Zanussi AirSpeed Lite Review →Making Cleaning a Breeze

The ambiance of a home depends on how well you maintain it. Accumulation of dust on the floor or carpets can hamper the beauty of your home. If you have pets at home, you need to clean your home often. If you are allergic to dust, extra care is required in choosing the right cleaning tool. Zanussi AirSpeed Lite Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a good choice for your house cleaning solutions. Not only does it efficiently clean your carpet, floor and surroundings, it is lightweight and very flexible to carry around.

Zanussi AirSpeed Lite Description and Features

Zanussi AirSpeed Lite Multi-Cyclone Vacuum cleaner from Zanussi is a powerful tool. It comes that comes with bag less multi-cyclone technology to clean your home. This product comes in a feel-good colour combination of white and yellow. The design looks great. It encourages you to work with it. With a strong suction, lightweight, multi-cyclone technology, bagless, low price and efficient performance, Zanussi is a good choice to keep your home ambiance clean and healthy. Zanussi Airspeed Lite

Quick Specs

Multi-Cyclone Technology Bagless

  • Light Weight – 4.8 Kgs
  • Large Dust Bin – 2 Litres
  • Hygiene filtration system
  • Strong suction – 180 Airwatts
  • Additional tools for easy cleaning – Crevice nozzle, dusting brush and suction hose
  • Cost-effective price

Multi-Cyclone Technology

Bag less vacuum cleaners are more popular in recent times because they are cost-effective. When you use bagless vacuum cleaners, dust accumulates inside the filter and clogs it. You need to clean the filter frequently. Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaners contain a single cyclone that regulates the airflow. This single cyclone forces 60-70% of the dust into the bin. Zanussi ZAN2000A vacuum cleaner comes with multi-cyclone technology. It contains multiple cyclones that effectively regulate airflow to separate minute dust particles from the filter. Maintenance of the filter is very easy. You need to clean it once in 6-9 months.

No loss of suction

Normally, people tend to go for bagged vacuum cleaners, as they are hygienic. Moreover, they require low maintenance of filter. When the bag is full, suction drops down. However, you cannot monitor it. On the other hand, Zanussi ZAN200A is a bagless vacuum cleaner. All the dust accumulates inside the bin. You can easily know when the bin is full and empty it without any loss of suction. Moreover, this product comes with 180W airwatts to provide strong suction power.

More Hygiene

Zanussi comes with a hygiene filtration system. While the dust forces into the bin, only clean air leaves the cleaner. This product is good for allergy sufferers. If you have asthma or allergy, you can happily use this machine to clean dust areas. It effectively removes pet allergens and dust mites. Moreover, it cleans your carpets and hard floors easily.

Dust Capacity

One of the important aspects to consider while buying a vacuum cleaner is the dust capacity. If the bin is small, you need to make more trips back and forth the bin. Normally, lightweight cleaners come with smaller bins. However, this product comes with a 2L bin size. While it is large enough to hold reasonable dust, it is easy to access, clean and making empty.

Upright vacuum cleaners

Zanussi ZAN200A is an upright vacuum cleaner. As with other models in this category, this product comes with large suction head and rotating brushes. So, cleaning carpeted floors is easy. Long hose and lead lengths enable a quick clean of larger homes. One of the disadvantages of upright vacuum cleaners is the size and weight. They are heavier and difficult to move them. However, Zanussi cleaners come with a lightweight of 4.8 kgs. Therefore, it is easy to move this machine all over your home.


People who suffer with arthritis normally go for lightweight cleaners. When you choose lightweight products, you need to compromise with the dust capacity and hose lengths. However, Zanussi is lightweight. At the same time, it comes with a larger dust capacity, longer hose lengths and powerful suction to clean homes of all sizes.

Bag- less cleaners

As Zanussi comes without a bag, there is no need to search and replace bags frequently. While you save money, there is an environmental benefit as well. Moreover, it is easy to know when the bin is full to empty it without any loss of suction.

 Additional Components

This product comes with additional components like a crevice nozzle that lets you reach tougher cleaning areas. A dusting brush and a suction hose are included to make your cleaning process a breeze. On the down side, it makes slight noise while cleaning the room. The handle is not so strong. You have to hold it carefully while moving it around. The hose keeps coming out if it not properly fixed.

Summary of Review

Zanussi ZAN2000A combines all good features of different models. As it comes with fewer parts, you can easily assemble this product. It is lightweight and at the same time offers a strong suction power. It is bag-less and still uses the multi-cyclone technology to separate dirt and dust from the airpath. It does not clog your filters. Moreover, it is hygiene. With a large dust capacity and lengthy lead, you don’t have to run to and from the bin often. The lead length is long enough to clean an entire flat with ease. Cleaning large floors is easy and quick. You can easily clean hard-to-reach areas by attaching the crevice nozzle or the dusting brush. This product perfectly suits older people and younger ones equally. Zanussi AirSpeed Lite Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner delivers what it promises. It efficiently cleans hard floors and carpets. It offers great value for your money. The customer service is very good. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.
by Richard Floyd