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Richard Floyd

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On July 12, 2014
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Best window vac currently on the market

Cleaning windows is a job no one wants and usually desperately tries to avoid. If cleaning the outside of windows it can be hot or perhaps too cold. When you need to reach those upper floors you might spend several hours on the ladder and have to keep moving it. Yet, in the end, you still see streaks or areas you missed.

It is possible to use glass cleaner and wipe over a dirty window several times without getting all the dirt, streaks, and gunk, but there is a solution in the Karcher WV60 window vac. It works on windows, picture frames, shower doors and curtains.

It can be used on bathroom tiles, mirrors, and kitchen units because it is so versatile. After using the Karcher WV60, I definitely like and recommend it.

Karcher WV60 Window Vac Description and Features

The Karcher WV60 window vac is a window vacuum designed to clean your glass windows inside and out; whether you have sash windows or a glass pane. It uses a squeegee-style head to wipe the window clean, ensuring there are no streaks when you are finished.

You begin by using the spray bottle with microfiber head that contains your window clean. It uses a 20ml concentrate. After you spray the window and let the cleaner do its work, you use the microfiber head to remove the harder stains and dirt. After that, simply use the suction nozzle to remove the water and take care of any streaking.

Depending on how dirty you let your windows get, you can get about 45 windows per charge cleaned. At only 0.7kg it is lightweight enough for anyone to use and get a professional streak-free look.

As you vacuum up the water and leave your streak free shine, the dirty water or waste water goes into a container able to keep up to 100ml. The overall device size is 130 x 280 x 355mm, which includes the rechargeable battery. Battery running time is 20 minutes and it requires 120 minutes to charge it.

The vacuum nozzle is 280mm in size, which determines the amount of space you can clean at one time. If you have small spaces to clean, the nozzle size makes a difference. There is a possibility of using a smaller nozzle that is 170mm. When you buy this product from Amazon.co.uk it can come with standard accessories: glass cleaner concentrate, spray bottle with microfiber wiper, wiper 1x, vacuum nozzle 280mm and 170mm, lithium ion battery and battery charger.

Karcher WV50 Window Vac

As long as you buy new and in a bundle with accessories you will have the large and small sized nozzle to use.

A few other specifications include the 240 watt power motor. It is a wet vac so it is bagless.

For clean-up simply rinse the microfiber, the vacuum nozzles, and empty the waste container. It is best to do this after each use to ensure the Karcher WV60 remains clean and ready to use the next time.

Karcher WV60 Window Vac Summary of Review

It is hard to believe there is such an easy tool for cleaning windows out there; after all the hours of work out my arms have had cleaning with a cloth and glass cleaner. Not only is the Karcher WV60 easy to use, but it is affordable. Using cloths or newspaper to get a streak free shine on any glass surface, shower door, or kitchen surface is no longer necessary.

After using the Karcher and attaining a streak-free look, it is impossible to go back to stressing my arms out. There are plenty of benefits in using this particular device, but there are also some downsides that should be mentioned. In order to get a streak free shine, you do need to run the vacuum over the spot you just wiped clean of solution, so that you catch the line created by the nozzle from the previous swipe. I found while I save my arm on rubbing really hard on the glass and other surfaces, that I still like to give it a once over with a rag to remove any streaks left by the nozzle if I was a little sloppy running the vacuum.

It’s hardly a downside when you consider the myriad advantages to the Karcher WV60 window vac. Windows are easy to clean and so is the device. With a little water and a quick swipe, the nozzles can be free of dirt, then dump the waste water, run a little fresh water into the container and wipe it clean. It will be ready for the next time.

The battery life might seem pretty short at 20 minutes, but unless you have walls and walls of windows that run from floor to ceiling, you can get all your surfaces cleaned easily in that amount of time. Plus it only takes 120 minutes to recharge. If need be, you can clean elsewhere while it is charging.

As it is a wet vac, you also do not have to worry about dust from cloths and windows flying around. The minute the dirt is wet it cleans off. For some of the harder dirt and stains you might have to let it sit a little while, but then you can wipe it right off with the microfiber head, before vacuuming the wet right off.

I don’t just use it for windows. It cleans glass in picture frames, bathroom tiles, wardrobe mirrors, and kitchen units all leaving a streak-free look at the end. The smaller 170mm nozzle ensures I can get into smaller spaces that need cleaning, too; while the 280mm nozzle keeps me from taking too much time on larger surfaces like glass shower doors.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family. I have been happy using it and happy with the results each and every time. There are other window vacuums on the market and maybe they provide just as good results. What I know is that the Karcher WV60 is the one I chose after a recommendation and I couldn’t be happier. It is versatile, lightweight, and always gives a good clean. It’s a big thumbs up from me!

by Richard Floyd

Best window vac currently on the market