Vax C89-MA-B Air Review → Clean your Home with Ease

The next-generation multi-cyclonic technology is here to stay. The latest multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaners rely on this technology to improve airflow and force the dust to separate out before it reaches the filter. This helps in maintaining strong suction. The Vax C89-MA-B Air Multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner comes with this path-breaking technology.  What does this signify for a user? Read on to find out.

A compact and reliable bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner

The Vax C89-MA-B Air Multi-cyclonic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is a compact and powerful cleaner. Built to rid your living space of dirt, dust and pollen, the cleaner comes with strong suction capability in an ultra-light cylindrical design.

Vax C89 MA-B Air


Multi-cyclonic technology for impressive suction power

Large 2.5L dust capacity

Compact and lightweight (only 5.6 kgs)

Easy to manoeuvre

Suitable for all floor types

HEPA media filter to reduce allergens

6-year guarantee for complete peace of mind

Tools for vacuuming upholstery and crevices

Ideal for all floor types

Power-packed for impressive results

The cleaner’s multi-cyclonic technology ensures that cyclonic forces accelerate the airflow and separate even the smallest dust particles from the airflow before they reach the filter. This ensures that dirt collects in the container and you do not have to worry about the filters clogging or any loss in suction.  You will not have to rinse the filter frequently to maintain suction power. Each time you turn it on; you get full suction for effective dust pick-up.

The cleaner has 310 watts of suction and the company claims that it has 30 percent more suction than the average multi-cyclonic cylinder. The amazing suction helps in removing even stubborn dirt and debris from your surroundings.

Breathe Easy

Once you have used the Vax C89-MA-B Air Multi-cyclonic cleaner, you will find how easily it delivers on the promise of outstanding pick-up of dirt. This is due to the constant suction power of the cleaner and its multi-cyclonic technology.  You can use the cleaner to glide over carpets, rugs or hard floors and you will find that the suction remains unchanged. Another advantage is that H12 HEPA filtration captures even minute dust particles, pollen and allergens for quick and easy cleaning to provide dust-free surroundings.

The Vax C89-MA-B is easy to handle. It weighs only 5.6kg, making it convenient to lug around effortlessly even on stairs. You also save on storage space and this is an advantage in space-constrained houses and apartments. The positioning of the cleaner’s handle is convenient. You can carry the cleaner in one hand as you vacuum with the other. We also advise you not to let the compact design fool you. The small size of the cleaner does not have any impact on its cleaning performance.

There is also a 6-meter long power cord. This may be slightly less when compared to some other cleaners but it provides a reasonable range of movement, which allows you to manoeuvre around the home. You can avoid frequent unplugging and clean your surroundings with minimal interruption. We also like the automatic cord rewind feature that works well.

The bagless bin features dust capacity of 2.5 litres, which is impressive by any standard since the Vax C89-MA-B Air Multi-cyclonic cleaner only weighs 5.6 Kgs. This reduces the number of times you need to empty the cleaner bin into the waste bin, especially when you are cleaning large spaces. The bin of the Vax C89-MA-B is clear, which enables you to see when the bin is full and requires emptying. It is also easy to empty the bin with the press of a single button. What’s more, you do not have to worry about replacing bags (as in conventional cleaners).

Tools for convenience

The VaxC89-MA-B Multi-cyclonic cleaner also comes with a range of cleaning tools for varying surface types. We like the crevice tool. It is perfect for getting into hard-to-reach places, dusty areas and around furniture. The combination floor head is also useful and you can use it to transition between vacuuming hard floors and carpets. The kit also includes an upholstery tool. You can make use of it to get rid of surface dust on sofas and armchairs. We also suggest you try the dusting brush that works well to prevent scratches on delicate surfaces. You also get a flexible 2.5 metre hose along with a sturdy metal telescopic extension tube, which extends its reach. This makes it convenient to clean curtains, windowsills and high-reach ceilings.

We only miss the option to turn down suction power since the cleaner does not offer variable power. This can be a useful feature when working on delicate surfaces where you would need less suction power. Another drawback we find is that when you need to access the filter, you will need to be careful in unscrewing the side panel. You may find that the side panel falls off the unit and this can be a hassle with regular use.

What’s in the box?

Here is a quick look at what you get:

Vax C89-MA-B air multi-cyclonic bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner
Metal telescopic extension tube
Combination floor head
Crevice tool
Dusting brush
Upholstery tool
Vax guarantee card
Instruction manual

A worthwhile investment

If you have always only used upright cleaners, it may take you a while to get accustomed to using a cylinder one. Once you get started, chances are you will enjoy working this lightweight machine more than you thought. The Vax C89-MA-B is easy to navigate around nooks, crevices and skirting boards. It delivers on its promise of impressive suction ability. The full-size dust container is a good feature and Vax has not compromised on it despite keeping the C89-MA-B light in weight.

The Vax C89-MA-B built to last, comes with a 6-year guarantee, so covered you if anything goes awry with the cleaner. We would have liked the option of a turbo tool and in the absence of this tool, it may not work too well with pet hair. We still think that the features clearly outweigh the flaws and it is still worth your investment. The price helps to tip the balance in favour of the Vax C89-MA-B Air Multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner, especially if you are looking for a compact and efficient cleaner that does its job well.