Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach Upright Review

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Richard Floyd

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On June 7, 2014
Last modified:October 26, 2014


A best buy upright vacuum cleaner

The Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach is both lightweight and has an extra reach compared to other vacuum cleaners.

The vacuum is called reach because of its design. It has a power cord of over 10 metres which is very long. It also had a stretch hose 4.2 metre long, which is long enough to clean right to top of the stairs while leaving the vacuum at the base of the stairs. These two features will give you a reach of 15 metres.

Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach Description and Features


The Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach came delivered in a three foot high box. The only assembly you need to do is to click the extension handle into place. Then just plug in the vacuum cleaner and switch on.


Lightweight & 30 meters reach

The Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach weighs a third less than the standard upright but has the same performance.

Because it is so light it is you can easily carry it up and down stairs and to push when vacuuming carpets. It is an good choice for elderly people or if you are suffering back problems.

The Air Reach is easy to store because it has a retractable handle combined with a compact design. it takes up little space compared with standard uprights.

The vacuum has a long reach stretchy hose and extra long cord which makes it easy to clean stairs and larger rooms. You can clean all your rooms in the house without having to unplug your vacuum. Additionally you can clean all your stairs with the long hose leaving the vacuum at the base of the stairs. The long wand can be used to clean curtains.


I found the Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach very light to carry around it also has a convenient handle to carry it with. The vacuum only weighs around 6kg which is a third less than normal sized upright vacuum cleaners. Which makes it a particularly good model when you are suffering from a bad back. The vacuum is easy to wheel from room to room and manoeuvres well around furniture. It is also easy to carry up and down stairs.

The Vax U90-MA-R has two cleaning modes one for hard floors and the other for carpets. I just switched the brush bar on for carpets by pressing just pressing a purple button. The brush bar will only operates at a standard height. When you have cleaning the carpets you just press the button to lift the brush bar. You need to remember to switch the brush bar off when you are cleaning hard floors as the brush may damage these floors.

When you are using the vacuum you can see the brush bar at all times through a plastic cover. If it stops rotating because of a jam the indicator light will flash red. To clean the brush bar you just need to release the plastic cover by using the plastic clips and you have access to the brushes.
The profile of the main cleaning head is nice and low which enabled me to get under most furniture.
To remove dust container you just click a button to remove it from the vacuum. Then hold it over a bin and release a catch to let the dirt drop out. The container comes apart if you want to give it a good clean.

Because of the smaller size of the Vax head compared with more standard sized models it is better able to get in between gaps and under furniture. It gets closer to the skirting board than other vacuums I have used.

The Tools that come with it

The Vax Air Reach comes with handy a 3 in 1 tool, a turbo tool also a hose which stretches. The 3 in 1 tool can be reconfigured to act as a dusting brush, upholstery brush or as a crevice tool. The turbo tool is a rotating brush which can pick up pet hairs from upholstery. The turbo tool can also be used to clean the stairs. Finally the dusting brush is useful for cleaning the skirting and ceilings.
To use the stairs extension you have to disconnect the handle then click the hose bits together. Finally insert them into the handle and place the stairs brush on.

Cable length

The longer than usual cable means you can vacuum more rooms than usual without having to unplug and plug back in all the time. You can even clean all the way up the stairs. Then unplug and bring the vacuum upstairs to complete the vacuuming of the bedrooms.

HEPA filter

The vacuum comes with a H12 HEPA filter. This filter help to remove pollen and other allergens from the air. In addition there is an anti-bacterial filter which reduces pet related odours.

Customer service

Vax has a good Customer service department. In addition this vacuum comes with a loner six year guarantee.

Telescopic Handle

The vacuum has a telescopic handle. This handle can be adjusted by about 18 cm up or down. You can slide down the handle height adjuster and it will stop and click into eight different positions. So you can select which ever is the most comfortable for you to vacuum with.

Multiple Cyclone Technology

Vax Air Reach is fitted with Multiple cyclone technology to provide consistent suction for efficient cleaning. The dust sucked into the vacuum is spun through a series of cyclones which separate it out before it reaches the filters so preventing them becoming clogged. This prevents a loss of suction during cleaning so there is no dropping in performance.


The vacuum has easy to follow instructions in 10 paged booklet. Also there are stickers all over the vacuum with instructions on how to operate and maintain that particular part. So for example there is a label on how to clean the HEPA filter.
Make sure you register the the guarantee within 28 days or you lose the extra 5 years free parts and service.


Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach Upright

What I like about the Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach Upright

The Vax U90-MA-R is very lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

Long reach in total up to 15 metres.

Easy to store.

Brush bar which can be utilised to clean carpets.

Comes with 3 in 1 and turbo tool.

H12 HEPA filter.

Multiple cyclone technology.


What I dislike about the Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach Upright

The way the hose is attached to the back of the vacuum is a bit awkward. The hose is supported by a clip so that the machine does not fall over when you pull the hose. But the hose tends to become stretched because of this.

It is awkward to transfer from upright cleaning mode to using the extension hose and tools. Then switching back again. If you do this several times in a cleaning session this can become annoying

To use the accessories you have to unplug the hose at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. The accessories are also,held on the body of the vacuum and have a tendency to fall off.

There is no control over the level of suction.

The power cord has to be rewound manually as there is no automatic rewind.

As this is a smaller upright vacuum than usual there is a smaller dust container which needs emptying more often. The dust container is only 1.5 litres in capacity.

Because of the vacuums lightness it can sometimes pull off the floor when you are pulling it back to you.


The Vax Air Reach is very lightweight and is easy to carry both between rooms and up and down stairs.
The vacuum has an long reach hose and cord which can reach right to the top of your stairs.
The combination of powerful suction combined with using the turbo tool can pick up even the most stubborn pet hairs.
Comes with a six year guarantee
Fitted with HEPA H12 and antibacterial filter for allergy suffers.

What’s in the Box?

1 – Vax U90-MA-R air reach upright vacuum cleaner
1 – TurboTool
1 3 in 1 Tool which is a crevice tool, a dusting brush and upholstery tool
1 – Vax guarantee card
1 – Instruction manual

A best buy upright vacuum cleaner