Bosch Power Silence Review: Silent but Effective Vacuum Cleaning

Have you ever been awakened by the loud noise of vacuum cleaners in the morning? Yes, they can be annoying, especially when you were up late and woke up hung-over. Say goodbye to waking up early with the Bosch Power Silence Vacuum Cleaner. Now, you can stay asleep while other members of the household clean the house. This product is a dream-come-true to parents who were up all night taking care of their little one and to students who stayed up late studying for an exam.

 Bosch Power Silence Description and Features

Bosch Power Silence is a powerful product that boasts as the quietest vacuum cleaner in the market. It produces lesser intrusive noise compared to other cleaners and includes a nozzle that runs smoothly on carpets and laminate surfaces. You can use it any time without disturbing anybody. It is also lightweight at 6.4 kilograms on an empty state. This vacuum has innovative materials that optimise airflow and sound accessories for a whisper-quiet vacuum clean. The Bosch Power Silence includes a number of product features and benefits that you will surely enjoy. It has a lot of room for dust.  Also a long reach from the power socket, making it a very recommendable vacuum cleaner.

bosch power silence vacuum cleaner

  •  Hepa filtration system. This feature prevents dust particles from piling up and holds them on the filter for easy cleaning.
  • Sensor bagless technology and rotation clean system. With these two combined features, the Bosch Power vacuum cleaner becomes an optimum performance vacuum.
  • Long lasting washable filters. You do not need to buy replacements, helping you save money.
  • Robust AirTM system. Combined with high-tech material and large diameters, this feature allows for high airflow facilitating the picking up of the dust.
  • 50% energy-saving compressor motor saves 50% of energy. With this special feature, you are able to save on your costs and help the environment.  

Other useful features include a 3 litre dust capacity, dust container, different suction controls for all types of surfaces, ergonomic grip handle, telescopic tubes, storage aids, cable rewinds automatically, 11 mm operating radius, and easy-steer  wheels for free movement. This product also includes an upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle and removable furniture brush.

Smooth and Quiet

The Bosch Power Silence Cleaner is perfect for use around your house. The machine hosting an especially designed 1200W compressed motor.  This gives comparable performance to a vacuum cleaner of 2400W, while remaining as quiet as possible with only an operating noise of 66dB. With a washable double HEPA 13 filter, it can pick up even the finest dust particles to give you a clean and hypoallergenic environment. It also features a bagless technology that takes the hassle out of vacuum cleaning. It has 3.9 litres of dust space and a handy indicator that tells when it needs emptying. Lastly, it allows you to deal with every corner of your house with its diverse suctions and height-adjusting floor.

Easy Vacuum Cleaning

The Bosch Power Silence Vacuum Cleaner has a bunch of helpful features such as a crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, and dusting brush to help you clean awkward areas. These additional features can be stored inside the device for the ultimate storage saving experience. It also includes an 8-meter cable that allows you to clean more areas in your house in one use and a metal telescopic tube to help clean hard-to-reach areas.

Less Air Noise and Intelligent Self-Cleaning

The device has an aerodynamic airflow multilayer design that provides reduced air noise from the vacuum cleaner. It also involves Sensor Bagless Technology, an automatic and clever self-cleaning system.  That makes sure you get a lifetime of optimum performance from the product.

 High-tech Filter Materials

The Bosch Power Silence Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner becomes better with high-tech filter materials that extends the lifespan of the product and makes cleaning more easily and quickly.

Compressor Technology

The product includes aerodynamic fan wheels that helps the compressor motor provide you with impressive airflow and reduce air resistance. You can also experience a more thorough vacuum cleaning that lowers your level of energy consumption, saving you a lot of energy and money.

Top Cleaning Performance

Lastly, it uses a Robust Air System, which is the secret behind the deep cleaning performance of the device.


For a bagless cylinder container, the Bosch Power Silence is reasonably priced. It is absolutely a good investment. It has a large capacity and, most impressively, the quietest cleaners in the market. Thanks to Amazon UK, you can conveniently purchase this item and avail of the free delivery around the country. You can even buy it with Bosch / Siemens  Universal Turbo Brush for a discounted price.

Pros and Cons

What I like most about the Bosch Power Silence Bagless is its very quiet yet high performance. It does not sound like a hurricane when in use, leaving other members of my family at peace. It also has different suctions that I can use to match the surface I am cleaning. The unit is well constructed and is durable. The only drawback is it is heavier than other vacuum cleaners I have used. Otherwise, it is flawless.

 My Verdict

The Bosch Power Silence Vacuum Cleaner is an impressive product. If silence is the most important thing to you, then this is the best vacuum to suit your needs. It works very well and lives up to its name as one of the quietest vacuum cleaners in the market. If you also purchase the turbo brush, you will have a very quiet and very powerful vacuum cleaner. Overall, I would recommend it to those who long for a quieter and more effective cleaning experience. Check out the Bosch Power Silence Vacuum Cleaner at Amazon. by Richard Floyd

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linda  on February 22nd, 2016

try to find the tools for my vibe engersia it a year old i need the pipe to atach to the to bottom what clean floor please let me know if i can buy it