GTech AirRam Pink Review

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Richard Floyd

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On March 1, 2014
Last modified:October 26, 2014


Best item brought ever!

The GTech AirRam Pink  claims that it will change the way you vacuum your home forever by making you cleaning faster, easier and more convenient.

The vacuum actually does changes the way you vacuum. Because it is so, light to use and you do not have to set it up. You therefore tend to clean more frequently than before.

The GTech AirRam Pink is cordless but the cleaning performance matches that of mains upright vacuum cleaners.

Running costs are 1/20th of some mains powered vacuum cleaners. You no longer have to worry about trailing cords getting in your way. You do not have to drag a heavy motor around with you. No dust everywhere when you empty the dust bag.

GTech AirRam Pink Description and Features

The Gtech AirRam Pink is easy to assemble you just need to push the handle into the body and then attach the battery.

With the Gtech AirRam Pink you start to vacuum daily as you can vacuum the ground floor in less time than it took to take the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard. Before I hated getting the vacuum out and having to plug in and plug out all over the house. Now I can just nip around the house cleaning, as it is so light.

It is very easy to just pick up and use, which means you use it more frequently and the house is cleaner.

gtech airram pink showing dust cannister
Because of its size and being so light, you no longer have the chore of carrying the main vacuum upstairs to clean.

In addition, there is no more tripping over or getting wrapped up with the cord.

The Gtech AirRam Pink picks up like a Dyson but much lighter and easier to use. The vacuum is effortless to use and picks up everything. It is good at picking up dogs and cats hair easily. Many vacuum cleaners have claimed to pick up dog hairs but none has been as effective as the Gtech AirRam.

The vacuum is excellent if you suffer from back problems. This is because it is so light and easy to manoeuvre.

The Gtech AirRam Pink vacuum is well constructed and versatile. It is very effective at dust and debris removal from carpets and tilted floors. This vacuum will match the performance of other mains powered upright vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleans equally well on both hard floors and carpet. Able to clean both hard floors and carpets with no adjustment required.

The Gtech AirRam Pink dust container is easy to empty. You know it is ready to empty when the vacuum no longer picks up dust and dirt from the floor. I found it best to empty the dust container and give the filters a bit of a clean at least weekly.

The Gtech AirRam Pink has a very low profile, which allows you to vacuum under furniture. The handle will go right down to the horizontal position while hovering so is able to go under low lying furniture like sofas.

The battery takes about four hours to charge. When fully charged it gives you about 40 minutes running time. The charge will last for several days and quickly recharges. You can either remove the battery when in use or just leave it on the vacuum. The vacuum will stand on its own when recharged in the wall socket.

A Lithium ion professional grade battery powers the Gtech Airram vacuum. You no longer need to buy bags or empty messy canisters full of dust. The motor creates the power for the brush bars to lift dust and dirt from the floors. The motor also powers a fan that drives AirRam. The AirRam compacts the dust and dirt into small bales, which you can dispose of in your waste bin.

The AirRam saves you energy by compressing all the dust and dirt into bales. Achieves this at only four centimetres above floor level, just above where the dust enters the vacuum. The Gtech AirRam is not wasting energy sucking the dust up through tubes in to cyclones.

You can even talk to your Gtech AirRam Pink onboard computer using USB. With your PC, you can check on the electricity saved and the state of the FUEL system. You can get cleaning information and support from Gtech AirRam staff.

GTech AirRam Pink Performance

What I like about the GTech AirRam Pink

The Gtech AirRam Pink is cordless, light and easy to manoeuvre. Which means you can vacuum daily rather than periodically.

The AirRam technology compresses dirt and dust into bundles, which are easy to dispose of.

It is Pink!

The Gtech AirRam Pink saves you a lot of energy. As an example a 2400w mains vacuum will cost around £210 in electricity over a period of 5 years. The AirRam will only use £8 in the same period.

There is a power indicator, which tells you how much power you have left before you need to recharge.

What I dislike about the GTech AirRam

The AirRam waste bin fills up very quickly but it is easy to empty and reassemble.

There are no onboard tools available. It does need some attachments to clean the stairs.

The vacuum is not very good at cleaning thick rugs as my more heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.

As with all vacuums, there is a problem with things getting caught wound around the brushes as they rotate.

The Gtech AirRam Pink is easy to use on stairs except when they curve and it is difficult to get to the awkward corners.

It is expense but is light and easy to use so out performs other vacuums.

Summary of Review

This vacuum is so convenient to use daily as a second vacuum. The Gtech AirRam Pink can be the sole vacuum where there are no thick carpets or you need to clean infrequently.

Cannot really fault the Gtech AirRam Pink, I wish had gone out and brought one earlier. Best money I had spent in a long time. You can check out the GTech AirRam Pink at Amazon.

GTech AirRam Pink – Specifications

Boxed Product Weight 11 Kg
Item model number AR03
When fully charged has 40 minutes running time
Lightweight 3.5kg (7.7lbs)
5-year guarantee

What’s in the Box?

1 – Gtech AirRam Pink Cordless Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.
1 – Fast Charger
1 – Battery
1 – Product Manual
1 – 5 Year Guarantee

Best item brought ever!