Vax H86-GA-B Gator Review → A Vacuum Like No Other

I don’t know about you, but keeping my household clean is my top priority. As such, when it became time to purchase a vacuum cleaner a few things came to mind. I started researching a few of the top vacuum cleaners on the market today and came across the Vax H86-GA-B Gator handheld vacuum. It was the perfect cleaner for my specific needs. However, will it be the same for you? You want to consider your specific cleaning needs when choosing the right vacuum cleaner. Be sure to try it at the store before buying it to ensure that you will be able manoeuvre the cleaner comfortably. The Vax H86-GA-B Gator handheld vacuum, to me was definitely a dream come true and then some.

Vax H86-GA-B Gator  Description and Features

The Vax H86-GA-B Gator promises to be the ideal selection for quick home cleaning of accidental dry spills. This can range from small particles such as your kid’s cereal or even biscuit crumps from the table. I know you may be thinking to yourself, ‘that is just perfect, but what about my dirty carpets?’ That is the great thing about the Vax H86-GA-B Gator. It can be used for not only carpets but also upholstery and even your car. Each section of this handheld vacuum cleaner carries its own selection of benefits. Let’s review them together.

vax gator and charger


In terms of appearance, the handheld vacuum cleaner is like no other. It comes equipped with a “gator mouth”, which is an alligator style opening that flips open with a touch of a button. This makes it great for easy cleaning of the device after use. One of the features that I love about the VACUUM is that I can go anywhere with the vacuum cleaner. If I had a carpet on my rooftop, I would be able to use the Vax cleaner to clean up there as well.
As if this wasn’t enough, it comes with a bag less handheld design that is only 15cm by 13cm by 37cm. In regards to colour this vacuum is highly versatile, as I have seen it in white, orange, red, and even a mixture of these colours.


The Vax vacuum cleaner is what you call a lightweight machine. With all of the attachments the vacuum weighs only 1.3kg. This allows for easy transportation and usage. If you are a frequent user of vacuum cleaners then you should know that the lighter the vacuum cleaner is the quicker it cleans.

Tools attachments

The manufactures at Vax created the Gator handheld vacuum cleaner with a retractable Crevice tool that allows for easier cleaning between furniture and within tight spots. This, I must admit, was an extremely smart move as adequately cleaning tight spots has been a main issue for many vacuum cleaners throughout the years.

Power and voltage

The amazing thing about the Vac is that it comes with a rechargeable battery and a cordless design. This cordless design gives you a tangle-free cleaning experience. The Vax charges for 12 hours using 10.8V or 100W of power and comes with one main power setting. I know this may sound like a long time to charge, however, it is just a small price to pay for its amazing cordless features.

Cleaning time

On average, the Gator handheld vacuum cleaner will give you 13 minutes worth of cleaning time.

The motor

The handheld vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a 10.8V motor that provides a decent level of suction. It is not noisy at all and when compared to other vacuum cleaners, its suction level out shines them all.

Dust capacity

In terms of dust capacity, the Vax H86-GA-B Gator handheld is relatively small as it only houses 0.2liters. Surprisingly, this did not cause much of a hindrance, as it is extremely easy to empty and reuse the dustbin.

Performance of the Vax H86-GA-B Gator

What I like about the Vax H86-GA-B Gator

  • The Vax handheld vacuum cleaner is a lightweight and handheld machine, which allows for easy and quick transport and usage.
  • The cordless design of the vacuum cleaner gives you the ability to clean without the cord getting in the way or having to change outlets between rooms.
  • The Vax H86-GA-B Gator handheld vacuum cleaner comes with an extended nozzle that allows you to clean in awkward places.
  • It offers good suction once fully charged.

What I like about the Vax H86-GA-B Gator

  • The Vax handheld vacuum cleaner has a 12 hours charge time for only 13 minutes of usage.
  • Though it may be perfect for small jobs, I would not recommend it for full-scale jobs.

The Verdict

To be painfully honest I really liked the new Vax H86-GA-B Gator handheld vacuum from Vax. It was extremely easy to use, lightweight and handled the little jobs brilliantly. What was extremely close to home for me was that I was able to use it in my car and in awkward hard – to – reach areas within my house such as the creases of furniture as well as the stairs. I would personally recommend the Vax H86-GA-B Gator handheld vacuum cleaner to anyone in need of a portable or handheld, lightweight vacuum cleaner as it was well worth the buy.

by Richard Floyd