Miele S2111 Review

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Richard Floyd

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On June 15, 2014
Last modified:October 26, 2014


The Miele S2111 is one of the best vacuums I have used

The Miele S2111 compact vacuum is is one of the best vacuums I have used.  It is the cheapest and the least powerful, only 1600w, of the Miele range of vacuums.

When using the Miele S2111  in comparison with a Dyson the carpets come up just as clean looking like new.  It is also equally effective on wood and tiled floors.

This vacuum is one of Which magazines best buys.

 Miele S2111 Description and Features


 I only needed to complete the vacuum of the carpets on the lowest setting.

Vacuums well, it will operate it at half power on wooden floors and at three quarters power when on carpets.  It easily picks up pet hair and will operate.

The Miele S2111 has a number of settings which allows you to do curtains and upholstery as well as flooring.

Very powerful have to make sure it does not suck up the rug

Can control suction for hard floors, rugs and fitted carpets and even curtains and furniture

Cleans efficiently and you can use different settings according to the floor type.

Easy to use to clean the stairs particularly with its 1.8 metre hose which stretches.  Also stores away talking up minimum space.

Hose and power cord are quite short and is an advantage as this makes it light and portable.

When the dust bag is full it tells you this by a colour indicator.

Suction is powerful considering the power of the machine.

This is a compact and very lightweight cleaner.  It is very easy to manoeuvre because of the design of it’s wheels.


 The tools that come with the machine are great. There are different settings for wood, stone, floors and carpets.

You have to buy bags for it, but you can  buy these on Amazon.

The instruction manual for the Miele was very clear and the 2 year guarantee reassuring should any problems occur.

Miele S2111

What I like about the Miele S2111

Very competitive price.

Great Suction power.

Strong, durable and robust.

Great value for money.

Light and easy to use.

The machine looks of good quality.

Dust Bags are of good quality.

Powerful motor.

Manoeuvrable aided by its three rotating casters.

Will fit on stairs.

Fairly lightweight.

Bagged vacuum so therefore clean with no mess.

Filter does not clog.

What I dislike about the Miele S2111

There is no telescopic tube supplied with this model only with the more expensive models.  You have to assemble the bits yourself.  The flexible hose is a bit stiff to use.

No tool compartment.

The bags are quite expensive, but you buy cheaper alternatives on Amazon.

Accessories have problems with them.

Short lead so you have unplug it as you move from room to rooms.

Cannot adjust the height of the handle.

The accessory holder gets knocked off constantly as it is attached to the handle.

When stood up has a tendency to topple over easy.


  • Power 1600w
  • Dust bag capacity is 4.5 litre
  • Six power settings
  • Includes three tools included – crevice nozzle, dusting brush and upholstery nozzle
  • Six  power settings

 What’s in the Box?

1 – Miele S2111 Vacuum Cleaner

1 – Handle

1 – Connection piece for Suction hose

1 – Easy Lock suction tube

1 – Floorhead

1 – GN Hyclean Dustbag

1 – Active Air Clean Exhaust Filter

1 – Motor Filter

1 – Upholstery nozzle

1 – Accessory Holder

1 – Crevice Nozzle

1 – Dusting Brush

1 – Suction Hose

1 – Operating Instructions

The Miele S2111 is one of the best vacuums I have used