Vax U91 MA-B Air Multcyclonic Upright Review

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Richard Floyd

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On July 2, 2014
Last modified:April 30, 2016


A small vacuum with powerful suction, ideal for pet owners

The Vax U91 MA-B Air Multicyclonic claims to be the lightest standard sized multi-cyclonic upright vacuum sold. It weighs about a third less than other comparable uprights but had the same power.

As a result you can carry it easily from one room to the next. It occupies less space than most vacuums and is therefore easier to store, particularly easy to use in smaller houses and flats.

For the Vax U91 MA-B Air Multicyclonic the delivery was prompt and the box it arrived in was very lightweight. The Vax U91 MA-B Air Multicyclonic only took a couple of minutes to set up and get started with the vacuum.

Vax U91 MA-B Air Multicyclonic Description and Features


The handle is adjustable in height. The button to change the height and angle of incline is easy to use. The handle is adjustable to eight differing heights. As a result the handle is a little flimsy.

It is a big cheap and a bit plastically looking but works brilliantly.


The suction is as good as a Dyson. It is a bit harder to vacuum than with a Dyson. This is because the suction is more powerful. Cleans around the skirting board and corners more effectively than the Dyson.

Vax U91-MA-B Air
The upholstery tool is good at cleaning cats hair off the sofa.

The Vax U91 MA-B Air is ideal for owners of pets because the antibacterial filter prevents those animal smells. In addition the turbo tool is particularly good at picking up animal hairs.

The flexible hose is a little short to clean the stairs in one go. You can buy the hose extension separately. One advantage with this model is because it is smaller you can balance it on the stairs.

The dust cylinder needs more emptying as the vacuum is smaller. The bonus that it is very easy to empty just release the latch at the bottom of the cylinder and empty straight into the bin.  The filters only need cleaning periodically.

Picks up all kind of dirt that you did not exist.

Ideal for small flat particularly if you have pets.

Low front so it can easily get under furniture.

Easy and light to manoeuvre.

The brush will automatically stop working when the vacuum is placed in the upright position. There is a reset button on the side of the vac if you suck something up by mistake and the brush bar has become jammed. Just clear the jam and then use reset button to start the vacuum again.

Comes with a 6 year guarantee but you must remember to activate this with 28 days online for it to be valid. There is also the Vax 7 day helpline if you run into any problems.

Technical Information

The Vax U91 MA-B Air employs multicyclonic suction which separates the dirt from the air path so that it collects in the cylinder rather than your filters. As the filters are kept clean this always means that the vac has powerful suction.

Vax U91 MA-B Air Multicyclonic

What I like about the Vax U91 MA-B Air Multicyclonic

Very good suction power especially considering its small size. Does not loss the suction over time like some vacuum cleaners. Not so good for larger houses.

Looks smart.

Has a good range of tools.

Runs very quietly.

Cleans right up to the edge of the carpet.

As it is lightweight you can carry it easily up and down the stairs. Particularly good to use if you are disabled.

Easy to carry up and down the stair,

Because of its small size it is very light.

Easy to assemble.

The Vax U91 MA-B Air Multicyclonic has a good manual.

Easy to store.

What I dislike about the Vax U91 MA-B Air Multicyclonic

The power cord is a bit short.

The hose is very short. So it is difficult to vacuum the stairs. Will not stretch the length of the stairs, from the base of the stairs to the top step. Neither is it easy holding the vac halfway up the stairs to achieve the correct angle to vac the steps. But you can buy a hose extension for the vacuum.

Because it is small and light the dust collecting cylinder is smaller. The contents of the dust collector need emptying quite often. But it can do a couple a couple of rooms before it needs emptying.

With the Vax U91 MA-P Air Pet it is difficult to switch between upright vac and just using the hose attachment. This is because you need to detach the vacuum handle and remove the flexible hose to attach the tool to use with the attachments.

It does struggle cleaning carpets, but then so do most vacuum cleaners.

There is no way of varying the suction.

Has a tendency to tip over a bit as the hose is quite short and will tip over if you pull it a bit while cleaning.


Vax 6 year guarantee (UK only)
Multi-cyclonic technology – for constant suction
HEPA H12 (High Efficient Particle Arrester) filters – particularly good for people who suffer from various allergies
Weight: 8 Kg
Dust capacity 1.5 litre
Flexible hose 1.5 metre – to reach high ceilings and corners.
Telescopic handle
Power cord 6 metre.
On board 3 in 1 tool which acts as an upholstery, crevice and dishing brush. In addition there is a turbo tool used for pet hair.
The brush bar an on setting for hard floors and a off setting for use with carpets.

What’s in the Box?

1 – Vax U91 MA-B Air Multicyclonic Vacuum Cleaner
1 – 3-in-1 tool (crevice, upholstery & dusting brush)
1 – Turbo tool
1 – Telescopic extension tube
1 – Instruction manual
1 – Guarantee card

A small vacuum with powerful suction, ideal for pet owners