Black and Decker VH780 Dustbuster Review

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Richard Floyd

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On June 7, 2014
Last modified:October 4, 2014


An efficient and economically prices handheld vacuum

The Black & Decker VH780 DustBuster can be used on many different surfaces. It’s cyclonic power and. performance gives it stronger and more lasting suction.

As then vacuum is bagless it is easy to empty and clean. In addition it can be use a a blower outside to clear leaves or used to inflate air beds and paddling pools. Include 14 piece accessory kit for all your cleaning tasks.

So, while it’s not a substitute for a regular hoover, the Vh780 is much better than a rechargeable handheld, and well worth the money.

Black and Decker VH780 Dustbuster Description and Features

What can you use it for

The Black and Decker vh780 is designed for small cleaning jobs when you cannot be bothered to take out your main Hoover. But it is powerful enough to consider using instead of your main vacuum. Your main vacuum can sometimes be heavy to take out and bangs into the furniture when using.

The vacuum is great for getting right up to the edge of carpets and flooring, no more scraped skirting’s. It is also great for getting into those hard to reach places, which an ordinary hoover cannot.

The Black and Decker VH780 is very good for cleaning the car using the long connector with floor attachment.

You can use it to clean out light fitting which have got dirty and full of dead insects. I was able to complete this task using the crevice tools and extension tubes.

If you have a small flat, you can just about use this vacuum, as you’re only vacuum. Not only using it for small pickups of crumbs but also using it to clean your carpet. Because of its power and the full range of attachments, it has the capacity to perform as a full sized vacuum cleaner.

The Black and Decker vh780 can be used for cleaning small areas. But suitable for cleaning bedsits so may be suitable for a student to use

Some customer brought this to use when cleaning their boat. Rather than just using a brush and dustbin. They needed something small to store, this is the size of a small iron and did not take up much space.

In blower mode, use it to clean leaves and light debris from your garden. The Black and Decker VH780 comes with three different attachments. The attachments will blow up airbeds and balloons.


The Black and Decker vh780 comes with a 14 piece accessory kit for all your cleaning tasks. The kit includes tools for awkward to get to areas and overhead cleaning. The accessories include soft and hard extension tubes and a floor head. This enables you to convert the vacuum into a stick vacuum to use on carpets, wooden floors and stairs. With the extension, you can reach hard to get to areas like clean cupboard top and light shades. You can also convert the attachments into an upholstery brush or as a pump to blow up air beds.

The Black and Decker vh780 comes with an on board crevice tool which can reach hard to get to areas like the back of the sofa. There is a cleaning brush, which can pick up dirt and hair from soft furnishing. There is a short bristled upholstery brush but you could also do with a longer upholstery brush. Finally there is a string bag to store all the attachments.


The vacuum has two filters built into it, a plastic filter which acts as the main filter and a secondary filter which is flimsy and concertina like in design. You can buy a little brush to clean the filter. The vacuum has a clog indicator which alerts you to when the filter needs cleaning to enable you to maintain optimum performance. The plastic in the filter is very easy to clean with a bristle brush. The filter does tend to get clogged rather quickly. But the filter can be taken out and cleaned regularly.

The filter in some cases may be blocking frequently because customers are using the vacuum as a replacement for their main vacuum, when it is designed for just doing small jobs. Because I only use the vacuum cleaner for small, quick jobs, I can generally get away with not cleaning out the filter for a week.


The Black and Decker VH780 is powerful for its size. More powerful than battery hel handhelds. Which are never as powerful ad those handheld which use mains power. Also you can never get new batteries to replace the old ones that have died. The suction is good and as it does not use batteries it does not run out in 5 or 6 minutes. So it is able to cope with doing a whole run of stairs.

Dust Container

The Black and Decker VH780 has a transparent bowl to collect the dust so you can tell when it needs emptying. so you can always see when it needs emptying. to empty just release the quick release catch. Which empties all the dirt from the bowl into your bin. The bin does not hold a lot but it is only meant to be a handheld vacuum.

The vacuum is compact and does not take up much space. The power main lead is long approximately 6 metres and when not in use can be wrapped around the base.

Black and Decker VH780 Dustbuster

What I like about the Black and Decker VH780 Dustbuster

The Black and Decker vh780 is small enough to store it on a shelf.

It has a powerful 780w motor with strong suction.

As the Black and Decker VH780 runs from the mains it is more powerful than battery charged models. In addition, you do not have to worry about short running times.

The vacuum will complete general cleaning tasks around the home. It Also in blower mode it will clean up debris in the garden but also to inflate airbeds.

As it is bagless you do not have to buy replacement bags.

What I dislike about the Black and Decker VH780 Dustbuster

It is not cordless so does have a does have a power lead which can sometimes get in the way when you are cleaning.

The filter does tend to clog up easily but it is easy to clean. Best to buy a spare filter, which you can swap out and clean, while using the second filter in the vacuum.

The accessories can sometimes be a little difficult to attach to the vacuum. As the adapter that you use to attach can get a bit stuck.

It would be better if the instructions were a little more helpful. It takes a while to figure out how to use the accessories.

The Black and Decker VH 780 can get very hot after 10 to 15 minutes work. But it is probably only meant for quick jobs.

The vacuum when you have first switch it on gives a bit of a kick so you need to keep hold of it tight.


Power 780w
3 stage filtration
Airflow 1911ltr/min
370ml dust capacity
Power lead 6metres

What’s in the Box?

1 – Black & Decker VH780 DustBuster
14 – Accessories
Instruction manual

An efficient and economically prices handheld vacuum