VAX VRS2HV Handheld Review → Handles All Small Jobs

When people think about handheld vacuums, they usually think of something that does not do a great job of cleaning all types of debris. Whether it does not have enough suction power, does not have a large enough hole to suck up larger items, does not have a large enough dirt bin, or simply was not made with quality materials, these products have not developed a great reputation. Regardless of why your previous handheld vacuums did not work, the VAX VRS2HV Cordless Vacuum will make you forget about all the negative memories you have about the genre of items. Ideal to clean your car, home, office, and workbench, the VAX VRS2HV is a product that will last for years and will always clean the way you desire. For me, this vacuum was worth the cost because of its suction power and ability to clean all types of surfaces equally.

A Lot of Power Packed into 9.6 Volts

Most handheld vacuums come with the same sized batteries and over time, as expected these batteries begin to break down and with short life. While I expect this to happen over time with the VAX VRS2HV, in my experience through the first eight months of using it, I see no letup happening any time soon. When you buy the VAX VRS2HV, you get a product that has a 15-minute run time. This is perfect for the small cleanup jobs in the workshop, office, or living room. There is a 15-minute charge time, which is ideal for those longer jobs like cleaning the carpets in your car. In addition 0.4 litre, debris capacity, washable filters, and a vacuum that is easy to empty and clean. Vax are the best-selling floor care brand in the country and have developed, tested, and sold products that range in styles from upright and cylinder models, to handheld vacuums and steam cleaners.

Their reputation is something that they do not want to lose and that is why I knew I could trust them with the VAX VRS2HV. In my previous experiences with handheld vacuums, I have found that the battery units tend to burn out and require the purchase of a new battery pack or a new vacuum outright. It is because of this previous experience that I knew better than to leave it plugged in at all times. Even so, after not using the vacuum for several days and not charging the unit, I found that it still had enough battery life and suction power to clean up cracker crumbs on my floor. Some people may say that the battery will be unaffected by being plugged in at all times, but I would argue against this statement and urge you not to do this. I have not experienced this yet, but if the time comes that the battery completely dies and does not hold a charge, then you can simply send your VAX VRS2HV back to the VAX service center and they will make your vacuum work like new again. When you first get the package with your vacuum home, you will notice that the VAX VRS2HV comes with a crevice nozzle that make it easy to get into normally hard to reach areas including between sofa cushions and in your car between the cushions and console. It also comes with a brush that aid in its ability to clean upholstery, stairs, and car interiors. It is also lightweight, weighing just about 1 kg, making it easy to use in any situation.

Best Suction Power in Handheld Vacuum Market

The weight and suction power of the VAX VRS2HV are something that needs discussing. You would expect that getting a vacuum with the suction power like this model would lead to a heavier vacuum. That is not the case. Oftentimes, when a unit is this light, it also does not have the suction power needed to clean everything put in front of it, even hair from dogs and cats. During my time with this vacuum in my closet, I have used it on different types of surfaces including linoleum, tile, and hardwood. I had no issue cleaning any of these floor types with the VAX VRS2HV and while I fully understand that it will never replace my other vacuum, it does a great job of cleaning up accidents and other messes.

No Other Handheld Vacuum Worth the Time

The vacuum market is inundated with different products of different varieties. When you look at purchasing an upright unit, Dyson or Miele are popular brands to look at. When you are looking for something designed to clean everything in front of it including pet hair, dirt, dust, and debris, robotic vacuums from iRobot and Neato are two sought after companies. For those consumers looking to upgrade or replace their current handheld vacuum, you will not need to look any further than the VAX VRS2HV. The reputation of the company is almost enough on its own to warrant the purchase. For me, its usability, durability, and quality craftsmanship make it the perfect vacuum. I have cleaned just about everything with my VAX VRS2HV Cordless Vacuum to be able to trust it to get almost anything. From popcorn and dog food in my kitchen, to screws and wood chips in my workshop, I know now that I can rely on VAX and their entire line of products in the long haul. By being lightweight and reliable for any occasion inside the home or office, I can guarantee that this will be the best product you will ever need to rely on again.