Hoover Smart TSM2005 Review

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Richard Floyd

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On March 2, 2014
Last modified:October 26, 2014


A powerful hoover at a low price

The Hoover Smart TSM2005 is part of the Smart range of vacuum cleaners from Hoover. The Hoover Smart TSM 2005 is a powerful cylinder vacuum cleaner.  It is very easy to use and lightweight in design.

This is a powerful vacuum cleaner.  Which because of its low price is good value for money. The Hoover is a quality product at a reasonable price. The Hoover Smart TSM2005 includes large handles for carrying. The dustbin is easy to empty and has a auto retractable cord.

Hoover Smart TSM2005 Description and Features

The Hoover Smart TSM2005 is suitable for cleaning all hard floor surfaces and carpet.

The Hoover Smart TSM 2005 has a couple of nice design features. Firstly there is a first a large U shaped handle.  That you can pull up to carry the Hoover. In the down position, the handle acts as a foot switch to rewind the power cable. A good quality product.  Particularly as Hoover has used metal extension tubes rather than cheaper plastic ones.

This is a powerful cleaner with 2000w of power and suction power of 260 airwatts.

hoover smart tsm2005 cylinder vacuum cleaner

The vacuum is easy to use, lightweight and easy to store. It easily comes apart and you can then store it in small places.

The Hoover Smart TSM2005 comes with anti allergy Hepa filters. These filters trap airborne allergens including pet allergens and pollen. The filters are reusable and washable.

The Hoover Smart comes with a range of accessories.  The accessories including 2 in 1 dusting brush and a crevice tool for nooks and crannies. I have a conical rubber adapter.  This adapter allows you to use attachments left over from previous cleaners. The dusting brush is great for cleaning skirting boards.

The Hoover is great for vacuuming the stairs. This is because you can collapse the pole down. However, because they are plastic they can sometimes slip out.

The dust container has large handles so it is easy to remove it to empty.

Easy to pull along and pick up and carry. Come with retractable cord.

Very robust can take a few knocks.

Hoover Smart TSM2005 Performance

What I like about the Hoover Smart TSM2005

The Hoover Smart TSM2005 is an easy to use vacuum cleaner.  It also has good suction power.

Designed well and is easy to carry around the house.

Easy to get spare parts as it’s a Hoover.

What I dislike about the Hoover Smart TSM2005

The Hoover Smart TSM2005 is probably better for those smaller jobs.  As it as may lack the power for larger jobs.

The hover is a bit noisy but not unduly so. The noise is mainly due to the 2000W motor.

Some customers have complained that it is heavy to pull around the floor.  Also that the power cable is a short.

This model is not so good for picking up pet hairs. It may therefore be worth investing in the Hoover Smart Pets vacuum.

One problem with the dust collector is that when you empty it dust sticks near the opening. Unfortunately I think this is due to static so there is not much you can do about this.

Not so good if you are tall as the upright section tubes do not adjust very high.

The extension pipe that fits onto the flex hose can sometimes come loose.

There is only one attachment supplied the hoover could do with more.
It’s a bit cheap looking with the tubes made of plastic.

The one tool you get with it fits on the back of the vacuum but does not fit very well as it often slips off.

Summary of Review

The Hoover Smart TSM2005 cylinder vacuum cleaner is a low price but powerful Hoover. Because of this, it represents good value for money. You can check out the Hoover Smart TSM2005 at Amazon.

Hoover Smart TSM2005 – Features

  • Lightweight
  • Hepa Filtration
  • All floors
  • Tools on board
  • Powerful 2000w filter based motor

Hoover Smart TSM2005 – Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Hoover
  • Model: TSM2005
  • Style: Cylindrical
  • Colour: Purple/White
  • Power source: Mains
  • Motor Power: 2000 watts
  • Suction power: 260 airwatts
  • Filter type: Hepa 10
  • Power cord length: 5 metres
  • Power Settings: 5
  • Dust Collection: Canister
  • Dust Capacity: 1.7 litres
  • Dust separation method: Filter based
  • Working radius: 8 metres
  • Hose length: 1.5 metres
  • Weight: 4.9 Kg
  • Height: 29 cm
  • Depth: 49 cm
  • Width: 33 cm
  • Included tools: Carpet & Hard Floor Nozzle, 2 in 1 Crevice & Dusting Brush Multi Tool, Telescopic Extension Tube
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 1 year
  • Cyclonic: Yes
  • On-board tool storage :Yes
  • Built-in cable storage: Yes
  • Allergy filtration: Yes
  • Auto cable rewind: Yes
  • Telescopic tube :Yes
  • Carry handle: Yes
  • Wheels/casters :Yes
  • Crevice tool: Yes
  • Dusting tool: Yes

What’s in the Box?

1 – Smart TSM2005 cylinder vacuum cleaner
1 – 2 in 1 Crevice tool and dusting brush
1 – Adjustable carpet nozzle
1 – Hose
1 – Telescopic extension tube
1 – Instruction manual
1 – 1 Year guarantee

by Richard Floyd

A powerful hoover at a low price