Vonhaus Upright Stick Review → 2 Choices to Clean Up!

In whatever mood one might be, VonHaus Upright Stick and Handheld Vacuum cleaner gives one the choice of using either of its two highly functional features. You can either make it work as a traditional long vacuum cleaner using the extension tube that comes with it. Alternatively have it perform as a handy, handheld vacuum cleaner, serving as a lightweight alternative for dusting and tidying up furniture and curtains.

Product description, Features and How They Work

VonHaus Upright 800w cleaner with HEPA and Sponge filtration is a versatile, flexible cleaner that’s practical to have around the house. Using a supplied extension tube, it works as any traditional cleaner that powerfully sucks in those dirt particles, breadcrumbs, pets’ hair and dust, etc. Without the extension tube one may comfortably hand hold it to do the same kind of cleaning. It’s a 2-pronged cleaning wonder allowing for flexibility in one’s approach to making the home look spic and span. VonHaus Upright Stick

The HEPA and Sponge Filtration System

Designed and fitted with a proprietary technological set-up called HEPA and Sponge filtration System. What it does is to lock-in dust and tiny dirt particles, which would otherwise simply get back into the air as what happens with other vacuum cleaners. This helps immensely in the prevention and spread of germs and bacteria, which can cause simple allergies and infection.

A 0.9L Dust and Dirt Container

A critical part of VonHaus Upright Stick and Handheld Vacuum cleaner is a large 0.9L dirt and dust-storing container. For the most part, because of its big capacity, one need not frequently empty and clean it like in other smaller models. Naturally, this adds to the convenience and timesaving values of the product.

FREE Crevice Tools

Offered Free with a purchase of VonHaus cleaner are crevice tools one uses to reach those nooks, crannies and tight corners of the house.

Key features’ Details

  • The VonHaus Upright Stick and Handheld vacuum cleaner runs on an 800w power. Use as a full length either cleaner, or minus the extension tube, as a handheld cleaner.
  • It’s been designed and produced with the HEPA and Sponge Filtration system
  • It’s get a large 0.9L dirt-storing capacity
  • It comes with free crevice tools
  • It comes too with an extension tube.
  • It has a 6 meter fast-release power cable
  • It has a floor brush with smooth rolling wheels.


  • Whichever way one uses the VonHaus cleaner (as traditional long vacuum cleaner or handheld) it has a strong enough power to get the house cleaned.
  • The HEPA and Sponge Filtration system is great for keeping those germs away.
  • Because of its large dirt capacity, it saves time not frequently emptying and cleaning it.
  • he Crevice tools come Free.
  • The 2-in-1 key feature gives one the freedom of choice.


  • By most people’s standards, the 800w power is strong enough for general cleaning. For some though, this may not be, but if the makers can push this up to, say, 1000w, that would be perfect.


The true wonder of VonHaus Upright Stick and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA and Sponge Filtration is that its manufacturers seemed to have gotten a good insight into what homemakers go through before, during and after cleaning up the house. Its concept of providing one a choice and preference as to how to go about doing the cleaning chore, clearly says, they’ve taken the user’s needs in full consideration. Now, that has tremendous value! This product is practical. It is handy and convenient. It is useful for deep down general or light cleaning of homes, large, medium or small. The choice of using it, either as a traditional long vacuum cleaner or as an easy-to-maneuver, comfortable handheld cleaning tool comes as a well-appreciated and delicious icing on the cake. This VonHaus Upright Stick and Handheld Vacuum cleaner is a wonderful house-cleaning machine.If you cannot decide between buying a big and heavy-duty kind of a vacuum cleaner or a handheld type the VonHaus is an answer.