Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Review → Easily Store Your Machine

Are you looking for a compact vacuum cleaner with the performance of a full size type? If the answer to the above question is yes, what you are looking for may be the Dyson DC26 multi floor compact vacuum cleaner.

Though this vacuum cleaner is small, it cleans perfectly well like a full size vacuum cleaner. It comes with a floor tool that features anti-static fiber brushes for getting rid of even the finest dust particles from your hard floors. It is an option for people that have limited storage spaces in their home.

Just like other vacuum cleaner from Dyson, DC26 has root cyclone technology. In addition, there are enhanced features including a HEPA filter to ensure that it delivers good results. Read on to know more about this vacuum cleaner.

Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Description and Features

This is the smallest and lightest canister vacuum cleaner from Dyson. One thing that will surprise you when you get your order is the weight of this vacuum cleaner. It weighs only 12 lbs. if you have arthritis you will be able to clean with this vacuum cleaner. However, its small size and lightweight does not affect its performance. When you start cleaning with this vacuum cleaner, you will be surprised at its performance or the level of suction the motor generates. This Dyson comes engineered to perform as a full size vacuum cleaner thus can serve as a replacement for it.

It comes with a carbon fiber brush bar. The unit will clean a number of surfaces including delicate surfaces. When you want to clean a delicate surface, you only have to turn off the carbon fiber brush bar. The brush bar is also able to remove fine dust from hard floors. This is due to its ultra-fine carbon fiber filament that lessens static. However, if you are working on carpets, you can make use the stiff nylon bristles. This is able to remove ground-in dirt from carpets. The air driven turbine powered brush bar is ideal for short pile carpets and hard floors. When the machine is not used, its floor tool clicks into its back.
Dyson DC26 Multi Floor
The unit maneuvers excellently and so y will be able to clean hard-to-reach areas and narrow gaps. For enhanced cleaning result, the machine is equipped with a combination brush/crevice tool and stair tool. Therefore, whether you want to clean your stairs, car, upholstery or floors, this vacuum cleaner can be of use to you.
Dyson DC26 Multi Floor
It does not just remove fine particles and allow them to escape back to the floor no matter how tiny they are as it is the case with some conventional bagged vacuum cleaner. It works with a cyclone, which spins debris lifted from the floor and then throw then inside the dustbin of the vacuum cleaner allowing only pure air to escape. Besides, it is equipped with HEPA filtration. With the cyclone technology and washable HEPA filter, there is no possibility of fine dust escaping. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has endorsed it for use of people with asthma and allergy. The vacuum cleaner is also able to pick pets and human hairs.

The machine is very easy to clean. The motor is located at the center of the unit. This reduces drag weight and with this arrangement, the machine becomes very easy to pull. Despite its small size, the power cord is still very lengthy even lengthier than some those of full size vacuum cleaner like that of DC39 multi floor canister. The cable is not just lengthy but also lighter and rewind able.

Like other Dyson vacuum cleaner, this vacuum cleaner comes with transparent dustbin. As you are cleaning with it, you do not need any indicator to know when to empty it. Just look at the dustbin, you will see the amount of dirt collected. Evacuating the bin is no big deal at all. The debris lifted from the floor will empty just at the press of a button. There is no risk of coming in contact with dirt.

Summary of the Features

Though DC26 multi floor vacuum cleaner is a compact canister, it has features that enable it to perform like a full size vacuum cleaner. Created with the cyclone technology and equipped with high performing motor that is able to generate high suction. With its washable HEPA filter, you will have rest of mind that the vacuum cleaner will not expose you to allergy/asthma causing dust particles.

Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Performance

What I like about the Dyson DC26 Multi Floor

  • One aspect of this sized down vacuum cleaner that most reviewers have commended is its awesome filtration system with washable HEPA. It has been certified asthma and allergy free by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The HEPA filter is able to capture and retain very tiny particles.
  • It offers impressive suction. It can serve as a replacement for a full size vacuum cleaner thanks to the level of suction the engine is able to produce. If you have this vacuum cleaner, you do not need to have a full size vacuum cleaner in order to achieve the level neatness you want whether you are cleaning a small apartment or large apartment.
  • Its lightweight makes its very easy to use. You will be able to carry it up and down your stair or clean all the rooms in your home with it. The vacuum is suitable for both for short and long term cleaning. It is good for spot cleaning as well. It will not constitute any problem for you to drag it along your home during cleaning.
  • Use on various types of floors. Whether you have hard floors, carpets or rugs, you will be able to clean you home with this vacuum cleaner.
  • It is easy to store. Its compact size means that it will not take up much space from your storage room or closet. It is therefore a value for people that have little space in their homes.

What I dislike about the Dyson DC26 Multi Floor

  • The vacuum cleaner does not have multiple suction power levels to suit different surfaces.
  • It does not offer an impressive quiet operation as noted by some reviewers in their various feedbacks.
  • It is as expensive as a full size vacuum cleaner even though it is a compact size vacuum cleaner.
  • The bin of this vacuum cleaner is very small and this means that you have to empty it several times before completing your cleaning. This can constitute distraction to some people.

Summary of the Review

This is a small sized vacuum cleaner for any person that prefers the high suction level and performance of a full size vacuum cleaner but does not have enough storage space in his home. It offers a perfect cleaning result on a number of surfaces such as hard floors, furniture, carpets, area rugs, curtains and others. However, it offers only one level of suction. Therefore, you may have problem cleaning some objects. You may consider buying this product if you are lacking space in your home. It is also suitable for families that have children, for spot cleaning. You can check out the Dyson DC26 multi floor at Amazon.


Vacuum cleaner type: residential
Vacuum cleaner style: canister
Vacuum size: compact
Weight: 12.0 lbs.
Cyclone technology: root cyclone
Ball movement: Nil
Cleaner head technology: carbon fiber floor tool
Floor type: all
Maximum reach: 26.2ft
Cord length: 16.4 ft.
Hose length: 10.0 ft.
Retractable cord: yes
collection type: bagless
Cleanerhead width: 8.25 inches
Suction: 160 AW
HEPA filter: yes (washable)
Warranty: 5 years