Vax Energise Vibe Review → Ideal for Hard Floors and Carpets

The new Vax Energize Vibe with its design will offer a complete cleaning solution. It is a powerful bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner.

This model will perform well on both hard floors and carpets. It is also lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to use and store.

It is ideal for homeowners who want to be able to keep their home clean. It comes with lots of tools to clean all surfaces. Read more details about this vacuum cleaner in the following review.

Vax Energise Vibe C86-E2-Be Description and Features

In this section, I will discuss the most important features of this vacuum cleaner

Cleans across different surfaces

Vax have designed the Energise Vibe to clean effectively across different surfaces.  They have achieved this by fitting it with a combination floor head. In addition, it has been fitted with a long five-metre power cord. This enables you to clean without having to plug and unplug at the socket all the time.


This model Vax C86-E2-Be only weighs 6.6 kilograms.  It is both compact and lightweight. This makes it very easy to move it between rooms and up and down the stairs. The power cord also contracts using a button on the back of the vacuum.

Single cyclonic technology

The Vax Energize Boost provides single cyclonic suction. This enables the vacuum to provide continuous powerful suction while cleaning.  As a result, it is easy to clean and maintain your flooring and furnishing.  With the help of the rotating brushbar, it is able to tackle ingrained stains and dirt. This produces a more deep down and more through clean.  Making your floors look like new.
Vax Energise Vibe C86-E2-Be
The vacuum features a HEPA Media filter. This filters the air travelling between your vacuum and the air inside your house.  The filters will trap dust, pollen and other allergens. They can also help to stop pet odours.

Large Dirt Container

The Vax Energise Vibe has a large dust container.  The capacity of the container is a big 2.3 litres.  This large capacity means that you do not need to empty the bin so frequently. Therefore, you can clean larger homes and save time, as it requires less frequent emptying.

How good is it on stairs?

As it is very lightweight and compact to handle it is easy to use on the stairs.  However, it is not a slim model so I prefer not to place it on the tread of the stairs. Instead, place the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs and do the first half of the stairs. Then carry the vacuum to the top of the stairs and vacuum the top half of the stairs.  It is safer this way as there is no danger of the vacuum falling of the step or you tripping on it.  Also For cleaning the stairs, it is best to use the TurboTool. However, you need to buy this tool separately.  The tool is also useful for pet hair, upholstery and cleaning car seats.

Accessories and Tools

The Vax C86-E2-Be Energize Vibe comes fully with a range of tools to help you clean your flooring and furnishings.  The tools include the following, a dusting brush, crevice tool and an upholstery tool. The upholstery tool will remove dust from your furniture.  The crevice tool is good for getting in to awkward areas like skirting boards, stairs and blinds.  In addition, there is the combination floor tool, which can cope with your different floor types.  It comes with a caddy to attach the tools to the handle.

Washable Filter

The vacuum has one pre-motor filter, which is located at the top of the machine.  You can remove this filter, wash it with water, and leave it to dry flat.  After it is dry return the filter to the vacuum.
vax Energise Vibe C86-E2-Be Energy Label

Eco Designed

The design of the vacuum is complies new EU energy regulations, introduced in September 2014.  INSERT HYPERLINK TO ARTICLE.

The performance and energy efficiency of this vacuum appears on an energy label, which has to be now on all vacuum cleaners.  This vacuum has a power capacity of 800 watts and so meets the stricter capacity, which will apply from September 2017.

Vax Energise Vibe C86-E2-Be Performance

What I like about the Vax Energise Vibe C86-E2-Be

  • This vacuum at a RRP of £59.99 is good value for money.
  • Vax designed this vacuum to be eco-friendly.  The wattage is only 800 watts.  Therefore, this will also save you money in energy costs.
  • It is light and easy to carry from room to room and up and down stairs. It is not too heavy for an elderly person to use or if you have disabilities.
  • It is very compact and so easy to store.
  • The suction is very powerful and it pulls up dirt from the floor.  The Vax Energise works very well on hard floor and carpets.
  • Relatively quiet to use
  • Easy to empty, wash and clean out.
  • It comes with a comprehensive set of tools and accessories to carry out the task of cleaning the floors and upholstery.

What I dislike about the Vax Energise Vibe C86-E2-Be

  • Nor really a dislike more an explanation. A few customers have complained that it does not work so well on carpet as it is hard to push.  Vax recommended that when using on carpets to make sure you retract the foot pedal so that the stiff bristle used for hard floor is not catching on the carpet.  This will enable the carpet to guide smoothly over the carpet.  If you have, loose carpets just reduce the suction slightly using the bleed valve on the handle. This will enable the combination tool to move smoothly over the carpet
  • The cable is only 5 metres long. Therefore, it is good to vacuum for one room but you will need to unplug and plug back in if you have to do more than one room. The cable could do with being at least another metre longer.

Summary of the Review

The Vax Energise Vibe is a light and compact vacuum cleaner. It is both easy to store and to carry around your home. The vacuum, designed to work on cleaning all surfaces, both hard floors and carpets. It comes with a good set of tools and accessories.

This is an overall good value for money vacuum cleaner. You can check out the Vax Energise Vibe at Amazon.


  • Type: cylinder vacuum
  • Energy: Class B
  • Power: 800 watts
  • Variable power: No
  • RRP: £59.99
  • Product Dimensions: 31 x 39 x 28 cm
  • Weight: 4.3 Kg
  • Capacity: 2.2 litres
  • Item model number:  C86-E2-Be
  • Part number: 1-1-134142-00
  • Hose length: 1.6 metres
  • Filters: HEPA media filter
  • Electric lead length: 5 metres
  • TuroTool: no
  • Guarantee: 2-year guarantee

Box Contains

Vax Energise Vibe C86-E2-Be

Crevice nozzle

Dusting brush

Combination tool