furniture, stairs and skirting boards. If you want to vacuum your floor, you can use the multi-floor brush bar, which provides dual speed settings to vacuum different floor types. It also comes with a 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice/upholstery tool, which you can use to clean difficult to reach areas, furniture surfaces, vents and the likes. It also features extra brushroll, which comes with additional soft bristles. You can use this to clean hard floors. It equally has a pivoting dusting tool meant for the cleaning of cupboards and elevated shelves.

Summary of the Features

Vax Air vacuum cleaner is a cordless full size and lightweight upright vacuum cleaner.  That comes with WindTunnel 3 and cyclonic technologies for optimal performance. It offers awesome maneuverability thanks to its steerable design. For a better cleaning result, Vax Air is equipped with a lot of cleaning tools.

Vax Air Cordless Performance

What I like about the Vax Air Cordless

  • It makes vacuuming easy thanks to its impressive suction with dual setting. Besides, it is a cordless vacuum cleaner meaning that there is no distraction or interference by the cord, which can delay cleaning.
  • The two batteries together offer a 50-minute runtime, which is good for normal home cleaning task.
  • The vacuum cleaner stands out among others when it comes to maneuverability.  This is thanks to its steerable design and air motion technology. It is not weighty also and this makes cleaning easy as you will be able to carry it around the home and up and down the stair during cleaning. If you are cleaning with the hand, you will be able to carry the vacuum cleaner with one hand and then hold the wand in the other hand for cleaning.
  • Use it to clean various floor types of surfaces including hard floors and carpets.
  • Its dirt cup is large and easy to remove. You do not have to buy bags always.
  • The user manual is well written and easy to understand.
  • The battery rechargeable system is very efficient.

What I dislike about the Vax Air Cordless

  • It comes with only one storage space for one attachment.
  • A consumer has noted that it does not come with a spare filter. This can be frustrating sometimes because after you have cleaned the filter, you have to wait for 24 hours before you will be able to use it again. This implies that you have to leave your cleaning task until it is dried.
  • The hose attachment does not have a lengthy reach.
  • It comes with 2-in-1 cleaning tool while most other models in the market come with 3-in-1 cleaning tool.

 Summary of the Review

Vax Air full size upright vacuum cleaner is an option for people that are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner. However, there are lighter vacuums on the market as some reviewers have mentioned. Such as Bosch BCH625KTGB which weighs 3kg. However, a weight of 4.6kg will not be too heavy for people with arthritis and back pain to manage. In general, the vacuum cleaner is worth buying because of its impressive performance, maneuverability and lightweight. Vax Air Cordless at Amazon.


Vacuum type: residential

Vacuum style: upright

Power type: battery powered

Floor type: carpets and hard floors

Dust container type: bagless

Dust container capacity: 1.09 litre

Weight: 4.6kg (10.1lb)

Dimension: 87.5H x 32W x D27 cm

Battery charge time: 3 hours

Battery runtime: 50 minutes for both battery

Power: 20V

Hose length: 1.5M

Warranty: 6 years