Wet And Dry Dustbuster Review → It’s Cleaning Made Easy

Unless one has just very recently purchased your house in which case cleaning it would still spell fun and excitement, for most people, especially those busy pursuing their careers or office work or raising children, house cleaning can spell anything but fun and excitement. Most would consider it a tiresome, time-consuming chore. Black and Decker Wet and Dry Dustbuster with its cordless technology and grab-and-go convenience has made home cleaning easier and faster. It’s a high performance, functional machine that makes cleaning around the home no effort.

Product Description, Features And How They Work

Black and Decker Wet and Dry Dustbuster that sucks in wet and dry spills. It’s a handy and useful aid for cleaning around the house as it vacuums and cleans any type of dirt, bread and cookie crumbs, dust, paper shreds, cereals, spilt liquids, etc. One can also use this Black and Decker cleaner in damp and humid areas as bathrooms and kitchens. In fact, it can clean up liquid mess like spilt milk or soda. Black and Decker Wet and Dry Dustbuster This ergonomically designed product makes use of a proprietary lightweight technology system, which makes it easy to carry and handle while providing top performance cleaning functionality. One can feel comfortable using the machine and because it is light, the user would not feel any degree of being tired even after long use. The fact that it does not come with those thick heavy cables of traditional cleaners, which tend to be burdensome has a lot to do with this.

Built-in Thin and Narrow Nozzle and Cleaning Brush

There is a built-in thin nose or nozzle to this Black and Decker vacuum cleaner. This feature makes it easy for the user to reach and clean those tight corners, crevices and nooks around the house. Moreover, this slim nozzle allows the user to poke right into the sofa in-betweens and cushions for a real deep clean. Getting to those cabinet tops and highly hung picture frames and vacuuming them also ceases to be a problem with this cleaner’s thin nose. It has got a cleaning brush designed for easy pick-up of dirt particles and obstinate debris from soft furnishings as if dog has or cat’s hair on carpets, throw pillows and low curtains.

 An Easy-to-remove Transparent, Bagless Dirt Bowl

With this handy and practical machine comes a see-through, bagless, dust and dirt bowl. One simply has to take a cursory look at it to know how big the dirt pile inside is and if it needs emptying and cleaning without wasting any time. Indeed, when it is time to empty and clean the unit, the remove the dirt bowl hold out separately from the main body, shaken out, washed, rinsed, and laid out to dry in the backyard. You do not even have to touch the dirt or dust. This dirt-storing bowl is fitted with its own filters that makes for a thorough and hygienic clean.

An Unobtrusive charging Base

Where space could be an issue, the charging base for this Black and Decker Wet and Dry Dustbuster can save the day for the user because you can set on any counter top or if one prefers, fastened or set against a wall. It will never have to be in the way of anybody in the house.

Feature Details

  • It is a cordless, hand-held vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning of wet and dry spills and dirt around the house.
  • It runs on a 4.8 volt rechargeable power
  • On a full charge, it lasts continuously for 12 minutes.
  • It comes with a charging base on which the unit can be set
  • It’s got a total capacity of 0.5 litres
  • Ergonomically designed for easy, handy use.
  • It comes with a thin nozzle and brush roll
  • Its dirt and dust collector-bowl is transparent, easily removable and washable.
  • The machine works in damp and humid areas.


  • It’s a versatile, hand-held vacuum cleaner perfect for cleaning around the house.
  • It can clean up spilt liquids or vacuum humid, wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • It’s cordless. No troublesome cables to trail the user and limit her movements.
  • The charging base does not eat up space.
  • The dirt bowl is see-through. On the spot, it tells the user to empty and clean or not.


The suction is not too powerful Even when fully charged, it sometimes does not reach the claimed 12-minute running time and loses power sooner.


Because it’s not a powerful vacuum cleaner like the traditional big and heavy ones, this Black and Decker Wet and Dry Dustbuster 4.8 volt can only play second fiddle, specifically suited for light and fast cleaning of small areas. Therefore, if this is to be one’s first and only vacuum cleaner, it most likely will not be able to do the job of real cleaning with total satisfaction, especially around a big house. It would be perfect though serving as one’s 2nd cleaner.


This Black and Decker Wet and Dry Dustbuster are handy to have around the house. It cleans up wet and dry spills, crumbs and dirt. Because it is cordless and light enough to carry, and maneuvered easily. With its features particularly designed to be practical and convenient, it’s useful to have this machine for some light cleaning in one’s place. It can in fact even do a decent clean-up job in damp and humid parts of the house as in bathrooms and semi-wet kitchens. Over all, its grab-and-go convenience features make house cleaning easier for any user.