Dyson DC59 Handheld Review → Get Rid of Dust from all Floors

Dyson DC59 Animal Digital Slim Handheld is a cordless vacuum cleaner. That delivers better cleaning result than most full size vacuum cleaners. This is thanks to its high suction. As you are cleaning, you will not experience any interference from a trailing cord.
DC59 features a direct-drive Dyson V6 motor. This motor is capable of producing high suction. It does not require any belt in order to spin. It does not lose any suction thanks to the two tier radial cyclones technology used in creating it.

It comes with an easy-to-recharge battery that has an appreciable runtime. This vacuum cleaner is an option for you, if you are looking for a flexible and lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Dyson DC59 Animal Slim Handheld Description and Features

Dyson DC59 is a cordless vacuum cleaner that features a direct-drive motor contained in the brush bar of its motorhead. This arrangement helps to centralize the weight distribution. It generates 75 percent more suction than its sister model DC59 Animal. This is thanks to its direct drive motor and 1.5 times more power than DC44 and DC35. The direct drive motor spins at a very fast speed of 110,000 times per minute. With such a suction, you will be able to clean and eliminate any dust particles from your floor including carpet.

The nylon bristles of the brush bar clean carpet and hard floors very well. It is capable of removing ground-in dirt dust particles. In case you want to do tough cleaning task, you will find the mini motorised tool useful. If you have stairs in your home, Dyson DC59 is a suitable option for you. It comes with a motorised head, which you use to clean the stairs. This tool attaches directly to the machine.
Dyson DC59 Animal handheld
The battery and charging system of the unit are simply excellent. First, it features a docking station for keeping the unit when it is on charge. The docking station is able to hold two additional attachments. A re-engineered nickel battery powers it. The battery takes only 3.5 hours to recharge and delivers power continuously for 24 minutes. This DC59 motorhead features a run-time enhancing trigger. Though some people may not appreciate the trigger because they have to press on it during cleaning, it does not allow any waste of power. It will only deliver power when you press on the trigger. However, it will stop delivering power when you remove your hand from the trigger. You can stretch yourself, answer a call, stop shortly to look around to see how the cleaning is going and do other things without losing any bit of power. You utilise all the power because it can only work when you press on the trigger.
Dyson DC59 Animal Digital Slim Handheld
The bin is very hygienic to empty. You do not touch it with your hand. It releases the dirt at the push of the button, which you can access from any side of the vacuum.

The vacuum cleaner is very flexible and easy to clean with thanks to its low weight. Besides, it comes with a very low profile cleaner head. This makes it possible for users to clean hard to reach areas, under the furniture such as bed and table. You can fully recline the unit in order to make it lay flat on the floor. This enables you to clean narrow areas and under the furniture. Besides, its frame is very long and so you can clean the ceiling and walls with it.

It is capable of capturing and retaining fine dust offering enhanced airflow thanks to its two tier radial 15 cyclones.

Summary of the Features

As a portable and lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner, it comes with features required to clean around the house. Its direct drive motor delivers more power than even some conventional vacuum cleaner. The motor head, which houses the brush bar, is suitable for cleaning of carpets and hard floors. You can clean a number of surfaces such as ceiling, walls, cottons and your vehicles with this vacuum cleaner thanks to its features.

Dyson DC59 Animal Slim Handheld Performance

What I like about the Dyson DC59 Animal Slim Handheld

  • It is easy to clean with thanks to its lightweight. You can easily move around home with a weight of 4.9 lbs. The weight becomes lighter when you want to clean the stairs. Just attach the motorized head meant for stair cleaning. The absence of cords and bags makes the vacuum cleaner very easy to use.
  • The vacuum strongly made to last up to 20 years. Therefore, if you buy it, you may not require any portable vacuum cleaner again.
  • It has a beautiful and slim design. With its low profile, you will be able to clean hard to reach areas.
  • It is suitable for occasional and spot cleaning thanks to its lightweight.
  • It is hygienic p to empty or evacuate the bin.

What I dislike about the Dyson DC59 Animal Slim Handheld

  • The battery runtime is not good for cleaning many spaces. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean for a longer time. If you have many living spaces in your home, then this vacuum cleaner is not an option for you.
  • The dust container is not large. Even with a small runtime, you have to empty the bin many times before completing your cleaning. A customer in Amazon has complained that she has to empty the dustbin for four times for 18 minutes cleaning. In other words, for every 5 minutes cleaning, you have to empty the bin.

Summary of the Review

Dyson DC59 Animal Handheld comes with a direct drive motor. This motor spins at a very high speed and thus is able to deliver good suction for cleaning carpets and hard floors. Despite its high suction, its battery does not last long. Therefore, it is only an option for you if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for spot cleaning or for a few minutes cleaning around the house. It is not a replacement for a conventional cleaner. As for offering a perfect cleaning result, the Dyson DC59 Motorhead remains unbeatable. A customer on Amazon noted that Hoover did not come close to this model of Dyson in both cleaning power and ease-of-use. You can check out the Dyson DC59 Animal Handheld at Amazon.


  • Vacuum cleaner type: residential
  • Vacuum cleaner style: handle/upright
  • Vacuum cleaner collection type: bagless
  • Bin capacity: 0.12 gallons
  • Weight: 4.9 lb.
  • Dimensions: 8.2H x 48L x 9.8W
  • Cleaner head: carbon fibre
  • Suction power: 100 airways in boost mode and 28 airways at standard power
  • Power type: rechargeable nickel battery
  • Battery runtime: 24 minutes
  • Charge time: 3.5 hours