Numatic Henry HVR200A Review

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Richard Floyd

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On June 14, 2014
Last modified:October 26, 2014


A simple, basic design but very powerful vacuum

The Numatic Henry HVR200A hoover is the vacuum you always see cleaners using when cleaning offices, which must be a good enough recommendation in its self. They are light enough to carry up and down stairs. A good handle to carry them with and an excellent rewind mechanism for the power cord.

The hoover has a very simple and basic vacuum design. If you buy one of these vacuums you get good cleaning at a reasonable price.

Numatic Henry HVR200A Description and Features

Unpacking the Henry

The Numatic Henry HVR200A arrives packed in its own sturdy box. The box weighs about 10 Kg so it is easy to lift. It also contains the three sections of metal pipe, various floor attachments, a Henry bag to keep all your attachments in and three large Henry hoover bags.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow. It takes less than a minute to set the vacuum up and start hovering.

The ‘R’ in HVR200A stands for Red. The machine is also available in Blue, Green and Yellow.


The Numatic Henry comes supplied with some good quality tools better than most vacuums. The metal pole is very sturdy. The accessories are simple but well designed together into all your awkward corners. The kit includes all the accessories you need to use.

You can purchase the Numatic Airo Power Brush separately from Amazon this is very good for cleaning your carpet. Particularly if you use it on high power mode setting.

You need to read the instructions first so that you ensure the metal tubes are fitted together properly. The metal tubes are joined by pushing them together and then they lock properly. This is a much better way of fixing them together than clipping them.

The attachments are good, especially when used cleaning the car. It cleans the bits out of the carpet in the car better than other hoovers.

The attachments are also great using in the house to get into the small corners or cleaning upholstery.

The crevice nozzle is particularly useful for getting into the corners of rooms, around skirting boards and under furniture.

Size of Lead

The Hoover HVR200A Henry has the longest ever lead on it. I can get round each level of my house using only one socket.

The 10 metre cable has a trouble free rewind system, that keeps the cable neat and tidy.
The long lead means that you do not have to unplug the vacuum downstairs to take it upstairs to use. We can use it all over our four bed roomed house, without unplugging it from the downstairs socket.


The filtering is very good in the Numatic vacuum cleaner, it has a large filter. It is better than filters in other vacuum cleaners which let fine dust be blown back into the air. If you want extra filtration you can buy these filters from Numatic. Or even buy the
Henry Micro which has an extra filter and better filter bags.

The Numatic Henry HVR200A has a large Tritex filter system which makes sure that the dust remains in the ba. Once it has been sucked in and does not come out into the room again.

The Bags

The bags are very easy to change, it only takes seconds to change them. The bags are also cheap. The bags are not reusable but as they are so cheap and so very large this is not a problem. It takes ages to fill each bag as they are so big. The capacity of the bags is 9 litres. I believe this is much better than having to clean bagless vacuum cleaners.

You can buy Numatic hepaflo dust bags which improve the filtration efficiency and cleanliness.

You can even operate the vacuum without using a bag if necessarily.


When you first switch on the vacuum it automatically starts on economy setting. If you need more power you just need to push the red switch, this operates the Hi mode. When you go back to hard floors and need less power you can just press the red switch and go back into economy mode.

When using the vacuum it sucked up everything even small bits of paper from kooks and crannies. it copes equally well with all tops of surfaces, tiles, wooden floors and carpets. You can use the small brush attachment to clean delicate features like lights.

The design is simple and strong. it is lightweight and has good suction power. it is almost impossible to damage.

While you are moving around the floor doing the vacuuming. The lightweight hose will bend anyway when you want to get around corners and under furniture and beds. Without the need to add extra attachments.

Because the Henry is a cylinder vacuum cleaner it is very compact and easy to move around the floor. Because it is compact it easy to store away afterwards.

The Henry HVR200 has really powerful suction. It has no problem picking up dog hairs from by carpet which other vacuum cleaner I have used have struggled with.

In addition you can adjust the brush head according to the type of flooring you are hoovering at the time. I found it much better for cleaning laminate floors than using other upright vacuums. It actually picks up bits rather than just pushing them around..

The Numatic Henry HVR200A cleans carpets thoroughly, suction is second to none. Actually lifts the carpet pile as you use it to get all the dirt out of the carpet. The bag still not fill after using it for weeks. The bag lasts for ages and is 9 litres in size.

