Numatic HVR200M-22 Henry Review → with Microtex filtration

Are your suffering from allergen or asthma? If your answer to the above question is yes, Numatic HVR200M-22 is one product that should top your list.

A 1200w vacuum cleaner comes with a microtex filtration system. Which ensures that no dust causing allergen escape from the chambers of the vacuum cleaner.

Henry Micro is one of the most popular makers of vacuum cleaner. They created this vacuum cleaner specifically for people who with allergy and asthma. Who like vacuuming their home by themselves? The only vacuum cleaner, which features a powerful motor, that offers two-stage suction. The two stages are, Hi and Lo.

Numatic HVR200M-22 Henry Description and Features

Numatic HVR200M-22 is an option for people suffering from allergen and asthma. This is thanks to the Microtex filtration system that it comes with. This filtration system captures and keeps even the finest dust particles lifted from your floor from escaping from the chambers or exhaust system of the unit. The British Allergy Foundation endorsed it as one of the best allergen filtration systems. So, if you are using this vacuum cleaner, you will always have a piece of mind that your have an enhanced indoor air quality. This filtration system captures and retains dust particles in four stages.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a professional TwinFlo motor of 1200 W. The motor spins very fast and produces a high torque. This is capable of lifting various sizes and types of particles from the floor and pushes them to the dustbin of the vacuum cleaner. Unlike many models of Miele vacuum cleaner and other products that offer four suction power levels to suit different surface. This product comes with only two suction level, hi and low power level. Hi, power is for hard cleaning while low suction power level is for soft cleaning. The inclusion of two power levels makes it more convenience for users to carry out various cleaning task.
Numatic HVR200M-22
The vacuum cleaner is an electric powered vacuum cleaner. It features a lengthy power cord of 10 metres. This coupled with the length of hose gives you enough cleaning reach. The vacuum offers an impressive cleaning radius of 26.8 metres. You will be able to stay in one place and clean your entire room or greater portion of it depending on the size of the room. Therefore, you may not have any need to plug and unplug the vacuum cleaner or require a power cord extension in order to be able to clean a large enough portion of your floor.

If mobility is a feature that you want, then this product should be an option for you. It comes with four casters, two big ones at the rear and two small ones at the back. The casters swivel and thus they can follow you at the back as you cleaning your home. However, the product weight may be a little bit heavy for some people. It is not everybody that will be able to lift 7kg up and down the stairs. However, with these flexible casters, you may not find it very difficult to clean with the vacuum unless when you want to clean your stairs. The handle is foldable and this makes for easy storage. There is also a docking storage for the wand. It also comes with various attachments for cleaning. It features a 2.4 metre Nuflex Threaded Hose for extended reach. The attachment includes 240mm crevice tool, 150mm upholstery nozzle, 65mm soft dusting brush and 300mm combination floor nozzle. It also features HEPA-Flo bags that are very easy to change.

Summary of the Features

Numatic HVR200M-22 is an option for any person that has asthma or allergic to dust particles thanks to its Microset filtration system. Besides the filtration system, it also comes with other features that make cleaning more comfortable and easy. Such features include swivel casters, lengthy hose and power cord. Other features include a two stage TwinFlo Vacuum motor that generates enough power to tackle various cleaning tasks and others. The vacuum cleaner has received many thumb ups from customers thanks to its quality and amazing features.

Numatic HVR200M-22 Henry a Performance

What I like about the Numatic HVR200M-22 Henry

  • Many customers have given Henry the thumbs up for the Microset filtration system of their vacuum cleaner. A customer has noted in Amazon that she no longer coughs, sneezes or wheezes after vacuuming since she started using this model of Henry vacuum cleaner. Other vacuum cleaners that she has used before have caused her allergies. The filtration works great and keeps all the dust trapped in the system.
  • It is very great in picking and trapping pets’ hairs and odors. Therefore, if you are a pet owner, you will find this vacuum cleaner useful and impressive.
  • The motor produces enough suction to lift even the toughest stain and dust from your floor and push it directly to the bag. A customer while comparing this model with a Dyson and Hoover vacuum cleaner she has used before. Said that she preferred this model of Henry to them all as far as suction we concerned.
  • It also offers a quieter operation than most models of vacuum cleaner in the market.
  • It is an energy saver. It features just 1200w while some brands come with 2000w.
  • It has a solid design.
  • It is highly flexible and mobile.

What I dislike about the Numatic HVR200M-22 Henry

  • The major downside with this vacuum cleaner is that it is somewhat heavy. A weight of 7kg may not be easy for some people to carry up and down stairs or move from one room to another.
  • One customer has pointed out that he did not find it easy moving the nozzle on carpet. The brush also was not soft to his liking.

Summary of the Review

Numatic HVR200M-22 seems to be unbeatable in terms of filtration system and power. In fact, it has received numerous five stars reviews. Most of which noted its impressive filtration system as well awesome power. Just a small percent of the reviewers has some complaints against the Numatic HV200M-22. If you have an allergy, you should consider buying this product. It cleans delivers a perfect cleaning result without polluting your indoor air. You can check out the Numatic HVR200M-22 at Amazon.


  • Vacuum cleaner type: residential
  • Vacuum cleaner style: canister
  • Vacuum cleaner collection type: bagged
  • Bag capacity: 9 litres
  • Bag type: HEPA-Flo
  • Voltage: 230v
  • Watts: 1200w
  • Motor: TwinFlo 2 stage motor of 1200w Hi and 600w Lo
  • Suction level: 2500 mm H20
  • Capacity: 9 l
  • Product dimension: 340x340x370mm
  • Product weight: 6.6 kg
  • Operating radius: 26.8 m
  • Power type: electricity
  • Corded: Yes
  • Cord length: 10m