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New EU Regulations on Vacuum Cleaners from 1 September 2014

New EU regulations have come in force for Vacuum Cleaners from 1 September 2014. These rules designed to cut energy use. Most of the discussion in the press has focused around the new rule that vacuum power will be limited to 1600 watt from 01/09/14.  From that, date manufacturers will not be able to make […]

Dyson DC41 Animal Review → Revolutionary Vac for Pet Hair

Upright vacuum cleaners are a great way to keep your floors clean and free from dust, dirt, allergens and pet hair. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can effectively reduce household allergens, we recommend you look at what the Dyson DC41 upright vacuum cleaner has to offer. The Dyson advantage – Revolutionary […]

Vax C89-MA-B Air Review → Clean your Home with Ease

The next-generation multi-cyclonic technology is here to stay. The latest multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaners rely on this technology to improve airflow and force the dust to separate out before it reaches the filter. This helps in maintaining strong suction. The Vax C89-MA-B Air Multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner comes with this path-breaking technology.  What does this signify for […]

Sebo x4 Extra Review → the Best Vacuum I have Ever Owned!

The SEBO X4 EXTRA Automatic Upright Vacuum is definitely something to consider if you are looking to purchase an effective, efficient and easy to use machine that will last. This exceptional vacuum does its job well. It is much easier to use than many would perceive it to be by just looking at it. Its bulkiness […]

Vax W90-RU-P Rapide Ultra 2 Review → Unbeatable Cleaning

Dirt Devil DDCYL1 Review → Built For Super Cleaning

When it comes to purchasing things for your house, you need to consider the size of the equipment, gadget or tool. Ideally, you do not want one that occupies too much space, especially if your house is full or small sized. Then again, you need a clean house or room where you can live or […]