Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners for the Elderly

At one time, all that existed were heavy bulky vacuum cleaners. Only recently have manufacturers focused on designing lightweight vacuum cleaners with the development of handheld, cordless and stick vacuums. In addition, you can buy lightweight version of the standard upright and cylinder vacuums. Also of course, you can now buy robot vacuum cleaner where all you have to do is flick a switch and let the vacuum get on with the cleaning.

As you get older, cleaning can become more difficult. You may sometimes lack the energy for some cleaning tasks. Tasks like wiping and dusting are not so bad. However, vacuuming and washing floors require more stamina.
If you are elderly, you may be more prone to diseases such as asthma. If you suffer from disabilities or mobility this may make cleaning more difficult.

Vacuuming itself can be quite energetic exercise. It can take between 15 minutes and 30 minutes if done weekly. The actual cleaning with vacuums involves a lot of both pushing and pulling.

Factors to consider when buying a vacuum are:
You also need a vacuum, which is easy to assemble.
How easy is it to swap attachments on the vacuum?
Does the vacuum have a flex rewinds automatically. Is the vacuum easy to carry does it have handles.
Are the attachments stored on board the vacuum are they accessible.
Can you easy reach the on/off switch? Is it easy to remove and replace the dustbin?
How much cleaning it the vacuum cleaner is require. Do need to clean the filters.
Does the vacuum have attachments to reach hard to get to places?
Does it have a long power lead to save frequent plugging an on plugging of the machine?
How small and easy is it to store away.
Does it have a larger bin capacity this means you will not have to empty it so frequently.

The best type of vacuum to use is probably an upright. This is because the vacuum handle is at arm’s length without you having to bend your back. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are relatively small compared with uprights. You can pull them around easily, but you do have to bend your back to use them.

We can now look at some of the vacuums I have reviewed on this website to see if they may be suitable for you.
We are going to look at any upright or cylinder, which is less than 5kg in weight. Alternatively, you can consider buying a cordless vacuum, which is even lighter from 2 to 3 kg.