Much better than the baglesss hoover which generally have a capacity of 2.5 litre and needs much more frequent emptying.

The vacuum is very quiet considering its power.


Everything about the Numatic Henry HVR200A is sleek, easy, and hassle-free from the extra-long lead, to the twist off lid with mega-size bag; from the giant filter, to the easy-touch power switch.

The Numatic Henry HVR200A is powerful and generally better than anything I’ve owned before. All those HEPA-filtered Vaxes and Morphy Richards “Pets” vacuums, intended for pristine showhomes, are just not up to the job of cleaning an old dusty victorian house with endless DIY going on. Henry can cope, and hardly ever needs emptying. You get all the tools, spare bags and filters, it’s proper good value. It actually does have HEPA filtration, but it’s properly designed and doesn’t clog up. Henry’s also much quieter than I expected. I’ve not needed the high-power mode either, it’s plenty as it is.

I just love everything about this device. It’s really well made and finished, it moves around easily and you can drag it with the tube and it has a nice rubber bumper so it won’t mark your furniture. It has a whopping capacity

the low setting I found more than capable of handling plaster powder, bits of rubble…not to mention subsequent and more frequent use for sucking up hair,dust etc…the sound is low, noninvasive.

The Numatic Henry HVR200A bag is very large and suction acts over a wide area

Suction takes place from higher than the bottom of the bag so that as dust is sucked in the dust settles at the bottom of the bag leaving the air inflow unblocked.
This is different from most vacs which tend to block as dust is sucked in, because the dust settles above the air inflow.
This is why a 1200w motor is more than enough for this vacuum – other vacs need more power to compensate for their bad design and of course it means that it is cheaper to run

Numatic Henry HVR200A

What I like about the Numatic Henry HVR200A

The compact size means it is easy to store.

It is relatively light weight to use.

The Numatic Henry has the longest lead I have seen on a domestic vacuum cleaner. You can reach into any cornet of the house using this lead and the actual vacuum tube and hose.

This vacuum has extremely powerful suction. Even although it is quite low powered at 1200 watt it is comparable to that of a 1800 watt vacuum.

The bags are very large and cheap to buy.

Much cleaner to use with a bag.

The Henry has a simple and very robust construction.

The filter is very effective.

The storage and length of the cord is good.

Very well built.

The vacuum is surprisingly quiet to use considering its power

Comes with a set of good quality tools.

What I dislike about the Numatic Henry HVR200A

On board storage for the tools could be improved as they tend to disappear from the cleaner. There is only room for one tool to be stored using the clip on the rim even although three are supplied. Although there is a bag supplied to keep the tools in.

It is difficult to dismantle the tools once they had been put together. This is partly because they are made of metal and are smooth it is difficult to get a grip on them. You need to fit the first piece of tubing to use the attachments.

I had problems pulling it through doorways and around corners. This may be due to its high centre of gravity compared with other cylinder vacuum cleaners. Which also makes it the vacuum prone to topple over.

The floor attachment to switch from hard wood floors to carpets can sometimes be a bit stiff to move. So you need to be careful that the brushes do not drag into the carpet.

The tools are rather basic but they do work ok. They fit together just by pushing together.

The vacuum does not come with HEPA filters but you can purchase sure HEPAflo bags to use with the vacuum.


  • Highly efficiency filtration
  • Full Twinflo two-stage professional motor giving exceptional performance
  • AutoSave – Energy Conservation – 50% Energy saving
  • 30% Improved Air Quality
  • 20% Lower Noise Level


  • Motor High – 1200w, Low – 600W
  • Highly efficiency filtration
  • A folding carrying handle
  • Micro flo dust bags
  • Rewind system to store the power cord
  • Cleaning distance 26.8 metres
  • High and Low control on brush head
  • Robustly constructed
  • 9 litre capacity
  • Weight 6.6 kg
  • Dimensions 340 cm x 340 cm x 370 cm
  • Henry Auto Save Energy System

What’s in the Box?

1 – Numatic HVR200A
1 – Combination Floor Nozzle
1 – Crevice Tool
1 – Nuflex Threaded Hose 2.4m long
1 – Stainless Steel Tube Bend
2 – Stainless Steel Extension Tube
1 – Taper Hose and Tool Adapter
1 – Dusting Brush
1 – Upholstery Nozzle
1 – Brush for Upholstery Nozzle

A simple, basic design but very powerful vacuum